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100% recommendations can’t be wrong…

Jim Cullen

Having worked in online marketing for over 16 years, I've used all the SEO tools around but Link Research Tools is in a class of its own. The amount of data available, the speed of the reports, and the ease of use make Link Research Tools an essential piece of kit if you're serious about SEO.

Jim Cullen
Timo Hahn

Knowing Christoph quite a while now from conferences and seminars, i truly can say he is one of the leading experts, when it comes to linkmarketing. His creative and sustainable strategies together with his tools form a powerful combination. He also is an expert in telling really funny jokes ;)

Timo Hahn
Karsten Kasparek

10 hours are far away from beeing enough time for all you can learn about links. However, Cemper puts all information in this webinar you can possibly get. Even more, explaining the possibilities one has using the link research tool, he opens a wide horizon for setting up a new linkresearch- and building strategy on your own. You can´t expect more from a webinar, but still you get even this: one month free access to the linkresearchtool. Great!

Karsten Kasparek

Education to become “LRT Associate”

This basics training is recommended especially for new Link Research Tool users, but gives also a seasoned professional a fresh insight to the Link Research Tools and its 20 tools, including link detox and all competitive research tools for link velocity and link growth, competitive keyword analyzer of the Superhero level.

If you would like to learn that little “extra” from Christoph C. Cemper, then take advantage of this opportunity.
Christoph C. Cemper

Your advantage of becoming an LRT Associate

Requirements of becoming an LRT Associate


Education to become “Certified Link Research Tools Professional”

This is your chance of approaching the certification as Link Research Tools professional. This intensive on-site training will include case-studies, deep-dives and homework assignments for trainees to complete until and discuss on the part of the training.

After this training you will be able to research and publish your own case-studies and findings in public. Your knowledge and experience will then be verified in the final step, the exam which certified you as a Link Research Tools professional.

Your advantage of becoming a Certified LRT Professional

Requirements of becoming a Certified LRT Professional


Education to become “Certified Link Research Tools Xpert”

This is your chance of approaching the certification as Link Research Tools Xperts. This won’t be an easy going seminar, but tough research and link building work required.

Upon successful completion of the exam for Link Research Tools Xpert, which will include validation of your three day assignment and examination and testing by Christoph C. Cemper you’ll get the title certificate “Certified LRT Xpert” as document and also badge to use on your marketing material and CV. At this point you will also enjoy access to our beta system to learn about early about the new developments (NDA required) and have a competitive advantage when pitching for clients by your certification and knowledge.

Your advantage of becoming a Certified LRT Xpert

Requirements of becoming a Certified LRT Xpert


Web-Based Training Tutorial in English

The following web based tutorials are available.
Please note the different required levels and time formats.

Stay tuned. Currently, there’s no upcoming webinar published.


Deutschsprachige Online-Schulungen

Die folgenden Schulungen sind von CEMPER.COM als deutschsprachige Online-Schulungen verfügbar.
Bitte beachten Sie die unterschiedlichen Anforderungen und Formate.

Derzeit sind keine Schulungen veröffentlicht.


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No other tool gives me that broad view on link data and it's getting better with every release they make. If you're serious about link building then you HAVE to use Link Research Tools!

Bob Rains

Link Research Tools is the only subscription linkbuilding tool that I recommend to friends. The data is actionable and accurate, and the interface is fast & easy to use.

Richard Kershaw,