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What does Complete Link Audit mean?

Complete Link Audit

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A Complete Link Audit takes all possible link data sources, API integrations, and extra uploads into account to maximize the Backlink Profile Coverage towards 100%.

Link Detox performs a "Basic Link Audit" on the links and domains found in the past 30 days per default.

By switching to "Complet Link Audit" you can perform the best possible complete link audit including all our sources and archives, recrawled for you in the analysis.

Going for a complete audit maximizes the Backlink Profile Coverage, Precision of all results dramatically and the likelihood to find all bad links.

Often the complete audit involves a lot more links, thus needs more Link Crawl Budget.

Going for a complete link audit also helps spots "unavailable" and "unverified" and "disconnected" links that are often part of a Negative SEO attack and trigger additional link issues for you.

We recommend to run a Complete Link Audit at least once a year, but for highly competitive industries a monthly complete recrawl is best practice

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