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Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA)

Compare Link Profiles by dozens of SEO metrics to understand and outperform your competition.

Compare your backlink profile to your competitors and understand how to outrank them. Find the “magic link ratios” for your niche, language, keywords and your country. Use LRT to match up with your SEO competitors, then do a little better and outperform them.

What you can do 

  • Compare your backlink profile
  • Understand how to outperform your competitors
  • Find the ‘magic link ratios’ for your country, language and keywords
  • Learn what ‘ natural’ means in you industry

Your benefits…

  • Compare your site with up to 10 competitors
  • Understand the distribution of Follow vs No Follow links in your niche
  • Understand the ratios of brand vs. commercial anchor texts
  • Understand the link growth patterns of your competitors

Find the ‘magic link ratios’ for your niche, language, keywords and your country

The Competitive Landscape Analyzer is part of the comprehensive LinkResearchTools® SEO Toolkit, designed to help you understand your competitors and rank better in search engines.

How CLA works


What You Can Achieve with Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA)?

The Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) helps you compare Link Profiles against the link profiles of your competitors.

Your competitors are all sites ranking above you, not just the companies you know.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your website vs. your competition’s website, you can identify SEO opportunities that others don’t see.

By comparing your domain to the domains of your competitors, you get an edge for your SEO!

The Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) takes the guesswork and SEO myths out of your daily work as a digital marketer.

For example, there’s not a “standard” 20:80 ratio for No Follow Links vs. Follow Links. Every industry, topic, keyword, language and country has different rules. And YOU are the one to know those rules, understand them instead of blindly following major SEO blogs like sheep.

By making a comparison of the results on the first page of Google, you get an excellent understanding of what goals you should target. The best approach is to blend in and then do a little better.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Quick Video Tutorial For The Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA)


Competitive Landscape Analyzer Benefits & Features

Focus on Pages, Categories of the full Domain

The Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) compares your backlink profile and dozens of other metrics with those of your competitors.

Usually, you compare the backlink profile of the whole domain, but you can also drill-down to compare only subfolders or even individual pages.

Why compare only a page or a subfolder to your competitors?

  • Analyze a particular product sold on a page in e-commerce stores
  • Analyze a particular product category of e-commerce stores
  • Compare only the homepages or the contact page of your domain vs. those of your competitors
  • Understand why a competitor’s product page is outperforming your own product page
  • The options are limitless.

So you can focus on only those subfolders or pages of your specific SEO analysis, save time and stay focused.

Compare Google Indexation of Your Referring Domains

The Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) helps you understand how well the referring domains of your links are indexed in Google or not. We do this by looking at the number of indexed pages per domain and using our unique TitleRank™ metric.

This helps you spot abnormalities that your site might have and plan a strategy to blend in. For example you might find that:

  • You have a large amount of backlinks which are not indexed by Google
  • You don’t have many links from large well-indexed sites like your competitors’ do

Analyzing Google Indexed Pages ratios in your niche gives you the insight to help you rank on page one of Google.

You might spot from penalized link networks and other shady places using this method.

Compare Link Type ratios

You can have many different types of links, and so do your competitors.

Different link types are for example text links, image links, rel-canonicals, frames, redirects, mentions and many more.

Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) helps you understand how your backlink profile differs to your competition.

Why do you need to know about Link Type ratios?

The domains that Google ranks on the first page usually have similar link type ratios. If your domain does not have a similar ratio, it could look unnatural to Google and be devalued because of this. You should aim to have similar Link Type ratios to your competitors that rank for similar keywords, in your language and in your country.

You should always aim to have similar Link Type ratios backlink ratios to your competitors. LinkResearchTools helps you do that in a quick and easy way.

Compare Link Velocity Trends

Link velocity describes the speed of link growth to a page or domain. Link velocity trends describe the trends of link growth, i.e. how fast or slow the link growth to a page or domain is in a given time span.

The Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) can show you the Link Velocity Trends of your domain compared to your competitors. Google also does look at growth and change of backlink profiles over time to estimate the organic search rankings.

It is imperative that you understand the natural link growth patterns in your niche to be able to compete with other players. Your goal is to understand: what link growth is ‘natural’ in your niche, for your keyword, for your country.

Link Velocity Trend for the past 24 months

One thing is sure – there is no same results for different industries, there is not one-size-fits-all in SEO.

The Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA)  helps you understand the link velocity trends of your backlink profile vs. those of your competitors.

Analyzing Link Velocity Trend ratios in your niche gives you the insight to help you rank on page one of Google.

Compare No Follow/Follow Ratios

Most natural websites have a mix of Follow and No Follow backlinks. Using Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA)  you can analyze your competitors and see the typical ratios of the domains that are ranking on the first page of Google for your industry, country, language and keyword phrases.

You should always aim to have similar No Follow/Follow backlink ratios to your competitors.

There is no “golden rule” like a 20:80 ratio for No Follow Links vs. Follow Links. Every industry, topic, keyword, language and country has different rules.

And YOU can be the one to know and understand those rules for your niche, instead of blindly following major SEO blogs like sheep.

Compare LRT Power*Trust™ Ratios

The LRT Power*Trust metric is the perfect replacement for Google’s outdated PageRank™ and the lead metric of LinkResearchTools (LRT) to measure link strength and trust.

Most successful sites have a wide range of backlinks with varying LRT Power*Trust values.

Using Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) you can analyze the strength and trust in the back profile of the top performers and your competitors in organic search. Learn what makes the difference and take action with LinkResearchTools (LRT).

Compare Ranking Keywords Ratios

LinkResearchTools provides you with the number or ranking keywords for all referring domains using rich data from SEMrush. This metric is another strong indicator for the power of a domain in organic search.

Using the Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) you can understand if the links of your competitors are on strong and well ranking domains or not. Using this metric as another filter on the complete backlink profile you can go after the best links they have, ignoring those on poorly ranking websites.

The “Ranking Keywords” are available also on a page level if you have a SEMrush API key.

Comparing your backlink profile based on “ranking keywords” in your niche gives you the insight to rank on page one of Google.

Pieter-Jan Vanneste, Seodvize, @Seodvize

Pieter Jan Vanneste

“I’m a freelance SEO consultant and I have to admit, I absolutely love LinkResearchTools. I’ve been using their Superhero plan for over two years now. The Juice Tool helps me find backlink opportunities and shows me quickly if a domain is worth the backlink. With the Domain Compare tool and the Competitive Landscape Analyzer I create nice “How-does-your-site-performs-against-competitor” graphs that I include in almost every pitch presentation. And of course, there are the advanced backlink tools that help me get all the insights I need to discover how competitors are building up their backlink profiles. Keep up the good work guys!”


 Maximilian Euler, Owner of Ayudo Online Marketing

Maximilian Euler

“We love to work with LinkResearchTools. It’s our favorite software for link analysis. We also love the detox tool very much with all the rules which help us monitor the health of our clients link profiles. Keep up the great work guys!”


Marc Kenigsberg, Tradeopus


“We started using LRT for the Detox function after a negative SEO attack on our site. Not only was LRT instrumental in helping us clean up the links and recover the site but it has become critical to the way we do all of our marketing efforts. Most of our processes today are built around LRT and its tools and everything that we have learned from the LRT team. A must have tool for anyone serious about traffic”


Case Studies Featuring the Competitive Landscape Analyzer

SEO Case Studies



How to do Link Building with Impactana and LinkResearchTools

When building new links, it’sit is important to understand what are the normal “natural” link ratios in your niche, for your keywords, in your language and in your country. In this case study, our LRT Certified Professional – Benjamin Mylius uses the Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) to look at link ratios, LRT Power*Trust ratios and link velocity trends.

How to Analyze SEO Metrics and Outrank Your Competitors

Competitive Domain Analysis allows you to compare your online competitors and reveal your own strengths and weaknesses. In this articlearticle, Tom Black shows how to use five of the LRT tools for SEO competitive analysis, including CLA.

How to protect your website from negative SEO

Negative SEO is now a real threat. This article gives seven tips to prevent Negative SEO happening to you. The case study includes how to use CLA to detect dangerous link ratios.



Do you need more brand links or more money keyword links?

Compare your backlink profile to your strongest competitors and understand which actions to take for your organic search success.

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