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20 SEO Link Building Tips for 2018

Link building has been dead for years, for those who failed to adapt to the ever changing rules and increased requirements on skills, tools, details and perseverance.

Links are important, since Google confirmed that links are the #1 ranking factor, alongside great content. Ranking without links is really hard, and why would anyone try to rank without links in the first place? Google cares about links more than anything, and so should you.

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How to Fix a Google Manual Penalty in 5 Simple Steps

If you received an email from Google Search Console Team about unnatural inbound links that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines – then I know how you feel.

It is definitely one of the worst messages you can get from Google because this means that they don’t like how your backlink portfolio looks and they are punishing you because of this. The damage to your website traffic might be big and severe. However, there’s definitely a way to fix this. Read on to find out how.

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“Eco Mode” Audit – 100% of possible domains audited

Link Detox “Eco Mode” – Economical but Complete Link Audit

We proudly announce that we have developed the Link Detox Eco Mode.

A cost-effective, but complete approach to auditing so that you can work more efficiently.

You get freshly crawled and verified links in each report so you can base your decisions on accurate data.

Read on and find out more about the advantages of the eco mode.

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Disavow File Audit

How to Perform a Disavow File Audit

Website owners upload Disavow Files to their Google Search Console to remove Google Penalties and keep their sites safe from harmful and unnatural inbound links. During this process, the disavow file tends to get overwritten with a larger one each time.

This is normal, but what if some of your disavowed links, later become good links? How do you get them back?

Read on and find out how!

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BrightonSEO Key Takeaways from LinkResearchTools

BrightonSEO Key Takeaways

The BrightonSEO Conference is the biggest search marketing event and conference in the United Kingdom. Leading experts from around the world come together to share their knowledge.
What are the important SEO trends nowadays? Where else can you find out if it’s not at BrightonSEO? Read some key ideas from the latest events.

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How to Build a Powerful PBN with LinkResearchTools-01

How to Build a Powerful PBN with LinkResearchTools

SEOs are nothing if not creative. Though Google frowns on using Private Blog Networks to build links to your Money sites, PBNs still work. Just don’t get caught.

This guide helps you quickly find thousands of used domains for sale, easily find their Power*Trust, and test their value for your PBN.

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SEO mistakes

6 Types of Link Audit Mistakes and their FIX

I made a list of the most frequent link audit mistakes to help you avoid them.

Read this post to find out what can go wrong with a link audit and how to deal with various issues.

Did you do any of these mistakes in the past? Don’t worry, we will help you fix them.

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Backlink Audit Automation

Automatic Keyword Classification in LinkResearchTools

We are proud to present you a new product update that will help you save a great deal of time. We introduced a great improvement related to our Keyword Classification feature. We now allow you to classify your keywords automatically. Simple, easy, fast and VERY helpful.

We also have new plans, a lot of Podcasts with famous SEOs from all around the world, as well as a unique prize for all the great SEOs out there.

Read on and learn about everything. We hope that you will enjoy it.

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New Plans and Prices

LRT Superhero for All

The past weeks, we reworked our product plans and features to match everyone’s needs and support our business philosophy for quality and comprehensiveness in data quality.
Let me give you a summary of all the product plans we made.
As an existing customer, you also don’t want to miss out the SPECIAL LIMITED option to go beyond your plan limits, so you don’t have to upgrade right now. Read more about that and our new plans in the following post:

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Backlink Analysis – Only the Full Picture Counts

We are proud to present you our May product update that will help you save time while delivering high-quality work for your clients, for your company or, why not, for your own business.

Read on and learn about all the improvements and large backlink profiles. We hope that you will enjoy it.

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Cemper’s Link Building and SEO Podcast Series

Learn everything about link building and SEO on the go. In short pieces who will get valuable insights how you can work better and more efficient.

Christoph C. Cemper shares his knowlegde about the importance about backlinks, how you can use them and how you can outperfom your competitors.

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Backlink Audits Faster and Bigger

We are proud to present you our April product update that will boost productivity and link data quality in your work big time.

You can now run backlink audits with Link Detox for much bigger link profiles than ever before. And you can do all of that faster with the enhanced Link Detox Screener.

Read on and learn about all the improvements and large backlink profiles. We hope that you will enjoy it.

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NoFollow Links

NoFollow Links for SEO – Risky or Irrelevant?

The value of NoFollow links has often led to heated debates among online marketers and SEOs.
Ever since Google rolled out the Penguin algorithm in 2012, the risk of links has become a central question.
Can NoFollow links put your website at risk?
Read on and find out!

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semy award shortlist

LinkResearchTools nominated for the SEMY Award for SEO Software Innovation

We feel incredibly honored to be on the shortlist for the SEMY Awards two times in a row. This time, we are nominated for the 2017 SEMY Award for “SEO Software Innovation” for our Link Redirect Trace Browser Extension.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Check Your Disavow File Again

Disavow file audit is the new mode of Link Detox. It´s designed to help you fix mistakes you made in the past. Read here why is it so important to check your disavow file again and what are the reasons to undisavow backlinks.

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LinkResearchTools user management

User Management Dashboard & More Licenses for Each Plan

We focused all our efforts on making LinkResearchTools (LRT) easy to work with, faster and showing more link data than ever before. Some of you Superheros will see up to 3x more links for their domains after we enabled them the 25th link source!

Read on to learn about all the improvements we made for the past year. We hope that you will enjoy it.

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February Release 2017

More Improvements in Performance, Data Quality, and Usability for LinkResearchTools (LRT)

We focused all our efforts on making LinkResearchTools (LRT) easy to work with, faster and showing more link data than ever before. Some of you Superheros will see up to 3x more links for their domains after we enabled them the 25th link source!

Read on to learn about all the improvements we made for the past year. We hope that you will enjoy it.

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How to use the Google Disavow Tool

The Google Disavow Tool has been out for years. But we still see common mistakes that SEOs make every day, not considering that disavowing the wrong links can cause severe damage to the rankings. Read on and learn about how you can use the Disavow Tool to your advantage.

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13 Ways to Improve Backlinks That You Already Have

Getting links is never an easy task when you have to approach someone out of the blue and persuade them to link to your site.

But what if they are already linking to you? Reaching out to someone who is already linking to you is so much easier than cold calling.

Your links are the most powerful external asset your site has in terms of how well it ranks.

Read on and learn about 13 practical ways in which you can improve the backlinks you already have.

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7 Secret SEO Tools for 2017 You Didn’t Know Exist

This is a post your competitors don’t want you to read. You will learn about seven fairly unknown SEO tools for 2017 that you most probably didn’t know exist. These tools ease your SEO work. You as an SEO, just need to bring those artful skills and enter “the zone” of creativity without going nuts on Excel macros, incompatible download formats and such.

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9 Ways to Check the Quality of a Link

So many Google Updates and websites losing visibility on search engine results have made most SEOs question themselves. “What still works to improve a website’s ranking?”

Are backlinks still relevant to search results? Rick Lomas answers this question and many more about the importance of link risk management to off page SEO. In this outstanding Link Check Guide you will find all you need to know to make the perfect link analysis and prevent your website from penalties.

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The Power of Link Risk Management in the Real Time Penguin Era

Our LRT Certified Professional, Stefano Robbi, provided us with a great case-study already showing some fluctuations of the Real Time Penguin in the Italian ads market. He gives the example of an anonymous client, who managed to outperform his competitors during the process of Link Risk Management. It is a very interesting story, as the goal was to protect his client’s site against Google Penguin in the first place. This is one more prove, that a strong backlink profile is key to success in today’s SEO. We are very excited to get some real-life footage about Penguin 4.0 penalties and very proud that Stefano decided to share his findings with us.

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11 More Things You Didn’t Know About Links and Redirects

Do redirects pass link juice? Do they pass penalties? Does it matter which redirect I use? These questions are essential to SEO, especially because things change over time and we may have missed something in our hectic business routine. We were fed up of not knowing, so we started doing our own research on redirects. Read on to find out what changes you might have missed, or learn new things you maybe never knew about links:

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What you didn’t know about your old backlinks

Today, it’s no longer about cutting the “price per link” to a minimum – it’s all about the risk. After years of disgracefully spamming the Web, cleaning up the mess seems to be a lost cause. But shutting down the website and starting all over seems even worse. Read on to find out how to make your backlink profile clean again and also how to keep it that way.

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Penguin 4.0 Questions & Answers

Penguin 4.0 Questions & Answers

Times just got really exciting with the Penguin 4.0 update, as it is now integrated into the core algorithm. This is not going to be an update like the previous Penguins, where Google will be able to give out a number of affected queries after a complete rollout. No. This update is constantly happening and rankings will be changing frequently. Therefore, there will not be a complete rollout like before. Also, this will probably be the last Google Penguin update ever. We were able to put together a helpful Q&A with all you need to know about the Granular Real-Time-Penguin 4.0. Read on to find out what we discovered!

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No More Disavow Files Needed for Penguin Penalties?

In a typical brief and short statement, Google’s Gary Illyes commented, that Google has “less need” for users disavowing bad links. However, the statement was quickly taken out of context calling the “Disavow Tool” dead, or claiming that there would be no more need for disavowing bad links at all. Google didn’t say that, at all. What Garry also said was that the changes in Penguin 4.0 would devalue spammy links. Read on to understand what that means for the SEO world.

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Granular Real Time Google Penguin

How Can the Granular Real Time Penguin Affect Your Website

Google officially announced that they made Google Penguin part of their Core Algorithm. This means that webmasters don’t need to wait for years for a Google Penguin Update to recover the rankings of a website. Everything will happen in real time from now on. Read on to learn how Google Penguin will work from now on and what you should change about the way you’re doing SEO.

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Google Penguin 4.0 – Real Time Penguin Update

Google Penguin 4.0 – Real Time Penguin in Google Core

Hey wait, but if Penguin goes real-time, that would mean it also needs to be integrated into the core algorithm… hmmm food for thought, if it’s not Penguin (the thing attached on top of the core, but the same link spam analysis component integrated into the core, would it be ok to say it’s “not Penguin”?

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SEO steps to refresh an old or expired domain

5 Magic Steps to Refresh an Old or Expired Domain

Many SEOs may be asking themselves what’s the best way to refresh an expired domain or an older website that has been sitting there for a while with nobody creating new content or building new links. This is a very challenging question. Read on to discover some valuable general rules on how to refresh an old or expired domain.

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3 ways can outperform all competitors

3 Ways How Stylebop can Outperform all Competitors

This case study provides strong improvements for the backlink, content and social media marketing strategy for Stylebop. All the suggestions are based on a thorough competitor analysis.

Read More ranking drop JavaScript Fail – 56% Visibility Drop and Counting suffered a 56% search visibility drop, but it’s not over yet. The reason for such a heavy drop isn’t due to a Google penalty, algorithm or a negative SEO attack. It comes from Hulu’s coding problem. Read on and learn from Hulu’s mistakes.

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Icelolly Google Penguin Recovery Google Penguin Penalty Recovery | 3 Years Later

Get ready to read a detailed, extensive and well-structured Google Penguin recovery case study. This is a follow-up on the Google Penguin penalty that Icelolly received in 2013. Learn from the measures they took to recover from the Google Penguin penalty, see their progress and understand what you need to look at when trying to remove a Google penalty.

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do not remove your redirects

Do NOT remove your Redirects from your .htaccess file

Please do NOT follow Google’s Gary’s advice or promote this as the latest and greatest “website speed trick”. Don’t remove your redirects. This is a sure way to get your website’s traffic and rankings into trouble.

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semy award

LinkResearchTools wins SEMY Award for the Best Special SEO Tool

We are honored and incredibly happy to have won the 2016 SEMY Award for the “Best Special SEO Tool”. The best digital marketing agencies and technology providers in the area of SEO, PPC, Digital and Content Marketing took part in the SEMY Awards in Munich. We are very proud to have been chosen as the Best Special SEO Tool of 2016.

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LRT Power Trust

A Perfect Replacement for the Google Toolbar PageRank

No SEO should look at the Google toolbar PageRank anymore. There’s a new SEO metric to assess the quality of a page or domain.’

You can prepare for the next Penguin Update with our case studies and the Superhero Plan of Link Research Tools.

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How to do local SEO with LinkResearchTools and Impactana

If you want to stay competitive, you need to start a local SEO campaign, study your SERP competitors, find guest post opportunities, find local influencers in your niche and start building links that will help improve your local rankings. Read a case study by our LRT Certified Professional, Mario Schwertfeger, about how you can do local search engine optimization using LinkResearchTools and Impactana.

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Important Upgrades in LinkResearchTools

Important Upgrades in LinkResearchTools

We’re working on improving LinkResearchTools for our customers. We know that rich link data is one of the reasons why customers love LinkResearchtools. That’s why we recently increased the number of found and analyzed links up to five times. The LinkResearchTools users get a lot more link data now. All existing plans get at least double the quota they had in the past plus more Link Detox credits.

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Website Redesign or Migration - Avoid Traffic and Sales Loss

7 Steps For a Painless Website Redesign or Migration

What’s the first question that goes through your head when you think about doing a website redesign? Most people ask themselves: “Am I going to lose traffic or sales?” That’s a good question, and traffic loss is something that should worry you.

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How to do Link Building with Impactana and LinkResearchTools

How to do Link Building with Impactana and LinkResearchTools

Link building is a difficult job in the post-Penguin era. But it’s not impossible as long as you stick to Google’s rules and use the right SEO tools.

Google confirmed the “Real Time Penguin Update” for 2015.

You can build safe links and protect your website against a Google Penguin Penalty with our case studies and the Superhero Plan.

The Superhero plan allows you to perform link audit, link cleanup and link disavow boost for your own sites with industry-leading data and precision.

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Google Penguin Update confirmed to be “real-time”…

Google confirmed the “Real Time Penguin Update” for 2015.

You can prepare for the next Real Time Penguin Update with our case studies and the Superhero Plan.

The Superhero plan allows you to perform link audit, link cleanup and link disavow boost for your own sites with industry-leading data and precision.

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How to Prevent a Google Penguin Penalty

How to Prevent a Google Penguin Penalty

Link Risk Management is something that you MUST do. You should not overlook taking care of your online business. Read on and learn how to prevent a Google Penguin Penalty and keep your online business safe.

Google confirmed the “Real Time Penguin Update” for 2015.

You can prevent a Google Penguin Penalty by using our Superhero Plan.

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How Disavowing Unnatural Links Helped Improve

How Disavowing Unnatural Links Helped Improve This Site’s Rankings

When a website has a lot unnatural links, there is a high chance that it will get penalized by Google. In this article, we will discuss how to clean up these links and perform the process of disavowing them.

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Guest Posting with LinkResearchTools

Guest Posting the Right Way for Link Building

Read this Case Study and learn how to: find quality websites accepting guest posts, initiate the first contact, create great content, get quality backlinks, build valuable relationships by implementing professional link building strategies.

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Meeting Superheros and Masterminds – LRT Certified

This is the story about a successful community development among LinkResearchTools users over the course of two years and its impact on LinkResearchTools and every single LRT user. Learn from our learnings and help make the community even more valuable.

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thumbtack google penalty

Google Hammers Thumbtack for Badge Abuse

The badge techniques in combination with aggressive anchors led Thumbtack to a penalty. Although, many other companies performs similar techniques, it seems that Thumbtack went just too far.

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Why You Need Links Similar to Your Competition

If you are ready to take your link building to the next level, read on to find out: how common backlinks can improve your traffic, why some common backlinks are more powerful than others, how to find common backlinks that are expected in your niche and how to find common backlinks that your competitors have, but you don’t.

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link building co-citations

Co-Citations: your neighbors in the link building world matter

One of the most important elements for quality and safe link building is a good neighborhood. If you read this article you will learn what a bad neighborhood is and how co-citations can lead you there. Also, you will learn how to add valuable co-citations for your site and how to analyze these co-citations.

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Google Penguin Penalty

Google Penguin Updates: Interviews With 27 SEO Experts

Google Penguin changed SEO forever. Read some interesting personal experiences of individuals who have lived with Google Penguin over the last three years and learn from them.

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Search Engine Optimization Tools

Do Search Engines Find SEO Important?

As long as there are search engines, there will be a need for search engine optimization. The tactics involved in optimizing a web page for search may change, but the need to optimize web pages for search will always be a necessity.

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Google Manual Action Penalties & How to Recover

As a webmaster or SEO, there’s nothing worse than getting a message from Google Webmaster Tools about a manual action that has been placed on your website.
In this post, we’re looking at the different types of manual actions websites can receive and ways to deal with them.

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Link Building and outreach

How to do outreach by using LRT and Pitchbox

PitchBox is the best outreach software on the market. In combination with LinkResearchTools you can use it for different purposes. Read this great case study and learn how to do link removal, link building and prospecting with this perfect duo.

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outreach tips

10 Outreach Tips For Building Quality Backlinks to Your Website

Digital outreach campaigns have become a vital part of Internet marketing. It’s easy to make mistakes when trying to implement them. Learn how to make the most of your campaign with our 10 outreach tips.

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link building

Why Link Building (the Right Way) is Still Important

Are links the only things you should focus on? Absolutely not. But they still are very important. Learn why link building is still important and what doing link building the right way looks like in 2015

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Google Penalty and Negative SEO Attack WOW Recovery

Google Penalty and Negative SEO Attack WOW Recovery

A website got hit by a Google algorithmic penalty, received a Google partial match Manual Action and got hit by Negative SEO. The situation looked hopeless, but this website recovered thanks to a brilliant strategy and great SEO tools.

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find link building opportunities

Is that a link you really want? Make sure it’s a great one!

The Link Audit Opportunity mode of Link Detox is an awesome process which can help you find low risk, high quality links. Your time will no longer be wasted going after worthless or harmful links. Enjoy your link building renaissance.

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The Ultimate Guide to Google Search Console

If you’re not sure what you can get out of Google Webmaster Tools, we have the solution. This guide will show you everything you can learn from and do with GWT in order to improve your website’s presence in search.

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google penguin penalty proof website

How to Create a Google-Penalty-Proof Website with LRT

Whether you were hit by Google penguin or not, you should take care of Link Risk Management. It is the only way for you to recover and protect your site. Read this case study and learn how you can do it effectively in the simple 10 steps.

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Search Engine Optimization Tools

Discovering ways to improve your Google rankings

So how does Google decide who is going to be on the first page? It is a difficult job to try and work out what exactly Google is looking for, so the aim is try and look for some of the major signals that Google is likely to use to provide us with their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

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link building techniques

How to find the best link building opportunities

Link Building has become a real challenge. Analyze your market, check out your competitors and verify high-quality sites. But there is also another great approach. This Case Study will show you how LRT Xpert Rick Lomas used footprints to find the best link building opportunities for his clients.

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Negative SEO Protection Techniques

In today’s world, negative SEO has become a realistic threat. Various simple techniques are now commonly used to destroy competing businesses. Read here the most popular methods of negative SEO and learn how you can easily protect yourself.

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Why is Link Risk Management vital

Why is Link Risk Management Vital?

Why is Link Risk Management vital in 2016? Protect your hard-fought gains from algorithm changes and malicious actions. Keep your site from losing traffic and money. Certified LRT Professional, Arda Mendes, explains the link audit process and gives you easy tips needed for proper Link Risk Management.

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Penguin 3.0 – last minute recovery

Just before Penguin 3.0 rolled out, Certified LRT Xpert Bartosz Góralewicz undertook the task to recover a client of his at the last minute. In 72 hours he managed to conduct an entire Link Audit and disavowed 99.7% of backlinks. His amazing result: 187% increase in visibility in no more than 10 days!

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google penalty recovery

3 Great Google Penalty Recovery Stories

Read here 3 new, fantastic Case Studies that will show you how agencies recovered their client’s site not only from Manual Actions, but also from Penguin updates.

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Google Manual Action Recovery

Google Penguin 3.0 Recovery Success Story

This is another Google Penguin 3.0 Recovery Success Story from one of LRT’s happy clients. Read how LRT helped a computer repair business recover 300% after the Penguin 3.0 update, when he had almost given up any hope.

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Google Penguin 3.0 Update Rollout – Analysis and How to Understand It

The Penguin Update number 6 – or Google Penguin 3.0 was rolled out and we have already reported about its progress over the last days. This is a new and in-depth rollout analysis by Certified LRT Xpert Bartosz Góralewicz that helps you understand the different aspects of the latest Penguin 3.0 update.

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Link Detox for pages and sub-folders

Our Link Detox Risk update is out now. Dive deeper into page and sub-folder analyses. Pitchbox outreach is now supported from three more tools – CLA, CDTOX and MLT. And some extra goodies of this release: social signals, auto-complete for tags and SEMrush country update.

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Link Building Tips for Small Businesses

How can small brands get high quality links? Though big brands attract links, small brands have to hunt for them. This useful guide shows you where to look to find those powerful linking opportunities. Plus, it includes overlooked strategies that will surprise you by their simplicity. Try at least one of these strategies

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How to Evaluate Your Recent Link Building Efforts

Penguin 3 could drop any day. When it does, sites that aren’t monitoring the quality of new links could drastically lose search visibility. That terrible scenario is entirely avoidable by following this simple and accurate technique. It’s a fast and cheap way to only review new links every month.

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How to Create the Right Link Building Strategy

On-page SEO isn’t sexy, but it’s so important. Without a strategic on-page strategy, you’re wasting hard-earned links. This detailed guide shows how to make the most of your links and how to avoid common pitfalls. It also includes linking strategies for blogs, corporations, and eCommerce sites.

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Link Building Prospects

How to Find Great Link Prospects

“Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.” What was true of Thomas Edison is true of SEOs. We have to sweat and work hard to find excellent linking opportunities. Fortunately, here’s a big list of how you can use our tools and free ones to make you look like a genius with less effort.

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7 SEO Lessons from Tripadvisor

How to Dominate the SERPS

Dofollow links far exceed Nofollow links, and many links come from sitewide or footer links. This may appear to be manipulative SEO. But looking deeper reveals Tripadvisor’s cunning strategy. Learn the SEO strategies that made Tripadvisor one of most successful travel companies in the world and see how they have managed to dominate the SERPS.

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Manual penalty

Google’s First Commandment – Thou Shalt Not Hack

Happy endings exist. Though this university site was manually penalized because of hacking, Google removed it after one reconsideration request. See how they did it, and use their excellent link removal outreach email, reconsideration request, and blacklist of bad domains and URLs for your recovery.

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9 useful tips to use ScrapeBox for your SEO workflow

9 useful tips to use ScrapeBox for your SEO workflow

ScrapeBox is a well known tool for black hat SEO, but white hat SEOs have found it to be a very useful and time saving tool for on-page SEO, link analysis and even link building. In this guide, LRT Xpert – Bartosz Góralewicz, shows us how to use this tool of darkness to make Google very happy with your website.

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How to Get more Links from Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)-01

Squeeze more Juice out of Google Webmaster Tools

Google can be infuriating. They count every link to your site but only show you a random sampling in Google Webmaster Tools. But here’s a simple and genius hack to squeeze more links out of your Google Webmaster Tools account. Going through this detailed guide, you won’t believe how simple it is.

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Cure Your Penguin Penalty with Redirects and Link Detox

Finally, we found a natural predator for Google’s notorious penguins. The Orca Method is a proven strategy to isolating and eliminating Google Penguin threats to your site’s search visibility. In this tell-all case study, we show you how to use 3 tools and 6 strategies to cure your Penguin penalty.

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Competitive Domain Analysis with LRT

The competitive situation is different in Google for any given country, language, industry, or search term. Therefore it is crucial to develop the ability to understand your competition. This complete guide written by one of our LRT Professionals helps providing tips for competitive domain analysis.

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Work more efficiently with new Bulk Operations in Link Detox

Link Detox bulk actions allow you to apply multiple actions to a whole filter-set of links. You can now quickly disavow, rate and tag thousands of links at once. Judging from the excited feedback of our Certified LRT Professionals – who again got first access to the beta – this is something you will LOVE as much as they do.

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Double manual Google Penalty Success recovery

Double Manual Google Penalty Recovery + 302 Redirects Hurt Site

Google manually penalized this telecom site not once, but TWICE for bad SEO tactics, including 302 redirects, microsites, paid links, comment spam, and more. In this fascinating and thorough case study, Derek Delvin shows us what happened and how they finally recovered.

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Google Penalty Competitor SEO Visibility Plummets from Manual Penalty

In January 2014, Vivint’s search visibility plummeted. Was it a common penalty or something sinister? Some accused Google of sabotage, putting Matt Cutts on the defensive. After all, Vivint specializes in home automation, just like Nest. But the real story is far more complex. See where it leads.

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Pitchbox LinkResearchTools

How to Quickly Find Webmaster Contact Information with LinkResearchTools + Pitchbox

After months of hard work, we’re proud to present the integration between Pitchbox and LinkResearchTools for Link Removal and Link Building Outreach. If your site has been penalized, Google expects you to contact the sources of those bad links and show proof of your outreach in your disavow file.

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The Ultimate Guide to Link Removal

The Ultimate Guide to Link Removal

This detailed guide takes you step-by-step through how to find, identify and remove dangerous links. In it, Bartosz shares shares many of his secrets, real-life examples, and a deliciously sneaky way to find hidden contact information for spammy webmasters.

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ostermann-de-google-seo-penalty-360 Buyer’s Remorse: 65% Loss of Search Visibility

It’s painful buying SEO only to discover that it’s dangerous! That’s where Ostermann found itself last month. Their high search visibility plummeted 65% when Google penalized their paid link scheme. That old SEO tactic worked for nearly 4 years, but now it’s killing their traffic.

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5 German Startups Hit Hard by Google – Series Summary

In March 2014, Google updated their Penguin Algorithm and sites suffered. Here are the findings from just 5 of those sites. They all share 3 things in common: overdone anchor text, link networks & paid links. Their losses could have been avoided by practicing safe SEO and managing their link risk.

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Google Nails for Spammy SEO

Cut corners and suspicious methods are signs of a contractor from hell and’s link profile. The German startup specializes in connecting homeowners with contractors. They’re also good at connecting sites to one another, building a toxic cross linking network. No wonder Google nailed them.

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Video Not Found: Tape.TV Tries to Buy Top Search Positions

Life’s tough for a video site. YouTube dominates SERPs. How is a startup supposed to compete with that? tried to get top positioning by throwing money at API integrations, paid links, link networks, and more. They saw fast gains, but they quickly fizzled into nothing. See what went wrong.

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Penguin 2.1 Evicts New York Real Estate Company from SERPs

In this excellent case study, Andrew Edwards investigates why, a luxury New York real estate company, dropped from SERPs and what should they do next to recover their search visibility. Read how Andrew used LinkResearchTools to uncover Elikarealestate’s dark SEO tactics.

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Reservation Denied! Loses Search Visibility

There’s no room on Google for spammy SEO. In March 2014, this travel booking site’s visibility dropped hard due to Money keyword anchor texts, sitewide links, links from low quality directories and more. See what they did wrong and tell us if they can recover.

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No Hit for Hitmeister – Google Blasts Their Search Visibility

50% off! That’s how much search visibility Hitmeister lost in one day. No online retailer ever wants to face that. By using spammy SEO tactics, Hitmeister got to page 1, but it didn’t last. Now their keywords (and probably their sales) are dropping. See what happened and how to avoid their mistakes.

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In late March, their search visibility plummeted. Keywords that were ranking on page 1 dropped to page 7. Ironically, their toxic links weren’t even built for SEO. What were their toxic links and how can they recover? This is the first case study in our “5 German startups hit hard by Google” series.

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Success: Google Penalty Recovery in 3 Days

Jens Fröhlich got a Google Penalty lifed in 3 Days only using Link Detox. Read how!

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trivago-co-uk-google-penalty-link-risk-management Can’t Sleep: 95% Loss of Search Visibility

Think you have a hotel horror story? Trivago, a hotel price comparison site, has one better. A Google Penguin penalty trashed their search visibility. In January, about 40% of their keywords were in the top 10. But in February, only 4.77% remained. Read why Trivago’s travels may have come to a halt.

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The house doesn’t always win. The UK-based gaming behemoth, William Hill, bet on paid links, toxic subdomain links, hidden image links and worthless sitewide affiliate links. It cost them dearly. In January, their search visibility plummeted. Was it an algorithmic or manual penalty? Rick Lomas uncovers the dark secrets buried in’s link profile.

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google-penguin-2-1-penalty-volusion-com Created Link Networks by Using its Own Customers

E-commerce and site builder sites look out! This case study exposes why was penalized. They built thousands of sitewide footer links on domains they hosted – creating their very own link network. Google is not happy. Are you guilty of the same old school spammy link building tactics?

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Did a Mystery Google Penalty Pop

Poor They probably thought they evaded Penguin 2.0, but something terrible was waiting for them in December. Overnight their search visibility dropped to nearly zero. What happened? Was it a Google algo penalty? Google wouldn’t say. See how Benjamin Mylius’s study explains it.

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Penguin Punishes Health Site for Unhealthy Backlinks: A Case Study

OrganizedWisdom did a lot of low quality, spammy linkbuilding, and it hurt them. However, what hurt them more was mistakenly thinking they cleaned up all their bad links. Many more damaging links remained after their initial clean-up. Irving Weiss finds many missed spammy tactics that need to be corrected.

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Crying like a Baby – Penguin 2.0 Loser

Old School SEO strategies result in domain being penalized by Penguin 2.0 in May 2013. Lorant Görgey covers the old SEO tactics used, such as: comment spam, duplicate content, sitewide links, and over-optimized keyword ratios. Furthermore, Lorant shows how to do competitive research with Link Research Tools.

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See how they revoked their Google manual penalty with the help of Link Detox and Link Research Tools. It wasn’t easy. EVERY one of our 24 link data sources is crucial if you want to succeed. This case study also proves that Google Webmaster Tools links aren’t enough. You need ALL your links.

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Google Penalty for Payday Loans Niche – Deep Dive SEO Case Study

In this case study, Bartosz Góralewicz analysis a Google manual penalty for and gives some further insights into the Payday Loan algorithm. Bartosz uses the power of Link Research Tools’ 24 link sources, combined it with his own finance niche experience, black hat background, and SEO knowledge.

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Third-party toxic links incur Penguin’s wrath: analysis

Since May 2013,’s search traffic has plummeted. Though the site and its backlinks look fake, they’re a real business. But looking generic is the least of their worries. Rick Lomas takes us through a deep dive of their site, and why their traffic was gutted by Penguin 2.0 and 2.1.

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