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LRT Power*Trust™ Extension

See Power and Trust for any Page and Domain

Use the LRT Power*Trust Extension for accurate two-dimensional SEO metrics

Why waste your time with inaccurate, one-dimensional SEO metrics? LRT Power*Trust is the established and proven link metric

LRT Power*Trust

Power*Trust Extension lets you

  • See the Power and Trust of a domain
  • See the Power and Trust of a page
  • Spot a great link opportunities in a second

With this extension you

  • Get real-time link power and trust data for free
  • Use industry-leading two-dimensional link scoring
  • Have the power of LinkResearchTools (LRT) at your fingertips

Want to analyze all your links - internal and external? Automated? Why wait?

Quality link analysis at your finger tips

Accurate insights in real-time

Real-Time SEO Link Metrics

Link Power and Trust Measurement extension main screen

  1. See the LRT Power, LRT Trust and LRT Power*Trust of the domain that you are on currently here)
  2. See the LRT Power, LRT Trust and LRT Power*Trust of the currently visited page ( in this case )
  3. Count the number of total links and the total number of referring domains to the current domain
  4. Count the number of total links and the total number of referring domains to the current page. If you click on the radio button next to "PAGE" you can switch the toolbar icon to always show these page values first.
    Toolbar Icon changed to page values
  5. Click on the small arrow next to "Want to know what it takes to audit and manage the backlink profile of this domain?" to open a quick estimation and suggestion of what a full audit of the domain would use. See below for a detailed and explained screenshot.
  6. Go to settings

Real-Time Link Audit Quote

Real Time Link Audit Quote and Suggested Plan for LinkResearchTool

  1. Click on the small arrow to open a quick estimation
  2. The link audit is always done based on the root domain, in this example
  3. The total number of backlinks for the root domain is 10 million links, as opposed to 6 million for only - that's 4 million extra links to take into account, or 40% you would otherwise miss
  4. The recommended plan for this audit is the LRT Superhero Plus plan
  5. The total number of backlinks for the subdomain is 6 million links

Options of the LRT Power*Trust Extension

Options of the  LRT Power*Trust Extension

  • Highlight No-Follow links on the page

  • Show metrics for the page that gets the link juice (rel-canonical target of the URL)
    This means we follow the real target of the REL CANONICAL first and show you the Power*Trust metrics of that target page. While we suggest to enable this, it will slow down browsing a little bit.

  • Strip common URL tracking parameters for more accuracy
    The commonly known web analytics tracking parameters will be stripped. This should give you better results for those websites that don't have a correct implementation of REL CANONICAL

  • Allow Google Analytics tracking
    We track usage of the extension here anonymously for product improvements. Uncheck to opt-out.

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