Get an edge for your SEO with LinkResearchTools

Benefit from our unique solutions. LinkResearchTools helps you build high-quality links, clean bad backlinks, recover FAST from a Google penalty, monitor your backlink profile, do advanced competitor analysis, check link building opportunities and keep your online business safe from the dangers of negative SEO.

Backlink Profiler

Comprehensive backlink profile analysis.

Link Detox Boost®

Speed up link discovery.

Common Backlinks Tool

Common Link Building Method.

Competitive Link Detox

Find great healthy links your competition has.

Competitive Landscape Analyzer

Analyze Competitive SEO Landscape.

Competitive Link Velocity

Compare Link Growth Speed.

Link Detox® Classic (DTOX)

Link Detox - the original backlink audit tools.

Link Detox® Smart (DTOX2)

Link Detox Smart - semi-automated link audit tool.

Link Alerts

Link Alerts - Like Google Alerts for Links.

Link Checker

Verify all links on a page.

Link Check Tool

Link Verification and Monitoring.

Link Recover Tool

Recover broken links with redirects.

Link Juice Thief

LJT Link Building Method.

Missing Links Tool

MLT Link Building Method.

LRT Power Trust Checker

See Strength and Trust of every page you visit.

Quick Backlink Checker

Check the top backlinks for a domain.

Quick Backlink Checker 2

Check backlinks for a domain real quick.

Quick Domain Compare

Compare SEO metrics for domains.

Link Redirect Trace

See all the details of a redirect path.

Link Screener

Convenient browsing through links with Screener.

LRT SEO Toolbar

See SEO metrics while web browsing.

SERP Research Tool

SERP Link Prospecting Method.

Link Simulator 2 (SIM2)

Simulate Links before building them.

Strongest Sub Pages Tool

SSPT Link Building Method.

Bulk URL Profiler

Analyze 1000s of URLs and find the best links.

Learn more about

    Backlink Audit Tools
    The backlink audit is the first step before any link building campaign. It is important to understand your current backlink profile and to identify any potential problems. Also you can discover the potential to recover lost links, or improve existing linking. The Link Audit Tools by LRT help you to do this.
    Backlink Checker Tools
    LRT provides a large set of different link checking tools, for differen use cases and quality requirements.
    SEO Competitor Analysis Tools
    Learn from your competition, do a little better than your competition and WIN! Competitor research and monitoring is an art and science at the same time but need the richest and best possible data. LRT provides you data you won't find elsewhere.
    Link Building Tools
    Link Building Tools by link builders for link builders. LRT was developed initially as an internal toolkit for the link-building services provided by the CEMPER.COM link agency (that survived all Google Penguin updates). Using tools like our unique Link Simulator (LSIM2), you can work "better safe than sorry." Not every link seller likes the results it gives you, tough.