Get an edge™ for your SEO with LRT.

Link Simulator 2 (SIM2)

Simulate Links before building them.

Check potential new links fast. Good link or risky link? Find out FAST!

Common Backlinks Tool

Common Link Building Method.

Find your competitor’s best link sources. Choose to build links the smart way!

Link Juice Thief

LJT Link Building Method.

Get indirect links from your strongest competitors. Find out where your competitors link to, get links there, so your competitors will indirectly link to you.

SERP Research Tool

SERP Link Prospecting Method.

Find the best link building opportunities. Place backlinks on discussion boards, forums and other publishing platforms that are relevant in your niche.

Link Recover Tool

Recover broken links with redirects.

Recover broken links with redirects. Recover amazing amounts of link equity from expired domains or after a website relaunch.

Missing Links Tool

MLT Link Building Method.

Check out your competitor’s strongest common backlinks. Pick only the best ones and use the automatic outreach feature to get those great links for your website.

Strongest Sub Pages Tool

SSPT Link Building Method.

Find the strongest pages of any website. See the strongest subpages and sub-folders of a domain and find the best place for your link.

Link Detox Boost®

Speed up link discovery.

Speed up your Google penalty recovery. Make Google take note of your disavow file faster and monitor when your disavowed links get crawled. Using Link Detox Boost, our clients recovered from a Google penalty in as little as three days.

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