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Dynamic Link Data Search and Link Filter Slices

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Dynamic Link Data Search and Link Filter Slices

LinkResearchTools® always tries to answer any question about links, and fast.

Complex questions about links e.g. entitle searches for anchor text, URL patterns and of course combination of metrics.

One major feature of LinkResearchTools is the capability to let you perform dynamic and fast searches on link data and link metrics. Until today no competitor has matched up with this feature and force you to scroll manually thru long lists on the page, export to Excel and search in there.


What is Dynamic Link Data Search?

Simply put – you can combine any type of search arguments together. And you can extend that to regular expressions also, if you fancy that.

An example will give you the idea.

The below search is a list of links that have “Christoph” in the anchor-text and an LRT Power*Trust™ of 5 or higher.

Search for Link Data really fast with LinkResearchTools

That search could easily be extended to only show FOLLOW links only, and then we could contact the webmaster and ask to change that link to our brand name for example.

What are Link Filter Slices?

Filter slices allow you to save the above search for later reuse.

LinkResearchTools also provide some “built-in” predefined filters.

This means Link Filter slices allow you to load a set of filter-criteria and apply it to the link detail table with just one click.

Why is Dynamic Link Data Search so helpful?

It’s obvious – finding exactly those links you need saves you time and is convenient.


Why do I need Filter Slices?

Filter Slices save you time.

In many of our tools there are predefined filter slices simply called ‘Bad Links’ and ‘Good Links’, which give you an instant idea about link quality.

Predefined link data filter slices let you slice and dice your good and bad links with ease with LinkResearchTools

Or for example Link Detox (DTOX) has a predefined Filter Slice called ‘Without No Follow Links’, with one click you can see all the Follow links that your domain has.

Special predefined link filter slices are a major time saver in Link Detox


If you work in a team or agency you might decide to create a Link Detox Filter Slice called ‘Links with High DTOXRISK and Money Keywords’. You could then assign a team member to review these risky links using this Filter Slice.


If you want to see only certain kinds of links you can quickly filter the data to only show those.

You can combine any number of filters to meet your needs, text search, range, enumerations filters and even non-connecting ranges like (1-5 OR 9-10).

You can then store the set of links as Link Filter Slices for later lookup.


More examples for Dynamic Link Data Search and Link Filter Slices

Show all disavowed follow inbound links with the anchor text “link research tools” or  “linkresearchtools” by combining the queries for anchor text with a logical OR and setting the link status filter dropdown to “FOLLOW / Disavowed”.

Combine anchor text queries with OR and join with the link status enumeration filter dropdown set to “FOLLOW / Disavowed”.

Show all inbound links with a specific word fragment at the end of the link text, e.g., “tools”

Use a regular expression to find all links ending with a specific word.

Further Reading

Case Studies where the predefined ‘Good Links’ Filter Slice is used to find link opportunities:

Drill down into the data with Filter Slices

More Benefits of LinkResearchTools and Link Detox

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William Sears

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Kenneth Chan, Founder and CEO - Tobi


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Christoph, your passion is contagious."

Larry Markovitz -  Sr. Director of Organic Search at GroupM 


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