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LinkResearchTools Reviews

Users that speak for LinkResearchTools®

William Sears A huge part of SEO success is your backlink portfolio.

 Not only do you need to understand where your links are coming from, you need to be able to take action to manage those links. LinkResearchTools is an indispensable collection of powerful tools to do just that. I’m a long-time customer of LinkResearchTools and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about crushing it with links.

William Sears - Growth & SEO at LinkedIn


Kenneth-ChanYour tools are the best in the industry.

 The service is great. Christoph, your passion is contagious. 

Kenneth Chan, Founder and CEO - Tobi


larry-markovitzContinuous improvement of our client's results

LinkResearchTools and specifically Link Detox gives us actionable insights that continuously improve our clients results in the search engines.

Larry Markovitz -  Sr. Director of Organic Search at GroupM 



ilya-albinovA must-have in our online marketing toolbox

LinkResearchTools has turned out to be the best and most powerful solution for our SEO activities, we especially love Link Detox. It has made our work as a digital enterprise much more efficient and professional. We find LinkResearchTools to be a must-have in our online marketing toolbox. Thumbs up!

Ilya Abinov - Digital Marketing at HONGi

Pierce-LaneLinkResearchTools take their customer service very seriously.

LinkResearchTools has the widest range of Internet Marketing Tools anywhere. Their tools are indispensable to any company that is serious about their online business.

We signed up initially to gain a complete picture of our backlink profile (after noticing an increase in spammy links), however we continue our membership due to the Link Prospecting and Competitor Analysis tools.

LinkResearchTools take their customer service very seriously and are always their to answer any questions.

Pierce Lane, Marketing Manager at Good To Lead Ltd, @TheGroomNStyle

Steve JohnsonLinkResearchTools Improved My Clients’ Website Rankings

Ever since I started using Link Research Tools, my link building strategy has improved. It’s easy to use and most importantly, I use it to identify toxic links which might harm my clients’ sites. I would recommend every link builder to have LRT.

Steve Johnson - Digital Marketing Manager at Maple Casino

Todd HollandSEO tools designed for big leagues.

There’s a a lot of ‘tools’ out there to help you with your SEO, unfortunately most are just toys and your results will fall short every time. LRT is a serious toolkit for serious SEO companies, it has the power to give you link intelligence far beyond anything else on the market. If you want to succeed at SEO, LinkResearchTools will give you the edge you need to get to the top.

P.S. I am also extremely happy with the personalized service that I receive from Makeljana, Tina, and the LRT crew.

Todd Holland - Link Custodian, Associative Creative

tom-sadlerLinkResearchTools is essential for any serious SEO agency.

They form an integral part of our audit process when we onboard a new client allowing us to identify potentially toxic links. Indago Digital thoroughly endorses these tools.

Sales and Marketing Director at Indago Digital , @indago_digital


Anthony-KaneThe reports are incredibly in-depth and easy to read.

LinkResearchTools has opened the doors to a ton of new opportunities for our clients. The reports are incredibly in-depth and easy to read. I highly recommend LRT to anyone looking to take their link building efforts to the next level.

Anthony Kane, Sr. SEO Strategist, 1SEO Digital Agency

Nikolaj-MogensenCollecting more than just one source of link data is critical to analysis.

LinkResearchTools is a must for any serious SEO agency or freelancer. Collecting more than just one source of link data is critical to analysis i.e. link audit or link prospecting. For this purpose, LinkResearchTools is state of the art! Thank you

Nikolaj Mogensen -  Head of SEO & Owned Media at GroupM Search , @nrmogensen


Mario-SchwertfegerLink Detox is the best tool to get a quick overview on bad links.

I especially like the quick analysis you can do with LinkReseachTools like competitive analysis. For realising quick wins, I also recommend using the Link Juice Recovery tool that helps you revitalize lost link juice. Link Detox (DTOX), by the way, is the best tool to get a quick overview on bad links causing damage. So in my eyes, LinkReseachTools is the full package for link analysis.

Mario Schwertfeger - SEO Consultant, Catbird Seat, @M_Schwertfeger

richard-brooksThe LRT suite is unparalleled in the marketplace.

On behalf of myself and the team at IPG – Reprise Media: Cemper’s LinkResearchTools suite is unparalleled in the marketplace. No other tool can rapidly provide insight to the degree that LRT can, especially for fast pitch turnaround. Even for those companies that recognise the value in moving to their own real-time sandboxing for their clients, Cemper’s toolbox provides an excellent substitute. Well-done, Cemper!

Richard Brooks - Technical Director SEO, Reprise Media

jimmy-kellyThe tool I use to recover sites that have been hit by Penguin.

There is no other tool I would recommend to people in the SEO industry. It is what I used to teach my students to recover their sites.

Jimmy Kelley - Network Empire

jan-sieversSaves you hours of work every month.

LinkResearchTools quickly became an essential part of my digital marketing toolbox. They provide an abundance of actionable insights, is easy to use and saves you hours upon hours of work every month.

Jan Sievers -  @jansievers

 Joe-FriedleinThe subscription cost is worth it based on efficiency alone.

We ( have been using LRT for a number of years and it is part of our everyday life. It saves us hours and I feel the subscription cost is worth it based on efficiency alone. Yes, there are other back link data sources out there but we use to spend so much time looking through old data that LRT was a real breath of fresh air. A huge thumbs up from us.

Joe Friedlein - Browser Media, @browser_media

Scott PolkThe recommended tool for everything internet marketing.

“LinkResearchTools is the recommended tool that is in my personal toolbox for everything internet marketing”

Marketing Nomads, @scottpolk

 Justin EmigOur GoTo product for link prospecting.

LinkResearchTools has given us the opportunity to spend fewer resources on performing link audits. This has made us much more efficient and more competitive in the marketplace. LinkResearchTools also is amazing for prospecting new link opportunities. Our team historically used it exclusively for Link Detox, but now it is our GoTo product for prospecting.

Justin Emig, Web Talent Marketing, @justinemig

Kyle-SanderLRT saves us time, stress, money & helps us close more deals.

We’ve been using LinkResearchTools for quite a while and it has become an invaluable asset in our SEO toolkit. Most of our clients are typically aggressive niches like legal, medical, and e-commerce. While I can easily eye a Penguin issue, LinkResearchTools allows our employees and more importantly, our clients to understand the issue(s) preventing their web properties from ranking. LinkResearchTools saves us time, stress, money, and helps us close more deals when we get leads with bad legacy SEO work. Cannot recommend it enough.

Kyle Sanders, Complete Web Resources, @thekylesanders


Anne SchiffLinkResearchTools helps me improve my rankings.

The tools are amazing and I use it every day at my daily work. We save many hours of work and give a lot of useful information to our team and our clients.

Anne Schiff,

Clint ButlerThe industry standard for website link management.

LinkResearchTools has become the industry standard for website link management for a reason. Their tool suite is one of the most comprehensive and effective available today. I have been lured away by other tools in the past but always end up coming back to LRT because of how effective it is at everything it does. If you’re running an agency, you have to be running LinkResearchTools.

Clint Butler, Olympia SEO, @ClintAButler

downloadThe time saved is priceless.

LinkResearchTools is one of the most powerful toolsets I can recommend to other SEO professionals. I’ll be honest, you can do much of the same work manually, with a combination of several other tool sets. However, time is money. What used to take me hours to compile through a combination of multiple tool sets and subscription services now takes me minutes. Time saved is priceless.

Travis Brown, Apogee Results

Pieter-Jan-VannesteI absolutely love LinkResearchTools!

I’m a freelance SEO consultant and I have to admit, I absolutely love LinkResearchTools. I’ve been using their Superhero plan for over two years now. The Juice Tool helps me find backlink opportunities and shows me quickly if a domain is worth the backlink. With the Domain Compare tool and the Competitive Landscape Analyzer, I create nice “How-does-your-site-performs-against-competitor” graphs that I include in almost every pitch presentation. And of course, there are the advanced backlink tools that help me get all the insights I need to discover how competitors are building up their backlink profiles. Keep up the good work guys!

Pieter-Jan Vanneste, Seodvize, @Seodvize


Massimo PaoliniWe saved countless hours.

LinkResearchTools helped us identify and organize 1000’s of links that had not surfaced with other tools, such as Google Search Console, MOZ, and Majestic.

We were then able to create a comprehensive link profile for a client who had a Manual Penalty from Google. We saved countless hours organizing and classifying link types in addition to providing link data that the other tools didn't have. We were able to prepare for a Reconsideration Request quickly without cutting any corners.

This resulted in the manual penalty being removed quickly by Google. We continue to monitor the clients profile using Link Detox to avoid additional issues for the clients. When we began the project 6 months ago, over 99% of our clients links were considered a High Risk. Today, with the help of  LinkResearchTools we have been able to reduce this to 1%.

Massimo Paolini, Spectrum Group Online, @massimopaolini

John KrineyI got two client sites back

I got two client sites back after using Link Detox.

John Kriney, OptFirst Inc., @OptFirst

David AaronsonThe most complete set of tools

The most complete set of tools we have seen for creating and fixing links.

David Aaronson, Digital Inbound, @digitalinbound

Marc KenigsbergA must have tool for anyone serious about traffic.

We started using LinkResearchTools for Link Detox after a negative SEO attack on our site. Not only was LRT instrumental in helping us clean up the links and recover the site, but it has become critical to the way we do all of our marketing efforts. Most of our processes today are built around LRT and its tools and everything that we have learned from the LRT team. A must have tool for anyone serious about traffic.

Marc Kenigsberg, Tradeopus

stefano-romeroWe use LRT to keep the backlink profile under control

LRT has been precious in analyzing the backlinks of one of our money websites that had been severely hit by Google Penguin. After several months, and using mainly Link Detox we were able to fully recover and we now use LRT to keep the backlink profile under control in case some more bad link show up.

Stefano Romeo, WebPromoter Snc, @StefanoRomeo

Mark SimondsI am very impressed with the service in which they offer.

I have been using LinkResearchTools now for the past few days as the company I am working have been on the lookout for the best tools to use in order to monitor and track clients SEO data. I am very impressed with the service in which they offer and will definitely be purchasing the full package when my trial ends. Thanks, Guys!

Mark Simonds, SEO Geeks UK

Bicks PaviaCan make link building strategies a lot easier

I'm using LinkResearchTools and I think it's fantastic. It gives you an impressive set of tools that can make link building strategies a lot easier. I'll sure recommend this tool for anyone who is in need of a professional SEO tool. 

Bicks Pavia, CEO of Callibree@callibree

nuraidaI use the tools to get rid of Manual Action Penalties

I am using LinkResearchTools for Link Detox and Link Detox Boost to get rid of Manual Action Penalties. I think that these are the best tools. And they're easy to use also.

Nuraida Irawan, Owner at Aida Corp

Nirmal GyanwaliIt has made our link building efforts a breeze

Absolutely love the set of tools from LinkResearchTools. It has made our link building efforts a breeze. Along with Ahrefs, LinkResearchTools is our go to weapon in digital marketing.

Nirmal Gyanwali, CEO of Nirmal Web Studio

Christian B. Schmidt

LinkResearchTools out of 80+ backlink analysis tools.

We have researched 80+ tools for backlink analysis and tested many of them. In our opinion, LinkResearchTools is the first choice for link audits, monitoring and discovery.

Christian B. Schmidt, Managing Partner at SEO Agentur Digitaleffects@seo_driven

Zaheer AbbasThe biggest benefit I have from LRT is looking at my competitor's links.

I know LinkResearchTools since 2013 after all old SEO strategies crashed and I was extensively reading on combat strategies to keep my dozens of clients happy. The biggest benefit I had from LRT was the intel of my competitor's links. It was easy, smooth and accurate to the point. Our link building team used the LRT to explore competitors links, analyze the link quality and reached out to website owners to get plenty of natural links to start getting into good eyes of big G again. Apart from the tools, I am a regular reader of their link building articles and techniques which are second to none in the ever changing link building industry.

I wish you all good luck Christoph, keep it up!

Zaheer Abbas, CEO at  - IBIS Branding


Alan LeenhoutsI loved using Link Detox to help clients recover from Google penalties

I've used the LinkResearchTools in my link building. What I really loved was using Link Detox to help a few clients recover from penalties. This type of stuff isn't easy to do manually but with a proper tool to analyze the bad links recovery went smoothly. I will continue to use LinkResearchTools for all my projects.

Alan Leenhouts, Owner and SEO at Houts Graphics, @houtsgraphics

stone reuningLinkResearchTools has increased our team’s link building efficiency and effectiveness tremendously.

SEO Advantage uses LRT for competitor research, tracking, link audits – you name it. We can find and qualify prospects easily, and alerts keep us up-to-date with new earned links and opportunities. The browser extensions let LRT’s insights follow us around the web, which is an invaluable bonus in addition to all the other features. Our link building team considers LRT an essential tool.

Stone Reuning, President at SEO Advantage, Inc., @stonereuning

Mansi RanaLinkResearchTools Makes our LinkBuilding Strategy more Effective

We have used LinkResearchTools for many of our clients. It helps us to find out spammy links and also keep us up to date with new links. I must admit it that this is one of the great tools for link audits, monitoring and more.

Mansi Rana, Managing Director at EZ Rankings

Karen RoseI'm really impressed with LinkResearchTools.

They're not trying to sell you a bunch of garbage links that have negative results, in fact, they tell you to get rid of your existing old links and NOT BUY ANY! Once I read that, I really knew they were speaking the right SEO language.

Karen Rose, Senior Partner at JUPP Industries

Nikolay StoyanovThe best link analysis tool in the market

I've been using LinkResearchTools for over 3 years now. It's by far the best link analysis tool in the market. Its database is HUGE and it helps me find at least twice more links than any other backlink tool out there. Moreover, LRT includes not just 1, but 25 tools which can help you analyze your competitor's backlinks like no other SEO software.  I love their Link Detox tool which helps me keep my own blog and my clients projects spotless link profile and helps me take my SEO research and link building to the next level. It's an invaluable tool for link audits and Penguin penalty removals. Keep up the great work, guys!

Nikolay Stoyanov - CEO of

sean-ryanFinally able to see those spam links!

Well, we made the decision to upgrade our account and see ALL of the spam toxic links pointing to our website; links Google penalized us for in the past, and we are still trying to crawl out from under it. Anyway, we found the list of toxic links, created a disavow file and submitted it to Google. Even though Penguin is live, disavowing links is still crucial. We can see the impact already!

Sean Ryan, Marketing Manager at Work Boots USA

David-KleinComparing LinkResearchTools to other link data sources is like comparing a pile of raw steel to the finest watchmaker.

The raw link data is easy to find, but it is only with Christoph's fine skills that this raw metal is spun and polished into the finest pieces. The full LRT suite used by my staff makes my company more money than any other set of tools.

David Klein - CEO at

Justin-EmigLinkResearchTools is amazing for prospecting new link opportunities.

LinkResearchTools has given us the opportunity to spend significantly less resources on performing link audit and link removal. This has made us much more efficient and more competitive in the marketplace. LinkResearchTools also is amazing for prospecting new link opportunities. Our team historically used it exclusively for Detox but now it is our GoTo product for prospecting.

Justin Emig -  Web Talent Marketing, @justinemig


eugen-platonWe removed a Google manual penalty in just 14 days.

With the help of Link Detox (DTOX) and Link Detox Boost we have removed at OLAMobile, a Google manual penalty in just 14 days. Amazing! LRT It’s a set of tools, that any professional SEO need to possess in his day-to-day toolbox set.

Eugen Platon - Head of Search at OLA Mobile

jim-garciaI  wish we had learned about LinkResearchTools a long time ago.

In my opinion, LinkResearchTools stands alone as the best link research product on the market. After failure using various competitor products, we were able to clearly identify our linking issues, understand our competitor's configurations, and implement changes which dramatically improved our internet presence within months.

The staff is very attentive by quickly responding to all of our emails and with the knowledge base to answer correctly. I wish we had learned about LinkResearchTools a long time ago. Thank you all – you’re the best!!

James Garcia, CEO of Douglas County CO Real Estate

fred-lanierA really powerful set of tools, comprehensive and efficient.

LinkResearchTools is a really powerful set of tools, comprehensive and efficient. I like the fact that you can quickly and easily handle it to get the most out of it. I’m also very impressed by the way your team keeps improving it over the time, adding new features but also adjusting it to Google ever-changing rules.
Fred Lanier

YKonurWe use LinkResearchTools and we recommend it to all the SEO professionals.

LinkResearchTools collects link data from 20+ resources and gets it together by adding priceless metrics like link position/website category/anchor text classification. As a CEO of market leader SEO agency at Turkey, we use LinkResearchTools and we recommend it to all the SEO professionals!

Yiğit Konur, Founder & CEO, SEOzeo

Max ALwaysGreat for Client SEO & Analysing your Competition.

LinkResearchTools supplies my SEO agency with the most accurate data. It's the first tool we use to analyse our clients competition or do site audits for our clients own website!

Max Always, Owner at Seo Agentur, @SeoBerlin_Max

Jens-FauldratYou get highly valid data in an easy to understand categorization.

LinkResearchTools save a whole lot of time when it comes to analyzing link profiles of our sites and our competitors. Due to lots of data sources you get highly valid data in an easy to understand categorization and with a lot of meaningful attributes to make data interpretation as easy and individual as it can be. When you are working with big sites it´s essential to know which links are still online and which links are broken.

Therefore, LinkResearchTools is awesome because they provide exactly that. Every report module of LinkResearchTools is great and has his own advantage, you just choose what is best for your intention.

Jens Fauldrath - Team leader SEO, Deutsche Telekom AG

LinkResearchTools is THE software you need to check your backlinks

LinkResearchTools is THE software you need to check the links pointing to your website AKA backlinks. Every website has its backlink portfolio and every website needs to keep it healthy and penalty-free in order to rank well in Google search. With LRT you can easily accomplish all this because it will give you a complete overview of all the backlinks you have and offer you bits of advice about the steps you have to take.

Also, their support team is awesome! I highly highly recommend it!

Dragan Berak -  Sr. Marketing Specialist - Lead SEO, Chinavasion Ltd.



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