Price stability for automatic billing

Since 2009, at LinkResearchTools (LRT) we value customers that stay with us, use the product on an ongoing basis and give their feedback to help us improve our software.

As we add new features, more power, more data the value of the product increases, and, the plans and prices change over time.

Loyal customers always pay the price they signed up for with automatic billing, for as long that subscription is active and the account in good standing.

We grandfathered automatic subscriptions since 2009.

We refer to this method of appreciating customer loyalty as “Grandfathering” or “Price Grandfathering”. It gives early users from years ago a value/price ratio that some won’t believe.

In December 2018 we introduced the change that the grandfathering policy only applies to automatic payments via credit card or bank draft auto-charge, but not to manual invoice processing.

Idea of the Price Grandfathering Policy

LinkResearchTools (LRT) started out with four tools and only seven link data sources. Today it has over twenty link data sources, over twenty tools and link data quota that is more than tenfold.

Price Grandfathering is a privilege that every active, loyal customer has. Each customer can keep this privilege for as long as his subscription is in good standing, paid automatically according to the subscription terms.

If the customer cancels or has a failing credit card, we allow a 14 day grace period after that cancellation to sign up again and re-activate the account at the old price. Beyond those 14 days after cancellation, the customer needs to pay the current price. Non-subscription products (“add-ons”) and manual invoicing are not subject to this policy.

Keeping the old prices grandfathered is a tremendous benefit to loyal LinkResearchTools (LRT) users. We didn’t communicate this policy too much but always practiced for each customer.

While price plans like Superhero Legacy 2009, Superhero Legacy 2013 or Superhero Standard may have similar names, the product features and quotas between plans over the years vary.