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LRT helps you do this...

Link Audit and Penalty Recovery

Identify bad links from the past that impact current traffic,
restore rankings, improve traffic and thereby drive revenue.


Link Building to Grow Traffic

Increase your website traffic and revenue by significantly growing your backlinks.

Backlink Analysis and Risk Monitoring

Safeguard your website against future penalties and
protect your online revenue from Negative SEO and Google Penalties.


Competitor Analysis

Learn from and outperform your competition and leverage insights
around competitors’ link behavior, mistakes and successes.

LinkResearchTools is trusted by the world’s most respected brands.

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With LinkResearchTools (LRT) you get high-quality link data and risk estimations that you cannot get elsewhere. We couldn’t get it either, this is why we had to build LRT. You get software built by link experts for link experts.

Chistoph C. Cemper - founder of LinkResearchTools (LRT)

How You Benefit from LinkResearchTools

Recover from a Google Penalty fast and never get back

Google Penalty Recovery
Build strong links

Monitor new backlinks to any domain

Monitor new inbound links

Understand and outperform your competition

SEO competitor research

Spot link building spikes that could harm you

detect link building spikes that could harm your website

Recover lost links after a web site re-launch

recover lost links after a website redesign or migration

Find high quality expired domains to develop

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