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Link Simulator LORT

Simulate a Link before Building the Link

Find out if you want a link or not. FAST.

Link Opportunities Review Tool

Using Link Simulator you can

Link Simulator gives you the

  • Safe way to check new links before building
  • Lightning-fast link due diligence you need
  • Industry leading link risk analysis with Link Detox Genesis
  • Competitive edge in your link building
  • In-browser to review each link using

No more SEO-lifes needed. The Link Simulator gets you the cream of the crop only. Why wait?

How the Link Simulator LORT works

Find out which links to get, and which to leave behind.

link simulator great links

  1. Requires a baseline Link Detox profile with calculated Risk for the TARGET site (the reality)*
  2. Takes a list of link opportunities from SOURCE pages or domains you could build (the virtual reality)
  3. "Pretends" potential links are actually there
  4. Calculates Link Detox Risk for those virtual links
  5. Lets you pick the best links only - with low risk

Link Simulation visualized


How You Benefit From the Link Simulator (LORT)

Simple: find the best links


You can use the Link Simulator (LORT) to review and evaluate potential links before actually acquiring them.

LORT helps you check a „handful“ (or a couple thousand per day) of links and assess their potential risk for your rankings.

Based on the proven technology of Link Detox® the results are very accurate and help our power-users lead in the SERPs for years.

The Secret of Link Simulation


The trick is simple: you know what works, so you can

  • offer double or tripple the money
  • ignore 90% of the offered links
  • fire link builders that deliver poor links

Your benefit multiple ways

  • you save time and money, obviously by ignored 90 or so percent
  • you avoid getting hit by the Google penalty bus
  • you improve your overall link profile and don't need to clean up later from risky links once you established this process

Video demo of the Link Simulator Tool (LORT)


Important Link Simulation requirements

Make sure you don't fall into the "wishful thinking" trap.


  • Link Detox needs to be done correct and complete for each TARGET site
  • Keyword classification in the Link Detox analysis needs to be accurate
  • Current Disavow files need to be in the system
  • Potential source pages work better than source domains (homepages)

So, sorry link sellers!

The Link Simulator is a "Buyer's Tool", and not built to help you sell your poor links better.


  • LORT is not a general "toxic link checker" as many would wish
  • OR as others promote (Moz: character in domain=Spam?)

A word of caution

It is dangerous and useless to "Run a database through it" through the link simulator with a dummy domain, random domain or even a domain that does not exist!

Bulk Link Simulation is possible

Link Simulator LORT

The Link Simulator is an excellent tool to do a bulk analysis of a large list of potential links.

It only takes a couple seconds for a handful, and a minute or two for a list of hundreds of potential links.

Who uses the Link Simulator Tool (LORT)?

Link Simulator LORT

  • SEOs who want to get the most bang for his buck
  • SEOs who recovered from a Google Penalty want to proceed carefully, not to acquire risky links.
  • SEOs who want to build only the best links, faster and more efficiently.
  • SEOs who are buying expired domains with an unknown link profile history.

Link Simulator LORT

Launch LORT from a bookmarklet

Bookmarklets are available from many of the LRT Tools, but the LORT bookmarklet is especially useful for link prospecting.

Next time you see a tempting page you could get a link on, just click that LORT bookmarklet.

Review potential links with the Link Detox Screener™

Save time and build only links with low risk as audited by LinkResearchTools (LRT) and LORT based on Link Detox Genesis® Technology.

Link Simulator LORT

From the results table, you can launch the Link Detox Screener. The Screener helps you quickly review, rate and tag the potential links.

Perform Bulk Actions on many links

Link Simulator LORT

You can apply many actions like rating and tagging on many links at once. These bulk actions in combination with the advanced real-time filters of the results table to rate links as good or bad and add or remove tags.

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