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Link Detox Screener (SCR)

Your Link Browser in the Browser – Save Time yet doing accurate Link Audits

Browse your backlinks page by page within Link Detox (DTOX).

The Possibilities 

  • Navigate with the arrows
  • Keyboard Controls for Disavow, Rating, Tagging
  • View the most important SEO metrics quick
LRT Link Screener

And there’s more…

  • Code Snippet for easily finding hidden links
  • Cleaning up becomes easy and fast
  • Add comments to your disavows with the push of a button

Check backlinks before you include them  in your disavow file

Link Detox Screener makes your link audit work much easier. It helps you make good SEO decisions while saving you a lot of time.

How SCR works


Well-established and trusted SEO metrics at your fingertips

We help you decide if to keep a link or disavow it immediately.

To ease up your work, we show you the LRT Power*Trust for the page the link is on and also the LRT Power*Trust domain-wide score.

Looking at the LRT Power*Trust domain-wide score helps you to judge the overall quality of the domain that the page is hosted on and allows you to choose whether to disavow a single page or the whole domain.

We also show you the Link Velocity Trends (LVT). LVT describes the trends of link growth, i.e. how fast or slow the link growth to a page or domain is in a given time span. The trend of link growth for a page or domain is an indicator for the interest expressed on the web for that page or domain.

Clear assessment of Link Detox Risk (DTOXRISK) for pages and domains

You need to know which links are highly risky for your backlink profile and review all of them quickly. We show you the Link Detox Risk (DTOXRISK) and Domain DTOXRISK  in the Link Detox Screener. You can use them to judge the quality of every single link.

The higher the calculated DTOXRISK™ score is, the more attention you should give the link during your review.

Quick overview of the links on a page

You can quickly spot all the links on the pages you’re auditing. We’re highlighting all of them for you. More than that, you can see the HTML code for each link and quickly spot No Follow or hidden links.


By using the up and down arrows on your keyboard, you can jump from one highlighted link to your domain to another.

  • ▲= Previous Link on Page
  • ▼ = Next Link on Page

Link targets, keywords, link type and link status for each backlink

Your work will go much faster if you use the hotkeys in the Link Detox Screener.

You have the L Hotkey for the “show all links on the page” feature. Hitting this hotkey will display a list of all the links on the page to your domain, including:

  • the anchor text – for you to quickly spot if it’s a money keyword and
  • link status – for you to see at a glance all the Follow and No Follow links


Save time: skip pages from disavowed domains, skip site wide links and use hotkeys

You can let Link Detox Screener skip pages from domains that you already disavowed. This is a small but very time-saving feature that our users LOVE once they use it.

You can now continue with your work much more quickly, by not seeing pages from domains once you have disavowed them. You can now also skip site wide links in your screener session without disavowing them (by pressing the “S” key).

This is helpful when you don’t want to disavow a link from a domain, but want to skip the site wide links. This feature will not add that domain or site wide links to your ignore list, but will only let you skip over it in your Link Detox Screener session.

You can quickly check websites using only your keyboard. Here are your time-saving Link Detox Screener HotKeys:

  • A = Disavow Whole Domain (“A for ALL here is spam”)
  • D = Disavow Individual Link
  • R = Disavow Root Domain
  • W = Clear Disavow (“W for Wipe this Page of my Disavow File”)
  • S = Skip Sitewide Linking Pages
  • G = Rate Link as good
  • B = Rate Link as bad
  • J = Jump to Page
  • L = Show all Links on the Page
  • ⏴ = Previous Page
  • ⏵ = Next Page
  • ⏶ = Previous Link on Page
  • ⏷ = Next Link on Page

Link Detox Screener Shortcuts

Quick Video Tutorial For The Link Detox Screener


Don’t postpone your website audit

With the Link Detox Screener, you can now complete your audit work much faster.

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