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2,220 minutes training

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574 pages of eBooks

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49 SEO Case Studies

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3,004 minutes audio&video

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164,164 Words

$ 7,999 value

7,999 Value

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What you have on the LRT Superhero SEO Card

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LinkResearchTools Associate

1. LinkResearchTools Associate Training  297$297)

1.1 Why join the LRT Certified Program?
1.2 Link Analysis
1.3 Link Audit
1.4 Link Quality Checks
1.5 Competitor analysis
1.6 Backlink Monitoring
1.7 Link Prospecting
1.8 LinkResearchTools Browser Extensions

Learn more about the advantages of becoming an LRT Associate.

Christoph C. Cemper Speaker

2. Cemper’s LinkResearchTools Hour Webinar Series (6 Videos and 6 Keynotes) 149$149)

2.1 Competitive Research I
2.2 Competitive Research II
2.3 How to get the most of LinkResearchTools
2.4 Google Algorithmic Penalties and how to fix them
2.5 Smart Link Disavows
2.6 Link Building Essentials

Learn more about what you can learn from each webinar in the series.

Barry Schwartz
Aleyda Solis
Bill Slawski
Bill Slawski
Bryan Eisenberg
Dan Thies
Debra Mastaler
Dixon Jones
Eric Ward
Frank Watson
John Doherty
John Doherty
Marty Weintraub
Marty Weintraub
Neil Patel
Rand Fishkin
Stephan Spencer

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LRT SEO Case Study Archives

4. LinkResearchTools SEO Case Study Archive (47 Case Studies) 1999$1999)

  1. Penguin Update - Run Baby, RUN!
  2. SEO Backlink Case Study about Penguin 2.1 Victim
  3. Interflora Penalty - a Deep Dive into Bad Links
  4. Concerthotels
  5. Icelolly
  6. Interflora Google Penalty lifted
  7. Penguin Victim
  8. Makes a Poor SEO Investement...and Loses It
  9. Did a Mystery Google Penalty Pop
  10. Penguin Punishes Health Site for Unhealthy Backlinks and 37 more case studies.

Check out the full list of case studies.

Hertz Case Study

5. How HERTZ® increased their transaction volume by 714% with LinkResearchTools and RBBi €399$399)

No one clicks on the second page of Google Search Results, do you?

RBBi is one of the largest agencies in the MENA region and tackled the challenge of increasing Hertz Middle East online visibility to drive more conversions.

Their objective was to improve rankings and visibility for and maximize the conversions on “car rental” searches on Google. You can imagine that there is strong competition for that keyword.

One of the major challenges that they had at the beginning after they have done their initial audits is a highly toxic link profile due to bad practice link building.

They used LinkResearchTools and they did not only increase the Hertz Middle East online visibility but uplifted the revenue by 607%.

Learn more about the amazing success story behind the campaign that RBBi did for Hertz.

How Google Finds Unnatural Links

6. (2012 - August) How to Find Unnatural Links Case Study €499$499)

Google uses co-citations and co-linking analysis to identify link networks.

You need to be aware of your own link neighborhood and find out if you are associated with any popular link networks, which could actually damage your rankings.

From this eBook, you will learn exactly how that works and how you can do it.

Why it's important for you?

  1. You'll see if your website is part of a link network and get rid of those links, so you can prevent a Google penalty and a ranking drop.
  2. You can learn how to avoid link networks.

Learn more about finding unnatural links and why you need it.

BrightonSEO Key Takeaways from LinkResearchTools

7. Brighton SEO Link Analysis Training €399$399)

7.1 Link Building Introduction
7.2 Not all Links are equal
7.3 Google Penguin Changed SEO
7.4 Audit Your Full Backlink Profile
7.5 Not All Redirects are Equal
7.6 Redirects Pass Link Penalties
7.7 Good Old Links
7.8 The Best Links
7.9 7 Golden Rules of Link Building
7.10 Important SEO metrics
7.11 The Basics of Link Analysis
7.12 Google Penalties
7.13 Link Risk Management
7.14 Competitor Research
7.15 Indirect Link Building
7.16 Content Marketing

Learn more about the BrightonSEO training.

top 10 seo mistakes

8. Top 10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid (Video & Keynote) 99$99)

No matter if you’re doing SEO for a huge brand or a small website, you need to be aware of the SEO mistakes you need to avoid.

If you want your website to rank well in the search results, if you want to get more traffic from the search engines, and more money in your bank account, there are some SEO mistakes that you should never do.

In the "Top 10 SEO mistakes" video, Christoph points out the most dangerous mistakes that you can do in SEO and how to avoid or fix them.

Learn more about these mistakes and how to fix them.

9. eBooks

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Artur Kosch
Christian Boris Schmidt
Christian Boris Schmidt
Jens Fauldrath
Kasper Szymanski
Marco Janck
Marcus Tandler
Mario Strack
Martin Missfeldt
Nicolas Sacotte
Nicole Mank
Pelle Boese
Ralf Seybold
Saša Ebach
Tobias Fellner

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11. Ask the Pro Video with Grant Cardone & Christoph C. Cemper (10 video series) 272$272)

There are a lot of articles and trainings about different ways to increase your organic traffic.

Still, you should only take advice from a PRO.

Christoph C. Cemper reveals the secret of Internet traffic in Ask the Pro with Grant Cardone

The "Ask the Pro" video series will reveal the secret to great rankings and higher online revenue.

Don't miss these unique tips!

Find out more about the things you can learn form the "Ask the Pro" video series.

Link Building Secrets of the Masters

12. Link Building Secret of the Masters Podcast with Stephan Spencer & Christoph C. Cemper 100$100)

One of the tricky (and frustrating) things about SEO is that once you’re penalized by Google, it can be hard to recover.

This is particularly true for manual penalties, as opposed to algorithmic penalties. And, as if that in itself weren’t stressful enough, there’s an added stress or in the fact that Google has a history of penalizing retroactively.

Christoph chats with Stephan Spencer about analyzing your link profile, the important differences between 302 and 301 redirects, Google penalties, and much more.

How to Build a Powerful PBN with LinkResearchTools-01 (1)

13. How to create a powerful PBN with LinkResearchTools (LRT) 496$496)

Learn how to find high quality, used domains and recover their power and trust. 

Though Google frowns on using Private Blog Networks to build links to your Money sites, PBNs still work. Just don’t get caught using them.

Instead of wasting hours of your life trying to find high-quality domains for your PBN, automate it.

This guide is a lifesaver for helping SEOs quickly find thousands of used domains for sale, easily finding their Power*Trust, and testing their value for your PBN.

Bonus: Plus, I even include my DTOXTUNE™ code so you're only testing the right things. The hard work is practically done for you!

Offer valid only for a limited time:

7999$7999 (the price of the LinkResearchTools Superhero SEO card - USB)

including lifetime access to the LinkResearchTools Superhero SEO Card online library worth 3599$3599

Eugen Platon | Head of Search at OLA Mobile

Eugen Platon

“I’ve used LinkResearchTools almost 1 year. During this time with the help of DTOX – Link Detox Tool and BOOST – Link Detox Boost we have removed at OLAMobile, a Google manual penalty in just 14 days. Amazing! LRT It’s a set of tools, that any professional SEO need to possess in his day-to-day toolbox set “


 Maximilian Euler, Owner of Ayudo Online Marketing

Maximilian Euler

“We love to work with LinkResearchTools. It’s our favorite software for link analysis. We also love the detox tool very much with all the rules which help us monitor the health of our clients link profiles. Keep up the great work guys!”


Marc Kenigsberg, Tradeopus


“We started using LRT for the Detox function after a negative SEO attack on our site. Not only was LRT instrumental in helping us clean up the links and recover the site but it has become critical to the way we do all of our marketing efforts. Most of our processes today are built around LRT and its tools and everything that we have learned from the LRT team. A must have tool for anyone serious about traffic”



A few facts about Christoph C. Cemper

  • Founder of LinkResearchTools and creator of Link Detox
  • Author of Spaghetti Code
  • Public Speaker and Trainer
  • Entrepreneur since 2003
  • 122.640 hours of experience with links and SEO
  • or 15 years of getting up every morning to work with links
  • spoken on 312 conferences about links
  • 152 public trainings about links since 2007
  • Mastermind of LinkResearchTools (LRT)
  • Ongoing SEO-experiments and tests
  • 15+ Years of experience in online marketing

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smx new york

...and many more!

100% recommendations can't be wrong...

Jesse McDonald

Director of SEO at Geek Powered Studios


“LinkResearchTools has been an incredibly important tool at Geek Powered Studios since 2013. So much so, we’ve started making it a requirement, at around month 3-6, for employees to become LRT Associate certified. It’s incredibly useful for learning how to better use the tool and become a better digital-marketer / link builder!”


 Timo Hahn

Managing Director at Seoratio GbR


“Knowing Christoph quite a while now from conferences and seminars, I truly can say that he is one of the leading experts, when it comes to link marketing. His creative and sustainable strategies together with his tools form a powerful combination. He also is an expert in telling really funny jokes


Karsten Kasparek

Owner at Megawatt

Karsten Kasparek

“10 hours are far away from beeing enough time for all you can learn about links. However, Cemper puts in this webinar all the information you can possibly get. Even more, explaining the possibilities one has using LinkResearchToolsl, he opens a wide horizon for setting up a new link research- and building strategy on your own. You can´t expect more from a webinar, but still you get even this: one-month free access to the LinkResearchTools. Great!”


LinkResearchTools is trusted by the world’s most respected brands.

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