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pcmagLinkResearchToolsreviewThe backlink tracking power of LinkResearchTools equals if not eclipses most of the other crawlers we tested.

LinkResearchTools is a set of SEO reporting and analysis features that delve deeper and more creatively into backlink tracking and link-focused site crawling than any other tool we tested. Its scope is limited as a standalone platform but its arsenal of backlink tools and prospecting and comparison features makes it a worthy addition to a business SEO tool suite.

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wildsharkHow to get ranked on Google – The natural way

Another good link research tool you can use and one that splits each link into risk levels so you can very easily understand which links are good and bad is called Link Detox Tool. This tool saves a lot of time manually looking through all the links and is also very good for anyone who does not have a clue if they should keep or trash the links but it does come at a price. (…) but it is a small price to pay to get everything cleaned up before Google Penguin 3.0 raises it’s head and knocks you off your perch.

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kahenaLinkResearchTools Is Awesome

After compiling the link list, we upload them to LinkResearchTools; Detox tool to get more information. After the tool does it’s thing, SEOs are left with an Excel spreadsheet choc full of juicy nuggets about each link: anchor text, follow/No Follow, location of the link, site type, basic contact information (if available) and much more!

To be very honest, like my iPhone, I’m not sure how I survived without this tool before. About the only thing that could keep me away from it going forward is this spider mouse!

The full review is available at Kahena Digital Marketing

ReturnA Guide To Google Manual Penalty Removal & Recovery

We then used Link Research’s Detox Tool in order to filter out duplicate and site wide links and to obtain contact details for webmasters where possible. The tool also breaks down links into one of three categories – Toxic, Suspicious and Healthy… We took the CSV output from the detox and added columns to flag if a link was to be removed, if they had been contacted and if/when the link was removed.

The full review is available at Return On Digital

roiWhat is Link Detox?

Google is continuously updating their algorithms, and with this tool you can prepare for any future updates and speed up the process of analysing a link profile. This is particularly important for larger websites with a high number of links.

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codecondoIn-Depth Look at Expedia Link Schemes

The research author Bartosz Góralewicz takes a dive into the and behind the scenes of how Expedia was able to generate millions of backlinks and even more so in real money revenue (…) I’m so glad this research was concluded, and it has a lot to teach not only to beginners, but also experienced and big corporate companies, on how you should be doing things – not how you want to be doing things.

The full review is available at CodeCondo

forbesExpedia, Negative SEO And Google Penalties

LinkResearchTools can run a “detox” analysis to check backlinks and score them to identify the links that have the highest likelihood of hurting your site.


The full review is available at Forbes

SEO-SpecialistsLinkResearchTools Regains Lead as the Best Link Building Tool

After Majestic SEO latest addition of trust metrics, LinkResearchTools decided to add additional features helping to classify backlinks. The latest update of LinkResearchTools include both power and trust metrics, which in combination can be very useful to help decide if certain links are worth going for or not. After all, link builders need to know how relevant certain links are and Cemper’s graphic tools certainly helps.

By using the new link quality factors from LinkResearchTools, webmasters and search engine optimisers can easier determine a site’s strength and trust, in a similar manner to how search engines tries to break down the quality of backlinks.

One of the most useful additional additions include the anchor text cloud, which are more helpful than ever after Google’s latest anchor text focused updates.



The full review is available at SEO Specialist


state of digitalIdentify “bad” links with Linkresearchtools Power*Trust update

The link- and site optimization tools are working very hard on improving their functionalities. After Majestic SEO launching “Flow Metrics” a few weeks ago and Linkdex’ new site crawler yesterday, today we can focus on LinkResearchTools. They launched a new new “Power*Trust update” which lets you identify links that originate from low-trust spam pages. With the current ‘clean up’ of the Google result pages with updates like Panda and Penguin the need for ‘quality’ links has never been higher. But more importantly: site owners, and especially linkbuilders, want to know if they have any ‘bad’ links pointing to them which could potentially hurt them in the long run. The newest update fromLinkResearchToolsadds 7 new SEO metrics to the tool to determine just that.

The full review is available at State of Digital


search engine landTake advantage of the Feedback feature LRT offers, the staff is friendly and will answer any question you have.

Become familiar with the “Hotlist” feature included with most of the tools. You can save an URL into the Hotlist whenever you find something interesting and go back to it when you have time.
I used it when I found people “borrowing” my content without permission; when I was done with my testing, I went back to the list and exported the URL’s for follow-up.

The Hotlist feature is a handy way to save URL’s without stopping your work flow.

The Link Research Tool set has something for everyone, with sixteen tools available you can stay busy for weeks! Take time to watch the videos and read the tutorials, understand fully what each can do before you start running reports.


The full review is available at Search Engine Land

david naylorYahoo Site Explorer on Steroids, with a Machine Gun… aka QBL

With a quick glance you can see if each link meets your criteria, what anchor text is within it, how many backlinks are pointed to the page and site, and you can compare IP’s to make sure the domains you’ve chosen are hosted separately. Those that qualify can be added to your favourites for further investigation.

Basically, if there were to have been a YSE 2.0, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as this. Yes I know YSE’s body isn’t even cold yet, and I do feel the sentimentality towards it but I do to my car too, and if my 10 year old deisel broke down tomorrow only to be replaced by a Lamborghini Elemento then I hate to say it, but I’d forget about my car quicker than Bill O’Reilly could form a biased opinion on an important political matter with no supporting evidence… so, instantly… no thought need go into it!


The full review is available at David Naylor

sejYahoo Site Explorer Alternative – Link Research Tools Introduces QBL

As you may know the basic functions of my previous review of the Backlink Profiler, the new QBL (the tool’s abbreviation that is being used inside the LinkResearchTools) is like a simple but super-lightning-fast version of it. It delivers similar functionality to the BLP, however with an immense boost in speed. Within only a few seconds (around 10 seconds were usually enough).

But the best of all is that you have super-convenient dynamic filters in the interface and still can download everything to Excel with one click.
The tool provides bookmarklets that make using the tool even easier, and it’s also integrated with all other tools inside the LinkResearchTools. If you are not using bookmarklets for your research, you haven’t done intensive SEO research I tell you.


The full review is available at Search Engine Journal


state of digitalHigh Speed Backlink Profile Analysis with QBL

The cool thing is, that it’s really fast. It’s just as fast as Yahoo Site Explorer used to be, which makes it a really great replacement.
In addition the Quick Backlinks tool provides you with several bookmarklets which help you get up to speed in your SEO work by letting you start reports with a simple click in your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.

In a nutshell the “QBL” analyses your existing backlinks, compares them and visualized them in charts and a detailed data table. Whereas it doesn’t check every single link for accuracy like the Backlink Profiler (another tool in the Link Research Suite) does and doesn’t offer the wide range of SEO metrics other tools, it offers unparalleled speed and results within a few seconds! Especially in combination with the bookmarklet this is one of the best tools I’ve seen for a quick checkup.

The full review is available at State of Search


Link Research Tools – Hot or not?

Which ones of my backlinks boost me the most? Where does my competition get their ranking from? Why do they rank for my target keywords and why don’t I? What type of backlinks should I focus on? These are just a few questions every SEO has to deal with in his daily work. LinkResearchTools is a toolkit specifically made to answer these questions. It gives SEOs the mandatory facts to make efficient Link Building decisions. Or does it? We checked out LinkResearchTools and will tell you about our first impression.

Using these SEO Tools you’ll get a lot – and I really mean a lot – of information. A little bit too much maybe. It takes some time to even make sense of all these metrics. These tools have their price but when I see all these metrics and reports I’m sure someone is already making a fortune with it. As the name tells it’s a research tool. Link Builders that are rather practically oriented and just have a (legitimate) trial and error approach might be a little overwhelmed. So yes it is a very valuable tool but not for everyone.


The full review is available at Seosoftware

wonderlabsEasy Backlink Cleanup With Two Simple Tools

There are many tools out there to help you identify the worst of your bad backlinks, but from my experience I would not look any further than my first recommended tool in my link cleanup process.


The full review is available at








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