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This page talks about the proprietary SEO analysis methods that you can ONLY find in the LinkResearchTools.


For many years we have been looking for a tool that is able to analyze if it’s worth getting a link on certain website. There has not been such a tool in the market and so we decided to develop the Link Juice Tool internally.
The Juice™ metric is as far as we know the only way to measure if Google likes a page or not, and – most important – if Google has that page it in its index and updates it on a regular basis.
No other SEO Metric is better to identify if a page is “juicy” – the work of our link builders is mainly based on the results of the Juice™ metric. Still, there is no other comparable indicator for evaluating link sources out in the market.

find out if you page is juicy

How to decide where to link?

When analyzing a few pages with our Link Juice Tool it could look like this. Without even thinking one second ahead you can see that the pages 2 and 3 are definitely worth getting a link from and that you can eliminate page 1 even if it has PageRank. Don’t forget our PageRank rule: Never look at PageRank!

That is a tool that every SEO must have!

Domain Authority Analysis

The new SEO Metric package Authority Analysis will help you to analyze the authority of a domain. The SEO Metric we have is “Google Site Links” – for which we are checking if site links for a domain are shown in Google if we query for the domain name.

To understand the Authority Site Links concept you should first be aware of the several different types of site links we check. Each type of site link gets a certain weight from us and then the weighted site links are added up to get the final value. The idea is – the more real estate a domain gets in terms of site-links, the higher its authority in our eyes (for this SEO Metric).

We will show you a mathematical example later. Let’s have a look at the types of site links first.

There are normal site links that are shown under a snippet in the Google Results – these can be any number between 1 and 8 typically…

Normal Site Links

Normal Site Links

You can also find oneline site links – these are site links that are also placed under a snippet but in only one line.

Oneline Site Links

Oneline Site Links

The snippet site links are placed directly in the text of a snippet.

Snippet Site Links

Snippet Site Links

Forum site links are also located below the Google snippet and in contrast to the “normal” sitelinks they link to forum threads.

Forum Site Links

Forum Site Links

So, let’s come to the weights of the site link types. A normal site link has a weight of 10, an oneline site link a weight of 2, a snippet site link a weight of 1 and a forum site link a weight of 5. Now we have a look at the calculation of the Authority Analysis value. If a domain has 4 normal site links (4*10) and 2 snippet site links (2*1) the value is 42 (40+2). A domain with 3 oneline site links (3*2) and 2 forum site links (2*5) gets an value of 16 (6+10).

In the report details the calculated value is shown. For very popular domains, you will often see a value 80 which says that the domain has 8 normal sitelinks (value of 10) shown under the Google text snippet. You can easily check the value by searching for the site in Google and looking at the snippet.

For this feature we are very keen to hear YOUR feedback, YOUR experiences and YOUR ideas on how to improve and extend this new method!

Site Link Analysis Parameter

Site Links Analysis Parameter

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