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Become a LRT Superstar with our advanced SEO trainings and certifications

LRT School

LinkResearchTools Trainings and Certifications

LinkResearchTools Certified Professional

Some of the advantages of having a LRT certification

  • You get a highly visible title in the SEO world;
  • You get free promotion thru all the LinkResearchTools channels;
  • You receive LEADS for your business from thousands of readers;
  • You understand how to get the most of LinkResearchTools;
  • Your requests have priority in the LinkResearchTools Helpdesk;
  • You will have networking opportunities with other LRT users, Christoph C. Cemper, and his team;
  • You will get access to closed LRT Forums where you can interact with other LRT Certified SEO professionals.

Take Your SEO Knowledge One Step Further

Start with the LRT Associate Training, then write an interesting case study and become a Certified LRT Professional. From there, you can go all the way to becoming a Certified LRT Xpert.

Companies can go even one step further and reach the Certified LRT Agency level.

If you're already using LinkResearchTools, there's nothing that can keep you from becoming a successful LinkResearchTools Certified and getting deep SEO insights right from the founder of LinkResearchTools.

Check out our trainings and certifications

This basics training is recommended especially for new Link Research Tool users but gives also a seasoned professional a fresh insight to the 21 tools in the LinkResearchTools toolkit, including Link Detox and all Competitive Research tools.

If you would like to learn that little “extra” from Christoph C. Cemper, then take advantage of this opportunity.

Requirements of becoming an LRT Associate

  • Full attendance of online training
  • OR 12 months user experience with LRT
  • Successful completion of “LRT Associate” online exam

This intensive on-site training will include case-studies, deep-dives and homework assignments for trainees to complete as part of the training.

After this hands-on training, you will be able to research and publish your own case studies on a topic approved by Christoph C. Cemper. 

Requirements for becoming a Certified LRT Professional

  • completion of the “Certified LRT Associate” training;
  • successful publishing of the research assignment i.e. deep-dive, case study, recovery story, reviewed and approved by Christoph C. Cemper;
  • an LRT Superhero account or a higher subscription.

The Certified LinkResearchTools Xpert (CLRTX) is the ultimate knowledge level to achieve in our training curriculum. To achieve this level requires a lot of work, but it also comes with a lot of benefits.

CLRTX is also required for your company to become Certified LRT Agency.

Requirements for becoming a Certified LRT Xpert

  • write 3 thoroughly researched and highly detailed case studies (that will exceed your Certified Professional work) within three months. All three assignments will need to be approved by Christoph as certification work;
  • an LRT Superhero account or a higher subscription.

As a Certified LRT Agency, you have built a team of Certified LRT Professionals and Certified LRT Xperts that guarantee competent and up-to-date SEO and Link Audit services for your clients.

Clients look for Certified LRT Agencies to do their link related work, as it helps them to be sure that the service provider is on top of the current state of technology and methodology.

We want to build a trusted circle of experts around our team at LinkResearchTools, and you should become a part of this thrilling and thriving community ASAP!

The Certified LRT Agency is the only certification level for marketing your company brand. All the other certifications are personal certifications not legible for use on agency websites, marketing material, etc.

100% recommendations can't be wrong...

Jesse McDonald

Director of SEO at Geek Powered Studios


“LinkResearchTools has been an incredibly important tool at Geek Powered Studios since 2013. So much so, we’ve started making it a requirement, at around month 3-6, for employees to become LRT Associate certified. It’s incredibly useful for learning how to better use the tool and become a better digital-marketer / link builder!”


 Timo Hahn

Managing Director at Seoratio GbR


“Knowing Christoph quite a while now from conferences and seminars, I truly can say that he is one of the leading experts, when it comes to link marketing. His creative and sustainable strategies together with his tools form a powerful combination. He also is an expert in telling really funny jokes


Karsten Kasparek

Owner at Megawatt

Karsten Kasparek

“10 hours are far away from beeing enough time for all you can learn about links. However, Cemper puts in this webinar all the information you can possibly get. Even more, explaining the possibilities one has using LinkResearchToolsl, he opens a wide horizon for setting up a new link research- and building strategy on your own. You can´t expect more from a webinar, but still you get even this: one-month free access to the LinkResearchTools. Great!”