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Competitive Keyword AnalyzerDiscover vulnerabilities in the top search results and use this opportunity to rank with your keyword!


The Competitive Keyword Analyzer (CKA) compares the top keywords in your niche and provides you with an extensive pre-analysis that helps you find the most profitable keyword.

The factors for a well-placed keyword vary on the selected search engine and language, so the relevant data must be up to date. The CKA also delivers up to 55 metrics – everything you need for a comprehensive analysis of your segment.

The unique graphical interface allows you to identify potential weaknesses of your competitors and supports your research on irregularities and leaks. Explore your niche and determine if your site has enough potential to rank for a particular keyword.

Visual Guide to the CKA

Simply enter up to 10 different keywords and select the desired search engine and language while the extensive collection of metrics supports you in finding weaknesses of your competitors.

CKA Input

Specify up to 10 different keywords

The graphical “heatmap” visualizes each selected metric and presents them to the respective top results of your keywords. Based on the different color intensity you’ll discover any irregularities or deficiencies for a particular keyword to rank.

CKA Heatmap

Discover any irregularities or deficiencies

The overview supports you with a summary of all the selected metrics and visualizes the top websites for each entered keyword. The top competitors are compared with certain metrics and highlighted with an overall score.

Hover your cursor over a particular entry and get more detailed information about the selected metric, the average and the difference to other rankings.

CKA detail view

Get more detailed information

The CKA provides you with a relative view of the most potential keywords – based on all keywords or for every keyword. Therefore, you should not even compare with Facebook or Wikipedia, and exclude those domains directly into your account settings.

CKA detail view

Verify your first impressions and ideas

For a more detailed search, you simply launch your desired tool for the entered keywords. Start the Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) to receive a comprehensive analysis of your keywords and your current market situation. Click the Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT) in order to obtain a list of links that strengthen your top competitors, or use the Link Juice Thief (LJT) to benefit of your competitors links. The Juice Tool delivers up to 55 metrics for the selected keyword URLs.


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