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Work more efficiently with new Bulk Operations in Link Detox

Link Detox Bulk Actions

Save Time with Link Detox Bulk Actions

Link Detox bulk actions allow you to apply multiple actions to a whole filter-set of links.

You can now quickly disavow, rate and tag all links that follow filter criteria you set up. In the past, you had to do that on a page-level of a maximum of 100 links.

While we think disavowing, rating and tagging 100 links at once was better than one-by-one, this new bulk operations feature allows you to work on thousands of links at once.

Judging from the excited feedback of our Certified LRT Professionals – who again got first access to the beta – this is something you will LOVE as much as they do.

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How can Bulk Operations help me?

We always recommend reviewing all results of Link Detox, tweaking the Link Detox Genesis algorithm with your ratings, and tuning your Link Detox results with DTOXTUNE™.

Once you have identified link patterns you want to keep or disavow, then you should be able to quickly do that. Now you can!

Watch Harry’s video on how he uses a common DNS footprint to disavow, thumbs-down and tag hundreds of links at once.

This is something many of you have been waiting for, and we’re happy to launch it today!

Note: In the above example we used a very popular DNS hosting service as example. This does not mean that every website using that DNS should be disavowed but should serve as a mere example.

How do the bulk operations work?

The following three actions can now be applied to a set of filtered links in Link Detox in any combination you like:

  1. Link Rating – Thumbs Up / Down to train Link Detox Genesis® to your account
  2. Disavow or Undisavow – on a domain or page basis
  3. Tagging or Untagging (removing a tag)

After you’ve filtered your links down to a set of links you want to apply actions to, just click the “Apply bulk actions” link beneath the link table.

Link Detox Bulk Action

Then you’ll get a dialogue box to select your actions to perform and click the “Apply” button.

Link Detox Bulk Action Dialogue Box

There you go! Within a second, all actions will be applied to all filtered links.

Built to your opinion and wishes

If you have any wishes or suggestions for improvements, let us know!

Our tools are built to make you more successful, and we want to get even better each month!

Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper is the CEO and Founder of LinkResearchTools and Link Detox. A well-known and distinguished expert in SEO who started link building for clients in 2003, building the Link Research Tools since 2006 and marketing it as SaaS product since 2009. When the famous Google Penguin update changed the rules of SEO in 2012, Christoph started Link Detox, software for finding links that pose a risk in a website’s backlink profile. He introduced ongoing link audits and risk management to the market in early 2011. In 2015, Christoph introduced Impactana, a new technology platform and SaaS product to measure the success of content beyond "social buzz", to find content, videos and people that make an impact.
Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper

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    Work more efficiently with new Bulk Operations in Link Detox

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    Work more efficiently with new Bulk Operations in Link Detox via @cemper

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    It was really required. So thanks for adding this option.

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