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LRT Power*Trust Extension

More than a replacement for Google's toolbar PageRank

 Google has officially confirmed removing the Toolbar PageRank. No serious SEO should consider this long-outdated SEO metric anymore.

What you can do

  • See the Power and Trust of a domain
  • See the Power and Trust of a page
  • Discover great places to get links from

And there's more…

  • Understand if a link is worth keeping
  • See which links must go in your disavow file
  • Quickly reply to your clients biggest SEO questions

LRT Power*Trust extension is the perfect replacement for Google's Toolbar PageRank

LRT Power Trust PageRank Replacement toolbar

You should always make sure you are using the most accurate, up-to-date metrics when evaluating link building opportunities. PageRank was for a long time far from being accurate or up-to-date.

LRT Power*Trust is a two-dimensional SEO metric that will help you quickly assess the power and trustworthiness of a website or page while you browse the web.

We launched LRT Power*Trust and included it in LinkResearchTools and Link Detox shortly after the first Google Penguin update in 2012, following years of research and calculations.

We also created a browser extension that allows  you to see the LRT Power*Trust metrics also in your browser.

If you're missing Google's toolbar PageRank (removed in April 2016), the LRT Power*Trust extension is not only a great replacement but also a more reliable metric.

Start using the FREE LRT Power*Trust browser extension today!

PageRank Replacement
LRT PT toolbar icon 256px

What is the LRT Power*Trust browser extension and how it can help you?

The LRT Power*Trust browser extension is much more than just a replacement for Google’s toolbar PageRank. It's two-dimensional SEO metric that will help you quickly assess the power and trustworthiness of a website or page while you browse the web.

By looking at the LRT Power*Trust metric, you can quickly answer the most important SEO questions:

  • is it ok to build this link on this site?
  • is this link worth keeping?
  • and which links should go to the disavow file?

What is LRT Power™?

The LRT Power metric evaluates the strength of a website based on the number and power of links and helps you quickly determine the strongest page, domain, or top domain.


What is LRT Trust™?

The LRT Trust metric helps you evaluate the quality of a link by calculating the inheritance of trust from trusted sites. It’s comparable to the TrustRank patent and indicates the implied trust of the page in Google. This works on many levels. For example, it still makes sense to get a link from a blog that is linked to by many trusted sites, such as universities.


What is LRT Power*Trust™?

LRT Power*Trust is THE one metric you must look at to judge quickly the overall impact of your links. It is the LRT Power multiplied by the LRT Trust. The LRT Power*Trust is calculated by analyzing data in real time from over 24 sources including Google, Moz, SEMRush, Majestic®, Sistrix, and many more.

How to enable the LRT Power*Trust browser extension?

1. Download the LRT Power*Trust browser extension for Chrome or Firefox

2. Read and accept the terms and conditions.



You can start using your LRT Power*Trust extension right away.

To be able to use the Firefox version, you will need to create a free user account or use your LinkResearchTools or Link Detox username and password to . We will soon remove the sign-up requirements for Firefox as well.

Google Toolbar PageRank Replacement

3. If you want to see all the NoFollow links on a specific page, you can click on the Settings icon (top-right) and select "Highlight No-Follow links on the page".


How can you use Power*Trust and interpret the values?

Depending on their Power and Trust, links fall into one of four quadrants of the matrix below.
find out if a link is good or bad using the LRT Power*Trust metric


Below you can look at some possible combinations of Power and Trust, and how they impact your daily SEO work.

Links With High Potential

High Potentials: High Trust and Low Power

Although their sub-pages have very low linkage (i.e. low power), they enjoy a high level of implied trust. Don’t be fooled by a low LRT Power. This type of link is very trustworthy and often more difficult to get than a “powerful” one. You can find this combination on links from universities or government institutions, for example.

Links With high power but low trust

Nitro: Low Trust and High Power

Links with the highest Power aren’t necessarily the best ones. You have to look deeper at the individual LRT Power and LRT Trust metrics to see the true quality of the link. Links like these are typical examples of the “gambling and adult entertainment” niche – very strong links from untrusted sites. Such discrepancies between LRT Trust and LRT Power can usually be attributed to low quality or automated link building.

weak links

Weak Links: Low Trust and Low Power

Links with low LRT Trust and low LRT Power won’t help your site much. They may be from new, dormant, or penalized sites. These sort of links could be carefully used to add some general “noise” to your backlink profile, just like your competitors may have.

high power and high trust links

Awesome Superstars: High Trust and High Power

A link from a page with high LRT Trust and high LRT Power is obviously the perfect link for any link builder. If you can get one of those, go for it!

Possible combinations of LRT Power*Trust link examples

Power*Trust = 0 – good or bad?

Power*Trust = 0 for example can mean (illustrated on our updated Power*Trust matrix):

  • Power=0 but Trust=10 – this is an example of an extremely “High Potential” link that you might have missed in the past (1). Add some extra link power to this linking page and you grow it from “High Potential” into an “Awesome Superstar.”


LRT Power Trust Example


  • Power=10 but Trust=0 – this is an example of a very strong link (3) that has no trust. Nitro could help you get a ranking boost short-term, but it could land you in Google Penguin jail if you overdo it.


LRT Power Trust Example 2


  • Power=0 and Trust=0 – of course, this could be a completely worthless link as well – as many probably thought about a P*T = 0 in the past. Those links are not worth much and would take a LOT of effort to improve.


LRT Power Trust Links Example


Power*Trust = 6 – good or bad?

  • Power=1 but Trust=6 – another example of a “High Potential” (5) link you could improve to an “Awesome Superstar” (6) by giving it more power.


LRT Power Trust Links Example


  • Power=3 but Trust=2 – an example of a rather weak link (7) that at least has some inherent trust. A Power=2 and Trust=3 would be preferred by most SEOs and webmasters though. At any rate, developing a link from this position into the desirable segment of “Awesome Superstar” links looks like a lot of hard work, and is it even possible?


LRT Power Trust Links Example


  • Power=6 but Trust=1 – still a P*T=6, this is an example of a pretty strong link with low trust (8). If you would try to power this link more – as you would do in the example (6=>7)then you could get in deep Google Penalty trouble.


LRT Power Trust Links Example 4


50Download the Top500 Domains by LRT Power*Trust

The Top500 Power*Trust™ list is updated twice a month and features the Top 500 domains worldwide or for a specific country. The list is based on the LRT Power*Trust™ metric, which measures the quality of a link. This metric is an extension from the previously developed LRT Power™ and the LRT Trust™ metrics. Both metrics are individually used for analyzing link quality.

The full Top 500 list of domains is available here for free download - paid plans even get 5000 domains.

LRT Power*Trust is not only an extension. This is a technology available in LinkResearchTools for many years now.

Since 2012, the LRT Power*Trust technology helps SEOs all around the world detect and remove weak links, build Penguin-friendly links and improve rankings.

Users love the LRT Power*Trust Extension

Ashley Turner


Really good extension for measuring the not only strength metrics but the trust of a website. From a glance, you can see if suspicious links may be at play.

 Derek Devlin


Awesome extension, if you are using LRT and you should be, this is invaluable. A brilliant and handy addition that makes quick auditing of web pages very easy!

Ramón Rautenstrauch

Ramon Rautenstrauch

Very useful information about the Power and Trust of a Domain. Great extension.