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The Right SEO Tools for Link Building

Link building is a difficult job in the post-Penguin era. But it’s not impossible as long as you stick to Google’s rules and use the right SEO tools.

Improve your Rankings with Internal Link Building, and no headaches
Learn how you can boost your rankings with simple changes to your own website, no outreach, no link buying and no hassles. Learn what to do and what NOT do. After this session, you maybe want to log into your WordPress right after to start building these internal links.

Examples created using the Superhero Standard plan

The Superhero Standard Plan includes all our 25 link data sources and allows you to perform link analysis and monitoring, SEO competitor research, Google recovery and link building for your own or your competitor's sites. You get your website's complete backlink profile re-crawled and enriched with all SEO metrics you can dream about for your analysis. This makes all the difference.

Safe link building is vital for your How to do Link Building with Impactana and LinkResearchToolsonline business

Link building is a difficult job in the post-Penguin era.
But it's not impossible, as long as you stick to Google's rules,
as long as you use the right SEO tools.

LinkResearchTools helps you find:

  • juicy links with high Power*Trust
  • healthy links that will not get you in trouble
  • links that are suitable for your niche
  • links that are meaningful for your website's users.

You also need to earn links and Impactana is the tool that can give you a hand with that:

  • helps you find great content in your niche that you can re-purpose
  • gives you rich contact details on influencers that amplify your content
  • makes your outreach work easier than ever before
  • helps you understand what type of content attracts most links in your niche.

It's important to build strong links and relevant content. Especially now that Google confirmed the next Penguin Update is "coming soon," so better keep your backlink profile clean before it hits.

Check out this case study written by our LRT Certified Professional - Benjamin Mylius.

We look very much forward to your feedback.

- Enjoy & Learn!

Christoph C. Cemper


Bonus from the author: "The Wikipedia Affair".
If you want to get a Wikipedia link, read this case study. Get it FOR A TWEET HERE


Buying links or setting up links with no idea what we are doing is like running in a minefield with a blindfold. If we want to have a strong link profile we need to know more about our link profile. To show how to get valuable links for your domain, I have created a step-by-step guide.

1. The Analysis

First of all, create a BLP Report to get an overview about the actual link profile, you can only build links when you know what kind of links you need.

Choose 5x Link Boost to get more valuable data.

For the overview it sufficient to select these metrics:

  • Link Check
  • Basic SEO Data
  • Trust & Power Details

If you need more, select more, but for now these three metrics are enough. The next thing to do is the “keyword classification”. After the report has finished begin to classify your keywords. Do this as accurately as possible, don´t get fuzzy here because we want a GOOD overview.

Analyse the backlink profile

You need to know at least the following data for future link building: Power*Trust, DLR, Follow/No Follow, keyword schema.

LinkResearchTools Power*Trust

As the picture shows, the domain has Power*Trust=20. This indicates what Power*Trust our new links should have. Don't build links that are much less than this value, because you want to go up the ladder, not down it.

Keyword schema

At this point, you will see what kind of links you're missing in your link profile. In this example, it appears that our link profile is lacking in money keywords. So do we need more money keywords?

LinkResearchTools Keyword Classification Keyword schema

Competitive Landscape Analyzer double check

Now you just know your own keyword schema but not the keyword schema of your niche. So let's start a Competitive Landscape Analyzer report to get some more data.

To do so, just enter your URL and the URLs of your competitors. If you don't know who your competitors are, enter your most common keyword in the 'Find Competing Pages' feature. Usually, you will have to filter out pages such as Wikipedia, Amazon or Ebay.

SEO Competitive Landscape Analyser Create a Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) Report

Check Backlink Sources as Domain, Link Boost x5. What we want to know from our competitors is:

  • What kind of links do they have?
  • Do they use money keywords too?
  • How much Power*Trust do they have?
  • How many links did they build?

So we check: Link Status, Anchor Text, and LRT Power*Trust.
You could choose more options, but for my purpose these metrics are enough.

The first quick Overview:SEO Competitor overview analysis Competitor overview

At the first sight, we have a quite good chance to outrank our competitors with our LRT Power*Trust. But as we remember, Power isn't everything.

Before going deeper down the rabbit hole, you know what to do...
more keyword classification.
When we finished keyword classification, we have a better overview about the niche.

Compare the keywords of your competitors SEO Tool Competitor keyword schema

As you can see our domain is well placed in the keyword schema but we're still missing money keywords. We also need more generic anchor text links. There is, however, more data to analyze before starting with our link hunt.

CLA Deep Link Ratio

Deep Link Ratio Comparison Deep Link Ratio comparison

Have a look at the DLR (Deep Link Ratio) and what do we see? Our domain has way more links to the homepage then all other competitors and only about 1% deep links. Guess what? In our future link building, we will need to create deep links to subpages, because that is what we need.

CLA Link Status

Link Status Comparison Link Status Comparison

When it comes to Link Status we see something that could give us sleepless nights. About 93% of our links are redirects. Only 1% Follow links, and no No Follow links. First we need to reduce the amount of redirects.

CLA Power*Trust

Power*Trust comparison Power*Trust Comparison

In this Chart we see that all of our links come from Power*Trust 0 domains, but our own Power*Trust is 20. So in future link building we should focus on higher Power*Trust domains like our competitors. To make it look natural, we will hunt for links that have Power*Trust from 1 to at least 12 and then go further on higher Power*Trust Domains.

Competitive Link Velocity

Competitive link velocity overview Competitive link velocity overview

If we start a Competitive Link Velocity report, we get a close overview about the Link Velocity of the past 24 months. When it comes to link building our domain hasn't done too much compared to all competitors.

But what is interesting is the amount of redirects we mentioned in the Link Status Chart. In October, the site has about 154.000 redirects that have been removed. In July, this figure is down to 1,136 but there is still a huge amount of redirects that have to be removed.

First Conclusion

After the analysis of our backlink profile with BLP and the niche check with CLA we know quite a lot about what links we will need for our domain:

  • We need Power*Trust links with a minimum of 1 to 12 and higher
  • We need money anchor and generic anchor links
  • We need follow links
  • We need to reduce our redirects massively.

Fine now that we know what we need......lets start HUNTING!!!

2. The Link Hunt

To hunt down links that we want to have, there are many ways. I'll show you some of them to get nice niche links for your domain:

Missing Links Tool (MLT)

This tool is very handy and easy to use. Let's setup our Missing Links Tool (MLT) Report to see what that tool does:

Enter your domainMissing Links Tool - Enter Your Domain Missing Links Tool - Enter Your Domain

Then enter your competitor domainsEnter your competitor's domains in the Missing Links Tool Enter your competitor's domains in the Missing Links Tool

You can do this by hand or you can let the tool do the work and search for competitors automatically.A: Enter your keyword, B: Start finding pages A: Enter your keyword, B: Start finding pages

When you do it automatically remember to remove sites like Wikipedia or Amazon.
The next thing is to get more data with the Link Boost.Get More Link Data With Link Boost x5 Select Link Boost x5

Since we want the results quickly, we do a Quick Analysis. The Missing Links Tool now searches for sites that our competitors are getting links from, but not our site.

Missing Links Tool Power*Trust

MLT Power*Trust overview MLT Power*Trust overview

Remember, we are looking for Power*Trust above 0. So we can see that there are quite a lot links that could be useful for our link profile.

MLT Country Popularity

MLT Country Popularity overview MLT Country Popularity overview

We should build links that come from the country we have our domain in. In our case its a .de domain so let's look at the .de results.

MLT Common Links

Link Commonality Information Commonality Information
You also get an overview on how many common links you have with your competitors. Keep that in mind for later.

Filtering the Results

Result page from the Missing links Tool Result page from the Missing Links Tool

First of all, let's set up some filters, to get only the domains we want. Set up the Power*Trust to at least 1: we don't want the zeros. The next thing is to set up Country Filter to the country where we are looking for links.

The next thing is to look at is the co-citation. If more competitors get links from that domain, it should be a good reason to get your own links from that site too.

The LORT of the links

Here the new LORT tool comes in handy. How LORT works is described in this post:

 if you haven't read it yet, I highly recommended that to you.
Did you know that you can bulk import URLs from the LRT Report to LORT? To do so just check the domains you maybe want to get a link from (1) and hit the LORT Button (2)Bulk import URLs to LORT Bulk import URLs to LORT Enter LORT URLs Enter LORT URLs

You will need 1 credit for 1 domain to analyze, and you're able to analyze 10000 URLs with 
one report.
To use LORT you need a basic DTOX Report. If you haven't got one at the moment, go ahead and create one.

Baseline DTOX Report overview Baseline DTOX Report overview

Setup DTOX Report (quick version)
Setting up a new Link Detox report is essential not only for building links, but also for understanding how toxic or non-toxic you link profile is.

Enter your domain, then choose "Analyze domain". Since No Follow links are ignored by Google you choose:”Ignore No Follow links” if you don't believe that you also can choose Rate No Follow links.

Choose the theme of your domain or let DTOX detect that automatically.
If you got a manual action from Google copy your mail into the field, otherwise just check no or “I don't know”.

We want to make a classic link profile Audit. If you haven't connected your Google Search Console account, do this now to get more data.

If you have link lists, upload them to the DTOX Report. If not leave it blank.

If you already have disavowed links, upload the disavow file too.

Run the report and stay in line to get the results. This would be a great moment to grab a coffee or something else. When your report has finished we can start working with the LORT.

For more examples on how to analyze a DTOX Report follow that links:

Very low risk site examples

When the LORT Report has finished we get some results we didn't expect. 45 out of 60 domains are highly toxic.Toxic links of LORT Report Toxic links of LORT Report

But we are not looking for risky links, let's take a look at the very low-risk links first. Set the DTOXRISK slice to very low and have a look at the domains showing up.Filter the LORT results Filter the LORT results


Website: Enerlix Website: Enerlix

This site is a classical web directory for companies. And it seems that we're lucky because that web directory is free to register. Let's keep that in mind.


Website: Werkzeug-news Website: Werkzeug-news

This site seems to be an advertiser for best crafting tools and it's not a direct competitor to our domain. Maybe we should get a link from that site because it has a Power*Trust value of 2. This site has a co-citation of 3 which means that 3 of our competitors are getting links from that site.

Lets see from where our competitors are getting links. To do so just go back to the MLT Report.Link Check MLT Link Check MLT

Our competitors (2) are getting their links from the onsite forum (1) and those links are No Follow (3). That's not our favorite tactic, but it's a fallback plan if everything else won't work.


Website: Industrystock Website: Industrystock

This one is a well-organized web directory for companies (B2B only). You get two options here, the first one is a free submission and the second one is a premium submission. In the free submission, you get a mention. In the premium submission, you get a website link. The question remains is how much do we have to pay for a premium submission.

Update: After contacting industry stock I'd get an offer of 250 Euro per month for a listing in that directory.


Website: Alternative-Energie Website: Alternative-Energie

Once again a web directory, but this one isn't spammy at the moment. Some facts makes the link here a little bit more valuable:

  • Domain Authority is 43
  • Power*Trust is 2
  • Domain Trust is 9
  • Link is Follow

You can order different link types from that site. Standard, link tip and image. Prices are from priceless to 110 Euro per year. This link is really easy to get and there is no need to work hard on it. Just pay the price and get the link. In this case, you have to observe if the directory is getting spammy.


Website: Pointoo Website: Pointoo

Pointoo is a question and answer site. From those sites, you can get a huge amount of traffic. To be honest, a link from this site won't boost your rankings because the link will be no follow. But you can gain traffic and valuable customers from here.


Website: diy-links Website: diy-links

When I found this site two things really surprised me:

  • This is a link list site and the risk is low
  • The links are follow links


When you try to get a link from this site you just have to email the webmaster to tell him that he's missing a site in his list. I will describe later how to do that the right way.

Low-risk site examples

Now as we finished the very low-risk links and we found some really simple quick wins lets have a look at the low-risk links from our report. Set the DTOXRISK slice to low now.


Website: Heizungsforum Website: Heizungsforum

This is a thematic relevant forum but there are two things you have to mention:

  • The links will be No Follow
  • The Domain has SUSP1 that means: its a weak domain without external links.

If you want to set a link into a thematic relevant forum please don´t just register and start to spam. This worked well in times before Google penguin updates, but these times are over.

Register an account and use it wisely. If you're an expert in your niche act as an expert. Introduce yourself and answer or ask questions. Don't build links at this moment. If you have a mentionable amount of posts you can start to think about what topic will get you some nice traffic to your site. And please: don't use signature links for your money sites.


Website: couponster Website: couponster

Couponster is an affiliate site with a low amount of Power*Trust. If you got some voucher promotions it could be a good idea to ask the couponster team if they're interested in promoting your voucher.

You have to know that couponster is suffering from SUSP23 that means: it possibly belongs to a link network. I guess links from couponster aren't really the good links we're looking for. But if you can handle the risk and you got nice voucher promotions an email to the webmaster could make sense.


Website:holzheizer-forum Website:holzheizer-forum

Here we got another forum and the procedure is the same as in all other forums. Don't start to spam, be gentle, be intelligent and be the expert you want to be.

Second Conclusion

With a minimal effort of setting up a BLP, CLA, DTOX and LORT Report we get round about 15 potential links for one keyword. This is the moment when you have to start over with the next keyword and then with the next and so on and so on.

Of course, there are some crappy web directory links, but some are not and those are the links we want to get for our link profile. Keep in mind that the sites we found are sites our competitors are listed in.

Of course there are some forum links but if you want to have a natural link profile you will need forum links too. But don't do it the old fashioned pre-penguin way.

This tactic won't work anymore. When working with forum links notice the following:

  • Introduce yourself to the forum
  • Answer questions
  • Ask questions
  • Tell the users something they don't know
  • If you´re an approved member start building a link or maybe two
  • Don't spam. Repeat steps 2 – 4 multiple times in multiple forums

And as I said before, the MLT is just one way to gain link sources. Let's try another way to achieve link sources.

SERP Research Tool

The first thing you have to do when it comes to SERP Research Tool is to know what keywords you want to rank for. When you did your keyword research you can start working with the SERP Research Tool.

Enter your URL (1) and up to 20 keywords from your keyword research (2). Just as an example, I will only use one keyword in this report:Create SERP Research Tool Report Part 1 Create SERP Research Tool Report Part 1

You can choose to set up specific themes you want to find like discussions, forums or Q&As. But because we want to find everything possible for our keyword we choose all results (3) set the from field to a time that fits your needs.Create SERP Research Tool Report Part 2 Create SERP Research Tool Report Part 2

You have to setup the search engine, the language and the country you want to search (4). If you have a blacklist you can choose to filter the results immediately (5). For the metrics, choose what you prefer. I personally use these metrics by default (6).

When the report has finished, we have about 190 potential link sources. But we have to do some filtering now. We have to remember what kind of links we wanted to have. So set the Power*Trust at least to 1 and remove your competitors because the chance of getting a link from our competitor is equal zero.

Filtering SERP Results by Theme Filtering SERP Results by Theme

Select Theme → Select all and uncheck the shopping tab. Almost all competitors should be removed from the results.

You will get a good list of domains. Not all of them will be good link givers but if you have a closer look you maybe find a site or two. If you're unlucky and didn't find anything that fits your nice just repeat the steps with another keyword from your pool.

For this experiment, I chose 2 out of 43 sites that may be interesting for us.


Website: heizoel24 Website: heizoel24

This site is very trustworthy with a huge community. It's a portal site we really want to be in because here are the experts of our niche, here are our potential partners and future customers.


Website: wirtz-oel Website: wirtz-oel

This site offers cleaning of fuel tanks. So its thematic is relevant to our product, it's placed in the SERPs and we want to get a link from that site too. Because it's a small company site, we maybe get the deal when using the correct strategy.

Just for a safe feeling we should add those two links again to a LORT Report and check the Values of those domains. We don't want to invest time into a risky site.


”Take your time, link building is no speed dating. Don't forget that. Pre-penguin times are over and you have to choose your link partners wisely”


Low DTOXRISK at heizoel24 Low DTOXRISK at heizoel24

As expected the second LORT Report reveals that heizö is a really juicy site for us. It has a Power*Trust of 12, it has rankings and it's not our direct competitor. This is a link we really want to have.

Low DTOXRISK at witz-oel Low DTOXRISK at witz-oel

The second site has a low DTOX risk. The reason is SUSP3: It could be possible that this site belongs to a link network. But if you analyze that site keep in mind that the owner hasn't really great online experience. Here there is no black hat stuff, it's just a simple small company site. We should get a link from this site too.

SERP Report with footprints

If you're a friend of blog commenting links you can set up a SERP Report by using footprints. If you never heard of footprints let me show you what I mean.

Create SERP Report with Footprints Create SERP Report with Footprints

With this query you can look for all sites in the SERPs that are containing the WordPress footprints. That means, on every WordPress site that wasn´t modified you can find this footprint. WordPress is a well known CMS and you can comment on most of the WordPress blogs. Combine these footprints with a keyword of your niche and get thematic relevant blogs.

Result page of SERP Report with Footprints Result page of SERP Report with Footprints

You also can customize your footprint query to be more specific:Create SERP Report with other Footprints Create SERP Report with other Footprints

With this tactic, you can get serval lists of blogs for your niche. Sort the results by Power*Trust and check the list for some honey links.


Website: Windkraft-journal Website: Windkraft-journal


Website: wetter-center Website: wetter-center

SERP Research with partner sites

A last thing I will explain is the combined use of footprints and partner sites. Some of you might know that there are partner sites in the internet. Most of the time they´re called “”, “partner.html” or “links.html”. Build a custom footprint out of it (keyword inurl:partner.html) and enter that one into the SERP Tool.

Result page SERP Report with partner sites Result page SERP Report with partner sites

You will get a list of partner sites which brings even more links if you start to follow those links on the sites. But I think for now we got enough link sources. Lets head up for a tactic to build a link we really want to have.

Link Juice Thief

There is a third option to get a link source. And this one is quite nasty. We check sites that our competitors are linking to and then we try to get links from this sites. That means that our competitor does indirect linking to our site.

To set-up a report just handle it like a thousand times before. Enter competitors by hand (1) or search for them automatically by keyword (2). And don't forget to filter Wikipedia and Amazon links.

Create Link Juice Thief report Create Link Juice Thief report

When the report is finished you get a naughty list of strong sites. Not all of them are good for link building, but here we have to sort out the bad ones and keep the good sites.

If you set a descending filter to Power*Trust you´ll notice that wikipedia will show up if you haven't blacklisted it.LJT Result Page Wikipedia entries LJT Result Page Wikipedia entries

Followed by some other strong sites like YouTube, WordPress, Apache, Google etc. Those sites are not necessarily eligible.

3. Get the link

After creating a list of possible link sources we mentioned that we got some quick win links. Start with the web directories because its the easiest way to achieve a link. Register, maybe pay money and get the link.

It the same with blog commenting: comment → hope for approval
But sometimes you have to contact a webmaster personally. Remember this site we saw earlier?Website:diy-heimwerker Website:diy-heimwerker

If you have a closer look on the site you´ll find a message from the webmaster:
"Somethings missing ? No Problem! Send us an Email we´re looking foward to get more impressions"

Strongest Sub Pages Tool

So we could just send an email to the webmaster and ask him for admittance. But what is the reward for the webmaster? Correct he gets nothing. So lets be friendly and different to all the other competitors trying to get into this directory. We don't just want to be beggars.

We could offer something valuable to him. Why not make an SSPT Report? Internal link building is a highly underestimated topic in SEO and if we can grab a link on the site we want to be sure that this site gets enough link juice.

Create SSPT Report Create SSPT Report

Just enter the domain and hit run report, it's quick and it's cheap. 1 credit for 1 link? sounds OK for me. While the report is running, let's have a quick SEO eye on his site.

The visibility dropped when the phantom update was rolled out:Visibility Index from diy-links Visibility Index from diy-links

The trend from that site is general downwards. Let's help the webmaster a little bit. Maybe we find some mistakes he made.

  • There is DC with /index.html and no 301 redirected
  • No canonical was set to the homepage
  • Underscores in the URLs

Contact the Webmaster

Lets write down what we did found for this website and send the webmaster an email with our request: (That's a translation from the email to the webmaster)

"Hello Mr.

My name is and I'm working for Don't worry I'm not writing to sell something. On your website you got a lot of online shops that sell the same stuff like we do, but you don't have us listed. Why is that? Don't you like our website? Or did you just not realize how awesome our website is? Let me know what requirements we need to meet so that our site fits to your directory.

We, that means my peers and me, would love to be listed on your directory. As Entry we thought of something like this:
" ................."
Of course, it's your decision on how to build such an entry we just saying what we would like. I want to tell you something more: I've done a little research on your site because it's in my nature. And I did find something I wanted to tell you.

< Enter SEO Faults>

..If you got any questions about this issue, feel free to ask me I will help you when you ask for.

Best wishes"

If you're contacting a webmaster via email, please don't copy and paste an email you've sent a thousand times. Be creative, be gently and be honest. That's like you should behave in real life. The chance to get a response is way higher that way.

4. Impactana

Have you ever heared of Impactana? If not, it's about time!
What Impactana does is very simple: it ”finds content and people that make an impact!”

You can use it for content marketing, video marketing, influencer analysis and even for link hunting.

Improve your content marketing and link building strategy with this new content marketing, video marketing and influencer analysis tool.


Using Impactana is really simple. When you have access and logged in you're able to enter anything that comes into your mind. Impactana searches for the most valuable content on the internet. Sounds cool? It is!

impactana-content-marketing-and-influencer-search-tool Website:

Lets say we wanted to use a blog commenting link building strategy. Isn´t it better to use blogs that are more valuable then old private blog networks?. The simplest and first way to get results is to enter your money keyword into the searcher.

First result of simple search First result of simple search

You will get a result page with content that includes your keyword. And you get the Buzz and the Impact values for that site. So let's select the Sites with the most impact by sorting the list.

Sorted result page of simple search Sorted result page of simple search

Blog commenting

But we wanted to do some blog commenting link building. So the next thing is to click on search options and select blog.

Select Blogs only on the Impactana result page Select Blogs only on the Impactana result page

This would be the most minimal setting you can choose with Impactana to get an overview about the buzzing and impacting sites to your keyword. Now start iterating through the list to find a thread that fits your needs.Websites with Buzz and Impact for your chosen keyword Websites with Buzz and Impact for your chosen keyword

Maybe I want a link from that site. This site has a mentionable impact on my focus keyword. As you know we have to check links before setting them up and here you can start a QBL for that domain right from Impactana to the LinkResearchTools.

Start QBL from Impactana to LinkResearchTools Start QBL from Impactana to LinkResearchTools

What happens next is: you´ll be redirected to your LinkResearchTools account and a QBL starts automatically and there you get all your data you need to verify if its a good link or not.

Quick Backlinks Tool Result Quick Backlinks Tool Result

If you decide to get a link from that site you can use various tactics like commenting, guest blogging, begging, webmaster help, 404 linkbuilding etc.

As I said you can be more specific when searching for your keyword. Let's try some operators in the search bar to filter out the results.

Now we wanted to get all "shoes" related blog articles of the last month with at least 150 comments and at least twenty backlinks.

Impactana advanced query Impactana advanced query

Video Marketing

Maybe you´re at video marketing, why not try to find the most valuable videos around the internet for your keyword?

Impactana advanced query result Impactana advanced query result

With this query, you´re looking for all videos that contain the keyword shoes and have at least 250k views and over 200 comments.

Find top influencers in your niche

The easiest way to find your top influencer is to enter your prefered keyword and hit the tab influencers.

Impactana influencer result page Impactana influencer result page

You will receive a list of companies and persons that have a high reach. So why not try to contact them and ask for cooperation? These links are some of the best links you will ever get for your site. And if you don't know how to contact the influencers just click on detailed info.

Impactana influencer detailed info Impactana influencer detailed info
And there you go, all informations needed to contact an influencer are shown on a silver tablet to you.
As you can see Impactana is more than just "another content marketing tool" I highly recommend to you to get access to it and start trying around with it.
Here you'll get the most valuable links for your site you ever could imagine.


Link building is a hard business since penguin. But it's not impossible. If you choose the easy way and buy links from a link broker, I guarantee the next penguin will get you as soon as you can say "Strawberry Cheescake Muffin".

You need some skills to get the big deal links that´s no lie. But every link that´s hard to achieve is a link your competitor maybe did not get because he's afraid of the work he´ll need to go through.

If you´re into LinkResearchTools and Impactana and if you´re following the awesome case studies around here, you´ll see that getting links is even fun when it's as simple as it is with LinkResearchTools.

Thanks, Rick Lomas for double checking this case study without him you wouldn´t be able to understand anything I'm telling you, because the most parts where "denglish".


This case study was written by Benjamin Mylius, Inhouse SEO and Administrator at, and proud user of LinkResearchTools and Link Detox.

A word from Christoph C. Cemper
LRT Certified ProfessionalThis analysis was conducted and post written by our LRT Certified Professional, Benjamin Mylius.

Benjamin demonstrated his expertise by investigating different link building techniques that will help you only get links that Google likes. I am proud of the way he combined LinkResearchTools, Link Detox and Impactana to find link building opportunities that are Google Penguin proof. Therefore, I’m very happy to extend the LRT Certified Professional qualification for Benjamin Mylius, by approving and publishing his research on our site.

Our goal is to provide our user community and clients with quality service and knowledge. Our LRT Certified Professionals are key to achieving this goal.

I look forward to his future work, and personally recommend working with Benjamin Mylius whenever you get the opportunity!


What do you think about this Case Study?

Let us know!


Benjamin Mylius

Benjamin started working as SEO at the beginning of 2012 at a huge SEO Agency. He currently focuses on his own SEO Projects. 


  1. Rick Lomas on November 9, 2015 at 17:16

    Well done Benjamin, it’s great to see it in its full glory. Thank you for mentioning me too 🙂 I’ll be trying some of your ideas out this week.

    • Benjamin on November 12, 2015 at 15:48

      Well Rick,
      thanks and i hope you send a message if it worked (or not)

  2. Michael on November 14, 2015 at 14:02

    Great case study,Benjamin! Looks like a neat tool to reach link prospectus. Just signed up for Impactana.

  3. Tom on December 1, 2015 at 13:23

    Great article Benjamin!
    Looks like very good tool, just signed to Impactana.

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Kenneth Chan, Founder and CEO - Tobi


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LinkResearchTools and specifically Link Detox gives us actionable insights that continuously improve our clients results in the search engines."


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