December 15,2022

  • We offer phone support only to Enterprise plans with a dedicated account manager only for customers that have decided for this service.
  • We are still available via Email for all customers and Live Chat for Superhero Standard and up plans.

November 3,2022

  • Our strongest public plan Superhero Plus was powered up even more for many tools!
  • New customers on the Superhero Plus plan often have more than 3x the old credits and quotas.
  • Customers on the legacy version of Superhero Plus keep their quotas and pricing.
  • A detailed breakdown of all improvements is available in the “Superhero Plus Improved” knowledge base article.
  • If you would like to upgrade to this new plan, you can do so right in the app, or by contacting us via Email or Live Chat.

October 27,2022

  • Link Detox Classic (DTOX) now utilizes a new link data source for selected users.
  • The new link data source will lead to more and better links found. The number of links can go up sometimes, as well.
  • We have been preparing this rollout for a while but have yet to be done. Several improvements and optimizations are still in the pipeline before we roll this out to all users.
  • Link Detox Smart uses more and better link data sources already but will benefit from this in the future, just like the upcoming tools we are working on.

October 18,2022

  • URLinspector now works on 200 billion rankings (0.2 trillion, 200,000,000,000)

October 11,2022

  • LJR2 is the latest and best “redirect fixing tool” in closed alpha tests. It follows the LJR Link Recover Tool and finds missing/broken redirects and automatically matches it with pages to redirect to. No more tedious manual work. Current languages supported English, German, Spanish, Dutch with many more languages to come.

August 19,2022


Jun 1,2022


May 16,2022


April 19,2022

  • New Link Simulator (SIM2) export

April 5,2022

March 30,2022

  • LRT Superhero Ultra plans sunsetted. All larger plans are now LRT Enterprise plans, subject to custom dimensions and quotes.

March 4, 2022


January 19, 2022

  • LRT Production Infrastructure migration

February 20,2021


September 24,2020

  • improved LRT Smart project wizard (usability improvements)

  • improved Link Simulator (SIM2) with tagging, review workflow, new global system saved filters and more usability improvements

  • improved navigation and switching between LRT Smart & Classic using all-new /smart subfolder

  • improved displaying of too many saved global and favorite filters

  • improved performance of source domains view

  • improved explanations of required Link Crawl Budget based on external & internal links count

  • improved Ahrefs & Semrush integration (backend, frontend follows)

  • added global saved filters for monitoring and quick access of the most recent changes

  • added admin debug tool to inspect freshness and accuracy metrics for LRT Smart link data sources (internal for now)

  • Example use case here

December 20,2019

  • Complex filter slices improved.
  • Every filter slice can become a tab now. Example here

February 12,2019