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The Yandex Leak: 7 Link Related Factors (of 100s)

Yandex code leak offers insight into search engine’s ranking factors, weightings, and more, and we’re revealing 7 link-related factors. Yandex is the leading search engine in Russia, 5th globally in page views.

AI Cheats - How to trick AI Content Detectors

The copywriting problem: To use or not to use? AI tools like GPT-3 and ChatGPT are popular in content creation; copywriters are debating whether or not to use them. Whether or not to disclose. Can AI Content Detectors be tricked? Yes, and very quickly, too.

13 AI Content Detection Tools tested and AI Watermarks

There is growing interest in detecting and understanding the use of language models and AI text tools in generating content, particularly among organizations and government agencies. AI Content Detection and watermarking techniques are relevant for protecting against detection.

Google Link Spam Update December 2022
Google Link Spam Update December 2022

Google has announced the Link Spam update December 2022 - one of the few official link spam updates we recall for years.

How To Disavow Links
How to Disavow Links: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Create a Disavow File

Link disavowal can be an intimidating task for many website owners and SEOs. After all, it takes a lot of research and careful consideration to create a disavow file, and if done wrong, it can have damaging effects on your website. Fortunately, this comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the entire process of creating a disavow file, so you can avoid any potential pitfalls.

Link Building Techniques
22 SEO Link Building Methods for 2022

Link Building has been called dead for years. The rules of 2003 certainly changed, and those who could not learn and adapt to the ever-changing rules and increased requirements on skills, tools, details then, of course, had to give up on their link building tricks. Google confirmed that links are the No.1 ranking factor and said Ranking without links is really really hard. The Google Core Algorithm is based on links, and that hasn’t changed since the inception of Google.