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Success: Google Penalty Recovery in 3 Days

Jens Fröhlich got a Google Penalty lifed in 3 Days only using Link Detox. Read how!

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How to Reverse a Google Manual Spam Action in 3 days

Success Story Manual Action

I spontaneously decided to write this article due to getting some interesting Feedback on my Google+ Post (German). The subject, Reconsideration Request, once again creates a stir, and that is why I now present you an interesting case. At the end of March 2014, an entrepreneur asked me to create a SEO Analysis for his Online Shop, because in the past couple of months he was not happy with its development on Something had to happen. So, I thankfully accepted his request.

I immediately asked my client for further information. Quickly, I found out that the organic traffic is already heavily declining for months, which of course affected the profitability of the Online Shop. The client also detected this developing tendency. I asked him specific questions about the situation - for example if recently someone else was in charge for Link Building, which he affirmed. At this point I want to mention that the client is generally very successful with his Online Business – which requires many intelligent, long term decisions. In SEO, unfortunately a few mistakes can have severe effects. Many webmasters underestimate these small problems.

After a first SEO Analysis about the stage of optimization and the situation of the domain, I quickly realized that they have a Manual Spam Action. Google transparently offers information about this in the Google Webmaster Tools; the reason is link schemes spam. This is where it gets problematic.

I started a Link Detox analysis with about 9,000 Links. An Average Link Detox Risk Rating of more than 1,300 points (“No Follow” links not included, 100% rated anchor texts) showed that it was necessary to dig deeper. I was willing to do that because of the domain’s big potential.

link detox rate score before

No sooner said than done, I performed an in depth Link Detox of the external Link Graph. A disavow list was inevitable. After a few days, numerous phone calls, e-mails, and lots and lots of analyses, I submitted a Disavow List to Google and performed a Reconsideration Request. After this, I had to wait and see.

link detox rate score after

After only 3 work-days later, I received confirmation from Google telling me that the Manual Spam Action has been reversed. That happened incredibly fast!

link detox rate score after

With the right planning and targeted optimization, a Manual Spam Action can be reversed within a few days, and the domain can be back on course for further success. The effort and extent of work can be huge, and frequently a domain can be weakened. But, quiet often there’s no alternative to this method. You can’t sit out and wait to recover from a Manual Spam Action.

The success is obvious by looking at the Online Shop Visibility Index:

sistrix visibility index


Conclusion and Recommendation

Through my many years of SEO experience and a variety of Link Detox screenings, I’ve found that many webmasters do not even know the status of their online business. Some don’t even know that their domain was penalized.

My Tip: A transparent controlling of success creates safety and awareness for a Webmaster’s online business. In my opinion, many webmasters are not able to reverse existing Google Manual Spam Actions. Reputable SEO companies offer individual solutions.

Once again, I appeal to every Webmaster to take some time to get familiar with Google Webmaster Guidelines and to critically question potential SEO service providers before passing them your precious business. I wish you future success!

German article:
Manuelle Maßnahme in 3 Tagen abwenden


Jens Fröhlich

Jens is an enthusiastic online marketer. Since 2010 he is specialized in seo solutions and he worked till 2013 as a seo specialist for a german online agency. In this time he designed and optimized strucures and logics of big websites, advised the customer and sensitized them for seo. Numerous training sessions and workshops for small businesses and startups, he carried out. In summer 2013 Jens foundet his own seo agency called Indexlift. His purpose are professional, targeted and customized ... 


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  11. Midori on July 22, 2014 at 15:12

    In France it is the same, most people don’t even know they are penalized, i am trying to bring awareness about this issue, and it’s a true breakthrough for many small business owners that can finally identify what happened to them !

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    Small SEO Mistakes Cause Severe Penalty via @cemper

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    Constant link risk management is the only way to protect your site #SEO

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