High Margin Industry #

In high margin industries, a different competitive landscape exists and often also different SEO rules apply.

High margin industries are typically characterized by these criteria:

  • “Of course we buy links”.
  • “Money doesn’t matter”. (of course it does, but to a lesser extent)
  • Extreme stiff SEO competition, all the high profile affiliates are in there.
  • Affiliate industries, often large companies working as affiliates these days.
  • Negative SEO happening
  • Hacking and other #INFOSEC incidents happening
  • DDOS happening
  • Traffic/Analytics spoofing happening

You can sense, that there’s tough bandages in these industries.

These are also the industries where link buying is not only a daily routine, but also ongoing disavowing of previously good links that became toxic.

Typically SEOs in all high margin industries utilize paid links.

Examples of High Margin Industries #

The following industries are typical industries with high margin

  • Software downloads
  • VPN Tools, Services, Privacy-promising products
  • Lawyers e.g. for Car Accidents, Personal Injustry, DIU, Asbestos Cancer/Mesothelioma
  • Cryptocurrencies and brokerages
  • Investment schemes
  • “Second Passwort”, Expedited Immigration, “Golden” Visa and related services
  • Payday Loans/Cash Advances
  • Credit Cards
  • Loads & Mortgages to some extend/country
  • Pharmaceutical
  • CBD / Marijuana
  • Casino, Poker, Slots and other online gambling

and as you read thru this it sounds similar to the list of industries banned from Adwords.

And in fact, a lot of those industries are not only relying on SEO only, but are also very high margin and very competitive (and even illegal in some cases).

  • Alcohol
  • Counterfeit goods (fake brand sneakers from China, for example)
  • Dangerous products or services
  • Sexual content / Porn
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