What is the meaning of Link Velocity?

Link Velocity

Link Velocity describe the speed of link growth to a root-domain, domain or page or domain.

What Link Velocity measures

Link Velocity is measured as Link Growth over time.

This means Link Velocity can also be understood as Link Growth Speed or short for Link Growth Velocity.

This means it expressed in various units over a time period
(usually months, but sometimes weeks of years)

Possible units to measure link growth would be

  • number of new referring domains per month
  • number of new links per month
  • number of new image links per quarter
  • number of new anchor texts per month
  • number of new links per domain per week


Related metrics to Link Velocity

A negative Link Velocity measure Link Decline Speed.

This means, while Link Decline or Link Drop is the opposite of Link Growth,
there is no opposite to Link Velocity. The benefits of that is that the growth or decline can be expressed by one number.


Link Growth Speed, Link Growth Tempo, Link Growth Velocity
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