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Link Redirect Trace™

Link Power through Redirects?

Do you know if your links and, in particular, your redirects pass link juice?

We added this feature already in 2012 and constantly improved it since.

Link Redirect Trace

Powerful Historical Redirect Data

Using the Link Redirect Trace, you can easily check whether your redirects are SEO-technically good and if they inherit link juice or not.

Even backwards in time. Even Cross-Domain.

Let us help you understand your redirects!

How does a Link Redirect Trace look like?

In the below example we see a cross-domain redirect trace

  • based on the own network links between the two brand domains and
  • a removed link (1) that said “lrt in deutsch” linking to the German home-page – sitewide actually – that was last seen 2 days ago, i.e. removed since
  • a 301 redirect (2) from to
  • a 302 redirect (3) from to which is the new home of the German website of LinkResearchTools
  • a 200 page returning the new German homepage from the .com

We can interpret this as good, as the English and German interlinking happens anyways automatic and also for Searchengines via HREFLANG now, so that sitewide link was redundant anyways.

cross own network domain redirect chain

comprehensive backlink dataWhat are Link Redirects?

Domains do not only have backlinks, but often also have redirects. Redirection is a situation where one URL gets forwarded to another URL using a technical instruction on your webserver.

There are several types of redirects and combinations of other technical aspects. It is a good idea to check your redirects and keep track of changes, as the wrong setup can cost you your rankings.

If these are your own sites redirecting to you and you see that some Link Juice is lost, you can do something against this and make proper redirects to get an advantage out of them. If a strange domain is redirecting to you, you should check this case in more detail and find out if this is a valuable website or if it is harming you that you would then disavow.


Redirect Trace

Most of the tools in LRT, like Backlink Profiler (BLP)  and Link Detox (DTOX) include the redirect trace which means you receive information about all the hops of the URL that redirected to your domain or page.

Do your links and in particular your redirects pass your link juice (power and trust)? This essential question has been unanswered for a long time, so we added this logic to our toolkit. This functionality allows you to track your link redirects through several levels and also provides information the structure of the redirect chain. So you can easily check whether your redirects are SEO-technically good and inherit link power and trust. If the trace contains a meta refresh, then this is not the case. You can quickly spot that and change your redirects to gain more link power and trust.

Hover over one of the redirects inside your report. To see more details click on the “+” next to the URL.

You will be able to see the type of redirect in the details. It shows you the From URL and the To URL plus information about the type, like 301 (moved permanently) or 302 (found) etc.



A normal backlink profile usually includes redirects from other websites. Make sure to check them, so that they do not harm you, or to make sure that you do not lose and valuable link juice.

You have a limited version of Link Redirect Trace technology also for free in your browser

Check out if your redirects are SEO friendly and make sure that your website doesn’t lose any Link Juice or get a Google Penalty because of your redirects.


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