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Link Crawl Budget replaces Link Detox Credits for Lower Cost and More Flexibility

Link Crawl Budget replaces Link Detox Credits to give more flexibility and cost savings of up to 99.8% to users. This helps a lot of webmasters of smaller domains, affiliates and smaller agencies enjoy LRT even more.

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Starting February 19, our users will have a new and simple way to meter their Link Detox costs.

It’s the number of crawled links as measured by the new Link Crawl Budget. Simple and straightforward this stops a year long tradition of an overly complex Credit System.

Moreover, while others are introducing more complexity with credit systems, we take it away. While others cut down your account’s power by 90% overnight, we provide you savings up to 99.8%.

We raffle away each ONE MILLION Link Crawl Budget valid for one Year to a lucky winner, who's tweet with Hashtag #LinkCrawlBudget is found live on 05.3.19 at 19h19m and was tweeted after Feb 25.

Please post your Tweet URL as Comment below this post. And of course, you need to use a public twitter profile. The Link Crawl Budget will be added one-time to your LRT Account from March 6, 2019. No legal recourse, as usual.

The Goal: Cost Savings and Flexibility for Users

Yes sure, we have a tradition of raising prices, too - introducing new limits and enforcing our quality standards on our user base. While many users are accepted it, others did not.

We still believe and offer the benefits of a complete link audit.

In case you didn't know - based on a full risk analysis of your complete backlink profile we then allow you to simulate links to reduced risk in your link building.

This change is the first in a series of planned improvements to make using LRT cheaper and more fun for everyone.

If you are more happy doing your link building and link audits with LRT more, then we are more happy as well.

We get more open again for the “little SEO” with this update supporting a wide variety of smaller shop use cases, so solo-entrepreneurs, digital nomads and all size affiliates around the world can enjoy the power of LRT and Link Detox again.

What does the Link Crawl Budget update mean for existing plans?

We’ll migrate your existing Link Detox Credits into Link Crawl Budget.

You will always have the same or more power for crawling, and be able to do a LOT more domains, because, they are unlimited now. The only limiting factor is the number of backlinks deducted from the Link Crawl Budget.

You will receive "No. of Link Detox Credits" multiplied by the "Maximum Backlink Profile size" as Link Crawl Budget in your account.

This means, while in the past you probably only used a fraction of the potential of your account, you will now be able to use it to the full.


How will the new Link Crawl Budget help me?

Simple: You can run a much larger number of domains or various sizes at the same cost.

Example: Previously in the "Superhero Brand" 5 DTOX Credits could run five analysis on five domains - up to 6M links



NEW: with the flexible Link Crawl Budget you can mix various domain sizes in the same account



How much Link Crawl Budget will I get?

The following table tries to map out the changes for the most popular current plans we have.



Some footnotes:

*: Unlimited domains means that the only factor metered is the number of links deducted from the Link Crawl Budget. Additional Link Crawl Budget can always be added in various increments.

**: Link Detox Small  Business only uses 25 link data sources, and will therefore not be offered in the future. We encourage all users to upgrade to the more powerful and cost-efficient Link Detox Smart 3M

***: The LRT Superhero Plus in the current form brings you the best deal in the Superhero plans. We plan to change the cost per link there in the near future, but not before March 1, 2019. All subscriptions purchased before to keep the current beneficial pricing.

****: The LRT Superhero Small Business plan will also soon increase it's price and Link Crawl Budget, but not before March 1, 2019. Anyone who purchased before keeps the old price and gets the increased Link Crawl Budget allowance.

*5: The up to savings refer to using a credit for a domain of backlink profile size 10k via credits in the old system vs. the new system using Link Crawl Budget. Savings for other setups will vary but will be at lower or equal to the cost of the old system.

Please note, that this already highlights planned changes for the Superhero SMB and the Superhero Plus. The “Plus” currently has a crazy cheap factor that gives you an unparalleled 0.56 EUR per 10k links in the Superhero Plans (the full suite that will include all parts of the system Recover - Protect - Learn - Grow).

We did the math for the example of the typical small site of 10k links, which had an especially big disadvantage in all the existing plans. In the table, you can see clearly that every account had a substantial cost for such a small site (blueish “Max. Price per 10k Links Crawled”) while in the new system (greenish “Price per 10k Links Crawled”) is only a few percents of that at max.

No strings attached - the new system is so much more flexible, and I wonder, why we didn’t release such a system much sooner. With the introduction of our 25th data source two years ago that would have been required, due to the significant variation in backlink profile sizes, we could do then.


How is Link Crawl Budget deducted?

We deduct Link Crawl Budget in steps of 10.000 links.

This precision will be more than enough for our user based on what we found.

All gross links count toward the usage, including site-wide links.



New Uses Cases and Freedom for our users

Some ideas for use cases that we could not handle much better with the new system include

  • Agencies with a variety of clients in different stages - You have that lead and want to run a Link Detox for presales. Oh, dare you to take that DTOX credit worth 1.2M links from the Superhero Plus plan. What waste. With Link Crawl Budget credits this will just cost you the 100k backlinks the exemplary lead has in its backlink profile.
  • Multinational companies - You have one large domain, say 5M links, but 25 smaller “country level” domains that need to be monitoring for shady link building — done in the Superhero Brand. Such a setup would only be possible today by buying 25 Link Detox Credits a month extra. With Link Crawl Budget credits this is included in the plan.
  • PBN Network Builders - Prospecting - run 180 Link Detox reports per month to screen potential new expired domains with around 100k links each for toxic links before you bid - no problem - Superhero Plus as it has 18M Link Crawl Budget - no extra credits needed. Until now, this was not possible.
  • PBN Network Builders - Maintaining - run monthly Recurring Link Detox reports on your 100 most valuable domains of up to 10k links average to protect from Negative SEO? Superhero SMB. This would only be possible today by buying 100 Link Detox Credits a month extra. With Link Crawl Budget credits this will work with the same plan, no extra purchase required.
  • Affiliates with hundreds of small domains they need to maintain and monitor on an ongoing basis. This required a huge account in the past, cost-prohibitive for many.


What else should I know about Link Crawl Budget?

Here is a video I made that covers a couple more points, but beware - it promises Q4/2018 for the ETA, but we pushed it back to now to make it work for you.




Everything in this update is for the benefits, cost savings and joy of our users.

We really hope you like it.


And, if you have further questions just let me know.


I’m looking forward to getting this out to you.


Have a great day from sunny Vienna,

ccc marketing signature

Christoph C. Cemper
Founder & CEO



Christoph C. Cemper

Christoph C. Cemper is the CEO and Founder of LinkResearchTools and Link Detox. A well-known and distinguished expert in SEO who started link building for clients in 2003, building LinkResearchTools since 2006 and marketing it as SaaS product since 2009. When the famous Google Penguin update changed the rules of SEO in 2012, Christoph started Link Detox, software for finding and disavowing toxic links. 

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