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Strongest Subpages Tool (SSPT)

Find the strongest pages and folders of any website

See the strongest subpages and sub-folders of a domain and find the best place for your link.

What you can do

  • Find the strongest pages to get a link on
  • Optimize your internal link structure
  • Understand how to push your links to important pages

And there's more…

  • Find the perfect spot for a guest post
  • Get the most important SEO metrics for every page
  • Analyze thousands of pages for a domain

Optimize your website’s internal link structure

Keep in mind, the Strongest Subpages Tool (SSPT) is only one of the tools included in LinkResearchTools®.

How SSPT works


What you can achieve

How You Benefit From the Strongest Subpages Tool (SSPT)

The Strongest Subpages Tool is made for link structure optimization. It will help you find the strongest pages and folders of a domain in no time.

If for example, you met Barry Schwartz one night and he told you about his great blog called SEO Round Table and he invited you to write a guest post on it, which section would you choose? Well, that’s what the Strongest SubPages tool is here to tell you.

The Strongest Subpages Tool is the easiest tool to run in the LinkResearchTools toolbox. The report lists the URL, the title and the Power*Trust of each page.

As you would expect in most circumstances the home page and the video example, the https version of the home page has the highest Power*Trust. But this isn’t always the case, and it’s always worth running this tool to find out if an inner page has a higher Power*Trust.


Quick Video Tutorial For the Strongest Subpages Tool


Strongest Subpages Tool (SSPT) Features

Launch the Strongest Subpages tool from a bookmarklet

A bookmarklet for the Strongest Subpages tool can transform casual internet browsing into a link building research experience. From the SSPT start page, you can just drag the [SSPT] code to your browser’s bookmark toolbar and use it whenever you find an interesting site. The SSPT report will always start from the Top Domain and analyze the pages and sub-folders within it.

Find the strongest subpages and dig deeper

The SSPT report shows basic information for each page: URL, Title and Power*Trust. To dig deeper, you may choose to run a DTOX report just for that page if you want to check that it has a strong link profile.

Find the strongest sub-folders and perform further analysis

The strongest sub-folders are displayed along with their Power*Trust values. From this results table you can launch a BLP or a DTOX report for your chosen folders.

Eugen Platon | Head of Search at OLA Mobile

Eugen Platon

“I’ve used LinkResearchTools almost 1 year. During this time with the help of DTOX – Link Detox Tool and BOOST – Link Detox Boost we have removed at OLAMobile, a Google manual penalty in just 14 days. Amazing! LRT It’s a set of tools, that any professional SEO need to possess in his day-to-day toolbox set “


 Maximilian Euler, Owner of Ayudo Online Marketing

Maximilian Euler

“We love to work with LinkResearchTools. It’s our favorite software for link analysis. We also love the detox tool very much with all the rules which help us monitor the health of our clients link profiles. Keep up the great work guys!”


Marc Kenigsberg, Tradeopus


“We started using LRT for the Detox function after a negative SEO attack on our site. Not only was LRT instrumental in helping us clean up the links and recover the site but it has become critical to the way we do all of our marketing efforts. Most of our processes today are built around LRT and its tools and everything that we have learned from the LRT team. A must have tool for anyone serious about traffic”


Case Studies Featuring the Strongest Subpages Tool (SSPT)

SEO Case Studies



How To Perform A Disavow File Audit

Whilst performing a Disavow File Audit, Rick Lomas shows how to use the SSPT to get an even better link from an undisavowed domain.

White-hat link building techniques

Whilst analyzing the traffic drop that William Hill had experienced, a few subdomains were discovered. The SSPT was used to find which of these subdomains were the strongest. Bet Big Stakes on Spammy SEO…and Lost

Whilst analyzing the traffic drop that William Hill had experienced, a few subdomains were discovered. The SSPT was used to find which of these subdomains were the strongest.

Find the strongest pages to run ads on

Make sure that your marketing efforts are not in vain and that you place your ads on the best page of the website you choose to advertise on.