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Link Audit For the Real-Time Google Penguin


  • Want to make sure you've done a full link audit to find toxic links?
  • Want your disavowed and removed links processed faster with Link Detox Boost?
  • Want to make sure they’re done in the most professional way?

We have a solution package for you!

Our highly experienced and trusted partners are here to help!

Link Audit Google Penguin

LRT Certified Professionals, Xperts, and Agencies provide you

  • highly experienced SEO and Link Audit knowledge
  • proven track record of Google penalty removals and Google Penguin recoveries
  • proven track record of doing many Link Audits and implementing ongoing Link Risk Management for clients
  • day-to-day experience with LinkResearchTools and Link Detox, as well as many other tools
  • professional, friendly service (they’re really nice! See the group photo below)
  • local service in every time zone worldwide from the United States to Asia

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What you will get:

You will get expert consulting and complete access to powerful software necessary to protect your site from Penguin 3.0.

It includes many features:


Search Visibility Analysis


  • Analysis of search visibility drops (if any occurred)
Link Velocity backlink growth
comprehensive backlink data

Backlink Profile Analysis

  • Anchor Text Analysis: Keyword Classification for up to 5 Keywords
  • Power & Trust Balance Analysis
  • Link Detox Risk (DTOXRISK™) Analysis
  • Sitewide Links Analysis
  • Paid Links Analysis
  • Power*Trust Ratio Analysis
  • Redirect Analysis
  • Link Growth Analysis
  • Link Network Analysis
  • Country Ratio Analysis
  • Deep Link Ratio Analysis
  • Link Status Ratio Analysis
  • Competitive DTOXRISK™ Analysis against competition

Regular Detox for All Backlinks

  • Manual Review of all Backlinks
  • Keyword Classification for all Backlinks
  • Domain Analysis for www. & non-www. version
Link Removal

Link Removal

  • Creation and Submission of a Disavow File
  • Managing the Reconsideration Request Process (if necessary)
  • Link Detox Boost

What you need – Step-By-Step

  1. Please fill in the form in full detail to help us understand your situation and needs.
  2. LinkResearchTools Superhero or larger account for 2-3 months (large sites may need Link Detox Enterprise and/or LRT Enterprise account, depending on your needs).
  3. Sufficient credits for Link Detox and Link Detox Boost in your account for the LRT Certified Professionals to use. You can buy them as you proceed through the project.
  4. Access to your Google Search Console account and authorize LinkResearchTools to connect to it to provide guest access for your consultant.
  5. Please find and provide all link lists from past link building and internal link building. Also, please provide every little detail you have so your consultant can do a thorough job, faster.
  6. Please make sure you are available for questions or assign a responsible point of contact in your organization. Your LRT Certified consultant will probably have more questions during the link audit process.

What will the Google Penguin Link Audit cost?

The price depends on the following factors:

  • Number of linking domains to your domain
  • Number of linking pages to your domain
  • Number of domains that are involved – e.g. redirected domains (for SEO purposes) could increase the number of total time and credits needed

Please fill out the form below in detail, and we will quickly respond with a quote for the software, credits, and consulting.

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