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    Postal Address LinkResearchTools GmbH Am Langen Felde 12 / Top 1-4 1220 Wien Österreich Phone LRT Österreich +43 720 116440 LRT UK +44 800 011 9736 LRT USA (866) 347-3660 LRT Kanada (877) 736-7787 VAT ID: ATU62127727 Email: feedback@linkresearchtools.

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    LinkResearchTools (LRT) Certification Program Version: March 4, 2019 Thank you for your interest in participating in the LinkResearchTools GmbH (“LRT”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) Certification Program.

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    Price stability for automatic billing Since 2009, at LinkResearchTools (LRT) we value customers that stay with us, use the product on an ongoing basis and give their feedback to help us improve our software.

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    Downloading the Browser Extension By downloading, installing and/or using our Browser Extensions, you accept and agree to this Privacy Policy, which is a part of the LinkResearchTools (LRT) Terms of Service – a legally binding agreement between you and LinkResearchTools GmbH, located at Am Langen Felde 12 / Top 2, 1220 Vienna, Austria.

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    TERMS AND CONDITIONS Version: September 29, 2020 These terms govern the use of the website and services of LinkResearchTools (LRT) and Link Detox - hereinafter also being referred to as “the Service” – which is implemented, operated and hosted by the company LinkResearchTools GmbH (“the Provider” or “LRT”).