Identify High Quality Backlinks with LRT Power and LRT Trust

Measure link quality with LRT Power and LRT Trust - it is more helpful than PR, DR, DA, PA With LRT Power and Trust you get a two-dimensional measurement system to understand what link quality you really have or chase.


  • Strength of a link (Power, like PageRank)
  • Trust implied by Google, or Authority of a link (similar to TrustRank)
  • A quick gauge of both with LRT Power*Trust
  • Links on three scopes Root, Sub-Domain, Page
Link Power and Link Trust - Identify High Quality Backlinks with LRT Power and LRT Trust


  • Spam indicators helped spot Google penalties since 2012
  • Available in a browser extension to everyone for free
  • The "LRT difference" to "single dimension metrics" like PR, DR, DA, PA, LS, etc.
  • Link Metrics, not Domain Metrics or Visibility metrics as other software providers promote for measuring links

What is LRT Power™ and LRT Trust™?

What is LRT Power?

Link Power and Link Trust to spot High Quality Backlinks

The LRT Power metric evaluates the strength of a website based on the number of links and helps you quickly determine the strongest page, domain, or top domain.

This is very comparable to what Google PageRank was until 2013.

You see LRT Power for Root Domain, Sub Domain (Host) or Page level.

What is LRT Trust?

Link Power and Link Trust to spot High Quality Backlinks

The LRT Trust metric helps you evaluate the quality of a link by calculating the inheritance of trust from trusted sites. It’s comparable to the TrustRank patent and indicates the implied trust of the page in Google.

You see LRT Trust for Root Domain, Sub Domain (Host) or Page level.

What about Google PageRank?

Link Power and Link Trust to spot High Quality Backlinks

Google Toolbar Pagerank is officially dead, as confirmed by Google.

It was confirmed on Twitter and many SEO blogs reported about the removal of Google Pagerank from the toolbar around the world.

At this time also the Toolbar API broke and no data was available anymore for anyone.

Therefore, no serious SEO uses Google Pagerank as SEO metric anymore, because whatever you may see in applications is really outdated or just fake data.

As a replacement for Google Toolbar Pagerank some SEOs use simple one-dimensional metrics called PR, DR, DA, PA but miss out big time.

Are you one of them?

We have a simple one-dimensional metric called LRT Power*Trust as well, but always show you both dimensions (Power and Trust) with it also.

What is LRT Power*Trust™?

Link Power and Link Trust to spot High Quality Backlinks

LRT Power*Trust is an aggregate metric of LRT Power and LRT Trust

Just like LRT Power and LRT Trust you can measure LRT Power*Trust on the scope of Root Domain, Sub Domain (Host) or Page level.


LRT PowerTrust is THE one metric you must look at to judge quickly the overall impact of your links. It is the LRT Power multiplied by the LRT Trust. The LRT PowerTrust is calculated by analyzing data in real time from over 25 sources from our partners and your commercial APIs

Link Power and Link Trust to spot High Quality Backlinks

Depending on their Power and Trust, links fall into one of four quadrants of the matrix below.

You can review our online manual on LRT PowerTrust to learn how to read LRT PowerTrust correctly and make the best SEO decisions.

High Trust and Low Power

High Potential Link

Don’t be fooled by a low Link Power. This type of link is very trustworthy and often more difficult to get than a “powerful” one. You can find this combination on links from universities or government agencies, for example.

This an example (2) of an extremely “High Potential” link. We see a link with Power=3 and Trust=10. Often it’s more like Power=3 and Trust=5, but this example will explain the concept of improving your existing backlinks using high potential links.

Just add some extra links to increase the Link Power and you grow it from “High Potential” into an “Awesome Superstar.”

Low Trust and High Power

Nitro Link

Links with the highest Power aren’t necessarily the best ones one the long run. “Nitro Links” could help you get a ranking boost in the short-term, but it could also land you in Google Penguin jail if you overdo it.

Links like these are very strong links from untrusted sites. Such discrepancies between LRT Trust and LRT Power can usually be attributed to low quality or automated link building.

In this example we see a link with Power=10 and Trust=0. The zero Link Trust is important to note compared to the Link Power. Often it’s more like Power=5 and Trust=0, but this example will explain the concept of improving your existing backlinks using high potential links.

The example shown is an example of a very strong link (3) that has no Link Trust at all.

Be careful to understand that this is different from “Weak Links”, although it also has a Power*Trust of 0 (10 multiplied by 0 is still 0!). Here you see why the two dimensions matter!

Low Trust and Low Power

Weak Links

If a link has neither power nor trust, then it’s often a completely worthless link. Those links are often not worth much and would take a LOT of effort to improve.

Often these are links on sub-pages that have no external links at all. Sometimes they are still worth keeping and improving, as they may have good internal linking.

Links with low LRT Trust and low LRT Power won’t help your site much. They may be from new, dormant, or penalized sites. These sort of links could be carefully used to add some general “noise” to your backlink profile, just like your competitors may have.

High Trust and High Power

Superstar Links

A link from a page with high Link Trust and high Link Power as shown in example (1) is obviously the perfect link for any website. If you can get one of those, go for it!

Is a Power*Trust of Zero actually just bad? See these examples to find out.

Link Power=4 and Link Trust=3 are pretty good typical links already.


This is an example of typical link (7) that is quite good and has good trust.

It could benefit from more trust to make the ratio more even with the Link Power of 4. At any rate, developing a link from this position into the desirable segment of “Awesome Superstar” links looks like a lot of hard work, and is it even possible?

Link Power and Link Trust to spot High Quality Backlinks

We have free browser extensions for you. Two dimensional link metrics at your fingertips.

While looking at a one dimension metric is popular, convenient and easy, we made sure that using our main product LinkResearchTools (LRT) and the free browser toolbars and extensions allow you to see both dimensional always easy and convenient.

Just see how easy it is to spot two dimensions for every page using our Link Power and Trust measurement browser extension that is available for Chrome and Firefox.

LRT Power*Trust extensions are available for Firefox and Chrome

Because it matters to have two dimensions!


Unique SEO Technique

This Link Building Method is not available in any other SEO tool.

25+ Link Data Sources

Link Data from 25+ Data Sources combined.

Full and Rich Exports

You get full XLS exports and rich PDF exports, while competitors cripple their data exports at sometimes 10k rows already.

Link Brain

We can assist you with decades of experience in SEO and links. This is not a matter of course with every SEO software provider.

Dynamic Filters

Filter your results by up to 150+ SEO metrics.

No Trash Data

The links that we DO NOT deliver to you matter! We take pride in filtering out as much nonsense data from other sources as possible.

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