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Link Detox – find toxic links in your backlink profile!

Recover and protect your site from Google Penalties by cleaning up your backlink profile.

If your site is not ranking properly, chances are you have received a Manual Action or an algorithmic Google Penalty. In such case, Google believes your backlink profile may include unnatural links and will thus down-rank your site. A loss in rankings is likely to result in a loss in traffic, and could thus harm your business significantly. Therefore, you should try to get rid of your Google Penalty as quickly as possible.

With Link Detox® you can find the bad links that harm your site, create a disavow file automatically, and win your ranking back.

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Help me clean up my backlinks with Link Detox


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Unique data-driven and self-learning algorithm

Link Detox Genesis Algorithm

Link Detox calculations are based on a unique data-driven and self-learning algorithm referred to as Link Detox Genesis®. This algorithm does not only include technical data to the calculation, but also feedback from users, thus imitating what we believe is seen as risky backlinks by Google.

Read more about Link Detox Genesis

Link risk calculations

Link Detox was made to help you recover from Google Penalties. The tool is based on Link Detox Genesis that calculates link risks according to rules that we have developed.

For each backlink, Link Detox will provide you with a DTOXRISK score. This score depends on which type of Link Detox Rules is triggered in a link. Each rule (TOX, SUP) has its own risk level that sums up in the overall DTOXRISK.

Before Link Detox

After Link Detox

Read more about DTOXRISK

Central maintenance of disavow file

You can use Link Detox to automatically create and maintain your disavow file. The file will be generated in the exact format required by Google. Forget about confusing separate files with Link Detox you can easily maintain and update your disavow file automatically.

Link Detox Google Disavow Links Export

One-click export function for the Google Disavow links tool

Read more about Round Trip Google Disavow Support

Guided review of your backlinks

Link Detox Screener™ allows you to quickly browse and review links manually from inside the LRT toolkit. While you check the links, you can quickly decide if you want to keep the link or not. You can simply use your keyboard hotkeys to take quick actions like “disavow”, “good link”, “clear disavow”, and many more.

Link Detox Tutorial

To access The Link Detox Screener™ click on "Link Detox Screener™"

Link Detox Screener

This tool shows you important link data at the top of the screen and provides action buttons to quickly make decisions like “disavow” to the page or domain but also allows for convenient navigation.

Link Detox Screener

Link Detox Screener™ HotKeys

We have also added some Hotkeys to make disavowing pages and domains much faster. This Link Detox Pro version will make link audits feel like arcade gaming :).

A= Disavow Whole Domain (“A for ALL here is spam”)
D = Disavow Individual Link (“D for Disavow individual link”)
W = Clear disavow (“W for wipe the disavow flag on this”)
Left Arrow = (“Left Arrow to go to the previous Link”)
Right Arrow = (“Right Arrow to go to the next Link”)
G = Good Link (“G for letting us know if you think this is a good link”)
B = Bad Link (“B for letting us know if you think this is a bad link”)
S = Skip Sitewide Links
J = Jump to Page

Link Detox Screener Hotkeys

Read more about Link Detox Screener

Link Opportunity Audit

Building new links is not as easy as it used to be. Our “Link Opportunity Audit” feature lets you run a Link Detox report against a potential set of links to answer the question, “What if I get these backlinks in the future?” In this simulation mode, we do our best to evaluate those potential backlinks against your current link profile and give you an understanding of the potential risk of adding those links to it. This mode is also known as “What-If-Mode” to our long-term clients.

Disavow File Audit

Review all your disavowed links with our new Disavow File Audit mode. In the new mode, they are highlighted with a purple colour. These links are shown with their theoretical risk. In case you find good and natural links in your review, you can easily undisavow them by unchecking the disavow column. Next time you download the full Google disavow file, these links will not be included anymore.

Disavow File History

Our new Disavow History feature allows you to watch and track all changes to your disavow file on a file and domain level. The best part of it is that for existing customers it tracks your disavow history all the way back to when you first started using Link Detox. The new Disavow History feature is found in your Settings under “Disavowed Links or Ignored Links”.

How to access the audit log for your disavowed links

Using this disavow file audit log helps you track all those changes, even when they’re later undone or made by a colleague.

Ignored data history log

Keyword cloud measured by risk

Link Detox provides you with the option to see your risky keywords at one sight. Check these keywords carefully and try to build up quality backlinks instead for this anchor text.

Tune your personal Link Detox algorithm

DTOXTUNE™ allows you adjust the Link Detox Genesis algorithm according to your individual needs. Customize the importance of each Link Detox rule according to your market, country and language based on your opinion and experience.

Read more about DTOXTUNE

Save time with bulk operations

Save time by applying multiple operations at a time. Filter links according to the criteria that is relevant to you, and use bulk operations to quickly rate, disavow or tag all thousands of links at once.

Save time with bulk operations in Link Detox

Learn here how to work more efficiently with bulk operations

Deep integration with Link Detox Boost

Link Detox Boost - speed up Google Penalty recovery

Within Link Detox, you can run Link Detox Boost with just one click.

Boost can speed up the recovery process with Google significantly.

Read more Link Detox Boost

Deep integration with Pitchbox

Deep integration with Pitchbox

The deep integration with Pitchbox make outreach even easier for you. It allows you to contact webmasters easily for link building or link removal.

Learn more about LRT and the Pitchbox integration

Deep integration with Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)

Link Detox analyzes data from 24 different sources. The more data and links are provided, the more precise your report evaluation. Therefore, Link Detox allows you to connect your Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) account with our toolkit. This way, you can add yet another source and get the most of Link Detox.

Learn how you get even more links with the Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) integration

Custom data integration

With Link Detox you can analyze up to 5,000,000 backlinks. It aims at giving you a better understanding of the full picture of your backlink profile. This is why Link Detox allows you to upload existing backlink lists or disavow files if you have them.


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Help me clean up my backlinks with Link Detox


Or get complete link audit and link building package with LinkResearchTools




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