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Find contact details for any given domain, including e-mail, webmaster’s social network profiles and contact forms.

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Be prepared when you want to contact link prospects

The Contact Finder (CF) helps you be prepared when you want to contact link prospects. This simple tool takes a list of domains as input and will search for contact information both on the site itself (contact forms, “about us”-pages), domain registration data as well as a number of social networks. Use the Contact Finder to speed up your manual link building process!

Simple and user friendly handling

So here is the situation: You just finished link prospecting with our SERP Research Tool for “search engine journal” and detected to be the site you want to get a link from.


Now copy the domain, switch to our Contact Finder, paste your domain to it and press “Run Report”

Contact Finder

You get a nice table with all the possible contacts and data. Additionally you get a list of websites each person contributes to. All you have to do now, is decide which contacting method you want to follow and click the corresponding icon.

Contact Finder Table

Contact Finder

Now it’s time to look for some hidden gems.  Surendra Kumar Anne e.g. has a weblog about Linux. Will this information be helpful in your contacting approach? Or will it be more effective to use Twitter to get into contact? GB Banfield runs a number of websites and Facebook profiles, which are an excellent opportunity to gather information on her.

Efficient output saves your time

It’s very time-consuming to find out how to contact possible linking partners. There are websites without contact forms or general contact information. For the old dinosaurs of the web, you won´t find any contact information without spending an unreasonable amount of time searching every possible source out there.

The Contact Finder does this tedious work for you. Based on a large pool of different resources, including sources and methods of searching we´re sure you wouldn´t have thought about.

We don’t just rely on crawling the website itself (although we do that too), the Contact Finder can find a larger amount of information. We find the following information:

  • Phone Numbers
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Fax Numbers
  • Twitter Accounts
  • Facebook Accounts
  • Google+ Accounts
  • LinkedIn Accounts
  • Xing Accounts (similar to LinkedIn, very big in Germany and other European countries)
  • Contact Pages
  • Their websites

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Miguel Garcia Link Detox Testimonial
 Miguel Garcia Link Detox Testimonial
Miguel Garcia
CEO of WPS Marketing
“LinkResearchTools is a fantastic tool, better than many others I’ve tried over the years. It really helps to detect links with high link audit priority for our customers, which is very important today with the change of Google.”

Happy LRT Client - Hostgator
Happy LRT Client - Deutsche Telekom




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LinkResearchTool's unorthodox approach to link analysis will absolutely blow your mind! I've been using LRT since the Private Beta, and it has literally saved my link building team thousands of man hours pouring over link data. LinkResearchTools help us focus on links that really make a difference.

Michael Geneles, Founder and President of 87interactive

LinkResearchTools is one of the tools our linkbuilders use on a day-to-day basis. It´s a great product at an affordable price, and should be in everyone´s toolbox, who´s doing this business professionally.

Marcus Tandler, mediadonis