Link Detox® is a brand and trademark owned by LinkResearchTools GmbH. It describes the software product component Link Detox that is used to audit backlink profiles and disavow toxic links.

Link Detox is software that automatically rates links based on automated rules we develop. In addition, we calculate and estimate the probable risk for your domain receiving a Google Penalty or Google Filter.

We do not pretend to have access to Google‘s algorithms and evaluation methods, as they are not published and not publicly accessible to any third parties. We use material published by Google, and draw personal conclusions from our long experience in Search Engine Optimization, client feedback, observations from thousands of reports, and ongoing testing and configuration of our systems according to our best effort and knowledge.

SEO is not an exact science. Therefore, we only give you opinions and recommendations. We ask you to review and double check the automated results. Make your personal decisions for any actions based on your own experience and direct viewing of the nature and content of websites displayed as potentially harmful to your backlink profile and website. The links evaluated by the program as harmful do not always affect your search engine ranking.

Link Detox is not a product of Google but a brand and trademark owned by LinkResearchTools GmbH, just like Link Detox Risk<sup>®, Link Detox Boost<sup>® and Link Detox Genesis®.

The Link Detox Genesis, DTOXRISK<sup>®, and Domain DTOXRISK algorithms are based on our personal research, experience, and estimations. The algorithms and reports created by the programs, Link Detox and LinkResearchTools, do not reflect the official policy or position of Google or other Search Engine operators.

A full description of the product Link Detox can be found here.

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