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You don’t want to ignore the most important SEO metrics or the most advanced SEO technology, do you?

Did you know that LinkResearchTools uses the most advanced technology and encompasses various features that not only save you time but also help you base your SEO decisions on high-quality data? Read on and learn how using the LRT Technology can help you improve the way you work.

Example of Simulated Links

Link Simulation

Simulate the future impact of a link, positive or negative. This is the “secret weapon” of many very successful SEOs that are our clients.

Simulate Link Gaps and Disavows of Competitors

Fill that link gap only with high quality, low risk links to avoid a penalty or algorithmic filter.

By simulating every potential link based on a clean and audited backlink profile you can implement the most effective, yet efficient Link Risk Management for your domains.

Don't blindly fill the link gap - make sure you only build low risk links.

Link Detox Tune (DTOXTUNE™)

DTOXTUNE – adapts your SEO analysis to your niche for more accurate results

Every niche on the web is different. Google uses many different variations of their internal algorithms for each country, language, and niche.

DTOXTUNE™ is a special feature built into Link Detox that allows you to adapt your Link Detox analysis to a specific niche, country, and language to get the most accurate data about your backlinks.

Simulate Links

Risk for Every Link Calculated or Simulated with Link Detox Risk
We allow you to see the impact a link will have on your backlink profile in the future. You will know if a link will help or hurt your rankings, before you build it

Measure the Impact of a Link

link detox risk scores
You can measure the risk of links using the metrics Link Detox Risk® (DTOXRISK®) which analyzes a link both Source and Target page, machine learning, Spam examples from Google collected since 2012 and human authority raters.

Link Data Quality – Accurate, Optimized and Up to Date Link Profile

Link Data Quality - Accurate, Optimized and Up to Date Link Profile
We re-crawl all your the links, so you can base your decisions on accurate and fresh data.

Why You need Complete Backlink Profile Coverage

backlink audits slice
Only by looking at the complete picture of your backlink profile will you be able to make reliable data driven decisions. We make that possible.

Link Data from 25 Data Sources combined

The link data aggregation technology in LinkResearchTools gives you the complete picture of your backlink profile. Every single source can only show you a fragment of your backlink profile. LinkResearchTools (LRT) combines link data from 25 sources. We then clean, re-crawl and verify the link data for you. You get a new crawl with every report you create.

Link Detox Genesis

The Link Detox Genesis algorithm helps you spot unnatural links that are likely to trigger a Google filter or Manual Action Penalty. We’re using Link Detox Genesis in our link risk rules with millions of data points that we constantly collect from the Web, user classifications and user feedback.

Title Rank

The TitleRank metric allows you to determine the ranking position in Google search results, based on the page title for each of your links. 

Keyword Intelligence

keyword intelligence
Keyword Intelligence – improve the accuracy of your reports. Learn how to use the keyword intelligence built-in LinkResearchTools the right way and improve the accuracy of your reports. Understand natural keyword ratios in your niche. Do you have too many money keywords or too little when you compare your backlink profile to the ones of your competitors?

Complex Live Data Filters and Filter Slices

backlink audit for large backlink profiles
Perform dynamic and fast searches on link data and link metrics and get immediate insights on the data. Combine arguments in complex queries on all SEO metrics available. Analyze or Export the “Slice” of the analysis separately.

Link Redirect Trace

Link Redirect Trace Toolbar
The Link Redirect Trace feature in LinkResearchTools (LRT) shows you in detail where which link redirects and how, includign rel-canonicals, robots.txt parsing, HTML header interpretation, Link Risk calculation and historization. If that sounds too technical – be asured, we keep every single details for you, so you can spot issues and opportunities.

Link Velocity and Link Velocity Trends

Link Velocity
Build Smarter SEO campaigns by looking at Link Velocity and Link Velocity Trends. These metrics can help you improve your SEO campaign strategy by showing you detailed link growth dynamics data. Knowing how many links are enough for your website, or when you have too many links, is important when planning an SEO campaign. Building too many backlinks over a short period may have a negative impact on your website’s rankings.

LRT Power™ and LRT Trust™

Power*Trust helps you decide if a link is good or bad. The LRT Power and LRT Trust metrics give you a good idea of the quality and trustworthiness of a link or an entire website. Let’s say that you need to decide if you should write a guest post for a specific website. Or you may need to advise a client on whether it’s worth publishing something on a certain website. You can determine the quality of a website or page by just looking at the LRT Power*Trust metric.

Boost Your Site’s Traffic with the LinkResearchTools

Build smarter SEO campaigns, implement efficient Link Risk Management and make smart decisions about every link.

LinkResearchTools Off-Page SEO Toolkit

Clients speak for LinkResearchTools

William Sears - Growth & SEO at LinkedIn

William Sears

"A huge part of SEO success is your backlink portfolio.

 Not only do you need to understand where your links are coming from, you need to be able to take action to manage those links. LinkResearchTools is an indispensable collection of powerful tools to do just that. I’m a long-time customer of LinkResearchTools and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about crushing it with links."

Kenneth Chan, Founder and CEO - Tobi


"Your tools are the best in the industry.

 The service is great.

Christoph, your passion is contagious."

Larry Markovitz -  Sr. Director of Organic Search at GroupM 


"Continuous improvement of our client's results

LinkResearchTools and specifically Link Detox gives us actionable insights that continuously improve our clients results in the search engines."


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