We’re on the quest for the best data for marketers

Since its early days as a marketing agency we’re striving for data excellence. While there’s other good marketing data products out there, no other data vendor goes to the lengths that we do, for the best data.

Join our Team

How We Achieve Best Results

We’ve long been in highly async, written, all-english operation mode and have gone 100% remote in February 2020.


We Work in English

Company Language English, spoken and in writing.


We Are Diverse

Nationality or Gender never mattered.


We Work Remote

Office closed since February 2020 and we will not reopen it anytime anymore.


We Count Quality Results.

We deliver results, and we measure the quality of those results.


We Work Async

Office closed since February 2020 and we will not reopen it anytime anymore.


We Work in Writing

Who thinks good, writes good.


We Read and Learn Fast

We learn fast and develop ourselves.


We Embrace Change

Daily small steps to better results.


We Embrace Challenges

We love to solve interesting challenges.


We Solve Smart

Smart solutions instead of corner-cutting.

Benefits Of Joining Our Team

We’re nice, stable and experienced team with the youngest team member being 5 years on the team.

Trust and Self-responsibility

You work for us, we trust you. Your self-responsibility, self-motivation and self-learning skills are at home here. If you are used to getting daily instructions of what to take care of, then we’re not the right team.

No fixed work times

We work async. While the team is usually available during normal Vienna office times, that’s not a requirement with our async communication. We care if your job is done, not when.

Home Office Equipment

You will get all the equipment you need for your work, obviously. We’ve only learnt from other companies that this seems to be non-standard ‘benefit’.

Public Transport Included

Vienna only: if you live and work in Vienna for us, we can sponsor a tax-free full year’s public transport ticket.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We don’t care about your sex, gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and race. As long as you can do the job, everything is fine. It’s your results and positive attitude we see and nothing else.

A strong and experienced team

There’s few teams where you can learn so much in so short time.

Interested to work with us?

Check out some areas of expertise that we can use help with and let us know if you think we’re a match.

Backend Engineer Golang/DevOps (f/m/x)

Remote/Full Time
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DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer (f/m/x)

Remote/Full Time
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Remote Customer Support Specialist (f/m/x)

Remote/Full Time
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