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About LinkResearchTools®

LinkResearchTools (LRT) was founded in 2009 in Vienna, Austria by our CEO Christoph C. Cemper. However, the core idea for the company was born much earlier, in 2006 when Christoph and his team started developing software for accurate SEO consulting and link building services for their online marketing agency - which was founded back in 2003. That's more than 15 years of experience with links. No wonder our company name starts with the word "Link". We just love links. We enjoy discovering new ones. We'd like to become your link to online success!




Christoph C. Cemper

Founder & CEO


LinkResearchTools (LRT) is a software solution built to help you increase your web traffic and get more customers.


We envision a world in which every webmaster has full control and overview of his backlink portfolio at any moment!

The Purpose

Challenging the status quo is hard but inevitable if one wants to improve even a smallest piece of the Universe. We all know that the only thing that is constant is change. However, discovering what that change might look like is the toughest part of the equation. This is the exact same issue we dealt with when started thinking how to help our company to save time and optimize its processes. Time is the only resource you can never compensate. That's the reason why it's so important to us. Doing things the way you always have is easier.

On the other hand, finding new ways of doing things and thinking outside of the box is a pain. But this pain is also a secret ingredient of every invention, of every great product ever created. Being aware of the reasons why we do what we do, have helped us to focus on creating some amazing stuff. We're excited to share them with the world and help others to solve the problems we were facing as well.

The Process

We used to be link builders. We were an agency for link building. And as every other agency in this industry, we wanted to achieve great results, that is, high rankings in SERPs with minimum efforts invested. Easier said than done. Especially 10 years ago when there were not many specialized tools and software for links and SEO. Of course, we started like everyone else by pulling data together manually in Excel. Needless to say, we weren't satisfied with the results and with too much manual work involved. It was interesting in the beginning but soon enough we realized that it's almost impossible to continue doing things the old way. It started to become too slow and too inefficient. We had to change something and make some parts of our procedures a bit more automatic.

And this is the moment when our founder Christoph started LinkResearchTools (LRT) - the software company (SaaS). LinkResearchTools was built for link builders by link builders. We do not offer search engine optimization services anymore, but we enjoy helping SEOs and making their lives easier by providing and developing all the necessary tools for faster and more efficient link building. Even Google admits it - ranking without links is really, really hard!

The Product

Have you ever wondered why is it so important to do a full link audit and to have a clean backlink portfolio of your website? Ever heard of backlink disavow in Google Search Console? OK, we know these terms might sound little odd if you just have started your journey to learning everything about SEO. So, let's explain this in plain English.

Every website on the internet has its own backlink portfolio. When website A has a link pointing to a website B, that is called a backlink for the website B. Backlinks are amongst most relevant ranking factors for Google. Simply because they are connections between websites like rails are between metro stations - without them, search engine spiders wouldn't be able to find and visit other websites (stations). The more backlinks a website has, the higher the possibility to rank better in Google search. However, sometimes website A which is associated with a website B - could be hurting (on purpose or not) website B because of various reasons. This is called Negative SEO. Not all links are equal. There are good and bad, there are strong and weak links. Our mission is to detect their status.

Being a leader in backlink analysis isn't that hard - it only takes

15 years of experience and over 40,000 registered users.


We could compare backlink checking with bookkeeping. It's like bookkeeping for your website. This is constant checking of your assets (good, quality links) and your liabilities (bad, toxic links). If you ignore your liabilities, you could get into trouble with Google very soon. You could be penalized for having too many toxic links pointing towards your website. And this is the reason we invented (in 2012) - Link Detox - our most popular product. It helps you recover and protect your site from Google Penalties by cleaning up your backlink profile i.e. by doing the complete website bookkeeping for you.

With better-looking backlink profile, your site will rank higher. As simple as that. But we also developed several other tools which can help you optimize your link building. These are actually sets of tools for accurate Backlink Analysis, Link Audit and Penalty Recovery, Link Quality Checks, Competitor Analysis, Backlink Monitoring, Link Prospecting and Free Browser Extensions. Please click the button below to see the complete list and more detailed explanations.



LinkResearchTools (LRT) is not only a backlink checker but an advanced link intelligence software - big data platform that combines data from 25 link data sources and up to 97 metrics in a consistent, reliable way. We help brands, advertising agencies and individuals to rank better in Google search results. Additionally, we have created several free browser extensions which you can use to make ad-hoc decisions and undertake actions in no time!



LinkResearchTools shows you backlink data that you can trust due to just-in-time recrawling, link redirect traces and industry-leading custom technologies and metrics. LRT cleans, recrawls and verifies all available link data resulting in the most complete and accurate link data profile on the market. Thanks to the rich high-quality link data, LinkResearchTools is trusted by the world’s most respected brands and global players such as OTTO, MTV, Victoria Secret, LinkedIn, Bwin, Scout24, Intel, Sixt, LBI, iProspect, Groupon, and many more as well as a huge variety of top SEO professionals.


The Education

We provide professional SEO training and a valuable certification for all SEO professionals. Our training and a certification program qualify key users as LRT Certified Professionals, LRT Certified Xperts and LRT Certified Agencies to provide top-notch service to their clients. You should also check out our 21-Day Link Strategy training and take your skills to the next level!

Our Customers

We are happy and honored because many big and small companies use and trust our services for the maintenance of their complete backlink portfolio. Below are listed only a few of them but they are all equally important to us - no matter how big or small they are. They all help us to continue improving!



You can see the more exhaustive list of our customers by clicking the button below.

LRT Reviews

Being recognized and appreciated by customers is a great satisfaction for every company. But equally important is when other companies from the industry see your work and talk about it on their websites. We appreciate that very much and would like to thank and mention some of them, such as Search Engine Land, SEO Specialist, PCmag, State of Digital, Kahena Digital Marketing, Search Engine Journal... You can read their reviews on this page.

User Testimonials

The only way to know if you are on the good track is to ask your users. People that use your product or service will definitely be the best judge and the only relevant identifier of your market value. So, we asked our users what they think of LRT. Their opinions mean a lot to us. Knowing that we could solve their problems and help overcome challenges is the best feedback possible and a great satisfaction for us! Below are some of their opinions about our company...

Eugen Platon, OLA Mobile

Eugen Platon

“I’ve used LinkResearchTools almost 1 year. During this time with the help of DTOX – Link Detox Tool and BOOST – Link Detox Boost we have removed at OLAMobile, a Google manual penalty in just 14 days. Amazing! LRT It’s a set of tools, that any professional SEO need to possess in his day-to-day toolbox set “


 Maximilian Euler, Ayudo Online Marketing

Maximilian Euler

“We love to work with LinkResearchTools. It’s our favorite software for link analysis. We also love the detox tool very much with all the rules which help us monitor the health of our clients link profiles. Keep up the great work guys!”


Marc Kenigsberg, Tradeopus


“We started using LRT for the Detox function after a negative SEO attack on our site. Not only was LRT instrumental in helping us clean up the links and recover the site but it has become critical to the way we do all of our marketing efforts. Most of our processes today are built around LRT and its tools and everything that we have learned from the LRT team. A must have tool for anyone serious about traffic”


Awards for LinkResearchTools

Awards are also a confirmation of a good work. It always feels nice to get an award. We don't mean to brag but here are some that we're especially proud of.

  • SEMY 2016
  • Nominations UK Search Awards 2017
  • Nominations US Search Awards 2017
  • Nominations EU Search Awards 2017


  • Top 100 Influencer in Germany - Christoph C. Cemper - 2015
  • Top 100 Influencer in Germany - Christoph C. Cemper - 2016
  • Top 100 Influencer in Germany - Christoph C. Cemper - 2017
  • SEO-E Thought Leader to Follow - LinkResearchTools - 2018
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