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Unterkunft German startups SEO Google penaltyAnother Travel Booking Website Sees Search Visibility Plummet

There’s no room on Google for spammy SEO.

You thought you booked a reservation. But you get to the hotel to check in, and the manager gives you a blank look.

That panic you feel must have been what Unterkunft felt in March when their search visibility dropped. Their site is plagued by Money keyword anchors, sitewide links, links from spammy directories and more. See what they did wrong and decide for yourself if they can recover.

This is the third case study in the “5 German startups hit hard by Google” series by Guntram to achieve Certified LRT Xpert status. Sign up here to not miss any of the next updates.

We look forward to your feedback and always appreciate you sharing the work of our Certified LRT Professionals.

Enjoy & Learn

Christoph C. Cemper

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Table of Contents

Case Study Setup

1. Search visibility analysis

Analysis of the analytical drops

2. Backlink profile analysis

1. Anchor Text Analysis
2. Power & Trust Balance Analysis
3. Site wide Links Analysis
4. Paid Links Analysis
5. Power*Trust Ratio Analysis
6. Redirect Analysis
7. Link Growth Analysis
8. Link Network Analysis
9. Country Ratio Analysis
10. Deep Link Ratio Analysis
11. Link Status Ratio Analysis
12. Link Detox Risk Analysis
13. Competitive Link Detox Risk Analysis against competition

3. Conclusion

No holiday for is a booking portal that specializes in private accommodations very similar to Airbnb. Its information, photos, and maps of the properties give good insight on what to expect as a traveler. Prices and availability are displayed and, using a bidding model, the traveler can offer a price and negotiate directly with the lender. The Triplemind GmbH owns The site currently hosts 46,000 locations and is one of the major suppliers of private accommodations in Germany. It claims to have more than 1.2 million visitors per month and 100+ booking requests daily.

What happened to their visibility in March?
Unterkunft-de Searchmetrics unterkunft de

Unterkunft de Sistrix Visibility

Unterkunft de 1 Ranking verÑnderungen

Link Audit

Top 10 keywords

  1. Hotels
  2. Ferienwohnung
  3. Unterkunft
  4. Campingplätze
  5. Hotel in Berlin
  6. Campingplatz in Kroatien
  7. ferienhaus balearen
  8. familienurlaub costa brava
  9. ferienwohnung hannover
  10. allgäu wellness günstig

Top 10 competitors


Are anchor texts overdone?

Yes, and here’s what I found:

From 2,923 domains that are linking to “,” more than 34% of all their links have the hard Money-keyword “Hotels” in the anchor text. Also, it is interesting to note that these links have more than average CEMPER Power*Trust. The site has too many strong links.

Link anchors grouped by Power*Trust

Unterkunft de 2 Anchor Overview

When grouping anchor texts by link-count, we see another interesting development: tons of cheap links pointing to the site that do not benefit them.

It looks like many links were purposefully built for “billigflüge buchen” (German for “book cheap flights”) and “hotels weltweit” (German for “hotels worldwide”), but these links are not providing any trust at all.

Unterkunft de 3 Anchor Overview

Did the websites have more CEMPER Power than CEMPER Trust?

No, the CEMPER Power and CEMPER Trust ratio is balanced. Competitors like 9flats and appear to have much bigger issues here.

Unterkunft-de Cemper Power Trust Ratio


Did they have too many sitewide links?

Yes, and they are overdone. Yet, sitewide links are common in this industry. has many sitewide links in its link graph.

Unterkunft de 4 Sitewide ratio

Did they have paid links?

Yes, absolutely. If someone needs a Wikipedia definition of “Toxic SEO Footer,” then this one would be it. All possible Money keywords are shown in a random list of links.

Unterkunft de Payed Links

More than 2,000 links were removed within the last month. We can only see them in Google’s Web cache.

Unterkunft de Payed Links removed

he German-Hungarian Balaton-Zeitung has been identified as a link vendor in other LRT cases studies. From our observation, they do sell single article links and sitewide links. In this case, bought a sitewide link.

Unterkunft de Payed Links Balaton

Are their links’ Power*Trust distribution unnatural?

Yes, there are too many links with Power 1 and 2.

Unterkunft de Power

Are sneaky redirects involved?

Yes, they used several keyword domains to link to the portal.

IDDomainLink SourceLink Target
1 from mobile phone link listsRedirect to
2 from virus report SiteRedirect to
3 from link exchangeRedirect to
4 report link and forum linkRedirect to
5,000 links from Unterkunft.deRedirect to
6 from cheap link directoriesRedirect to

The SEO gains must have been limited, yet the negative side was significant. Using the, they got tracked by bots that detected viruses on their domain and published status information. Bad neighborhood.

Unterkunft de 4 Rdrs from Domains

Unterkunft de 4 Rdrs from Domains from Virus Domains

Other links, later redirected to their site, come from a forum. The discussion is obviously fake and provides no benefit to human readers. These links are just built for Google.

Unterkunft de 5 Rdrs from Domains from Forums

Links and Redirects from cheap directories

Unterkunft de 5 Rdrs from Domains from Directories

Is unnatural link growth involved?

No, when looking at their domain, there is no link growth. When comparing it to competitors, is leading the link growth by far. Looking at relative link velocity, we see that all their competitors are growing faster.

Regarding absolute link growth, there are discontinuous efforts on most domains.

Unterkunft de 1 Linkgrowth abs

Regarding relative link growth compared to all domains, is fastest.
Unterkunft de 2 Linkbuilding Max
Important note: it makes sense to re-run the Competitive Link Velocity tool using the “compare by all domains” option. Doing so shows that really stands out with their link growth, and we lose details on the smaller sites.

Regarding relative link growth compared to, all competitors are growing faster.

Unterkunft de 3 Linkbuilding relative

Are link networks involved?

Yes, there were several link networks, including one created on Tiscover sites. Another one is running on self-hosted sites that run on the same servers.

Examples for the Class-C Network
Several sites are hosted on the same infrastructure, but with different outgoing links to the target sites.

Unterkunft de 0 Link Network

Unterkunft de 0 Network same IP

The sites also have some kind of SEO footprint.

Unterkunft de 0 Same IP SEO Text

The Tiscover link network
Tiscover, a well-known tourism platform, built a very visible link network using their clients’ sites. Yet, they did not want to translate the anchors.

Unterkunft de 3 LinkNetwork BadQuality Tiscover Linknetwork,cs/objectId,ACC992268at/home.html

Unterkunft de 1 Same IP SEO Text Footer,cs/objectId,HDP999328at,r,RGN100292at,season,at1/detail.html

Unterkunft de 2 Same IP SEO Text Footer,de,SCH1/objectId,ACC992268at,curr,EUR,folder,links,hdpId,HDP1083555at,season,at2,selectedEntry,home,tis.byp,hdp/links.html

Is there a strange country ratio?

No, the distribution was even and normal for a German site.

Unterkunft de Country Distribution

Is there an unnatural deep link ratio?

Unterkunft de Deeplink ratio

Did the websites have an unnatural link status ratio?

Yes, the other sites had about 20% “no-follow” links. only had 2%. This is obviously a bit strange.

Unterkunft de Link Status Ratio

Did the websites have a high link detox risk?

Yes, the site has a high link risk with more than 700 deadly links at an anchor classification level of 100%.

Unterkunft de 1 Unterkunft de Dtox Overview

Unterkunft de 2 Dtox Keywords

Unterkunft de Dtox Table

The Link Detox Genesis™ algorithm classified this link as highly unnatural. We recommend removal or disavow.
Domain is not indexed in Google. Usually a sign for a penalty.
Domain has the same DNS as other linking domains – possible Link Network.
Domain has the same Class-C as other linking domains – possible Link Network.
Domain has the same IP as other linking domains – possible Link Network.
Domain’s homepage has CEMPER TitleRank-home™ 30+, CEMPER Power*Trust™ Domain < 5 and CEMPER Power*Trust™ < 5.
Anchor Text placement looks suspicious.
Link with Anchor Text classified as Brand, Money or Compound coming from a potentially Spammy Forum.
Domain has the same Website Footprints as other linking domains – possible Link Network.
Domain has the same Website Footprints as other linking domains – possible Link Network.
Domain has the same Website Footprints as other linking domains – possible Link Network.
High Risk score associated with URL
Domain has no CEMPER Power*Trust™ Domain – probably a new or very weak domain, or a penalty. Read more
Old domain with no homepage PageRank™. Read more
Page has no PageRank™ but at least some weak links. Read more
Domain has Link Velocity Trend < -70% – probably part of an Expired Domain link network or a domain that the public has lost interest in.
Page has no CEMPER Power*Trust™ and CEMPER Power*Trust™ Domain < 5 – a page without external links on a weak domain.

Did the websites have a high link competitive detox risk?

No, the detox risk overview was increased, yet still shows “Moderate Risk.”

Unterkunft de CDTOX 1 Table

Unterkunft de CDTOX 2 Bows

From the keyword chart it’s obvious there are too many Money keyword anchors in place.

Unterkunft de CDTOX 3 Keyword

There are many links with a suspicious categorization.

Unterkunft de CDTOX 4 Dtox

That is also why there are more moderate, deadly and very deadly anchors.

Unterkunft de CDTOX 5 Dtox Risk

Specifically, Rule 31 (low trust for the environment) is very high.

Unterkunft de CDTOX 6 Rule

Results Analysis

1.Anchor Text AnalysisYes, overdone
2.Power & Trust Balance AnalysisMore Power, but okay
3.Sitewide Links AnalysisYes, overdone
4.Paid Links AnalysisYes, paid links
5.Power*Trust Ratio AnalysisMore Power links
6.Redirect AnalysisYes, some redirects
7.Link Growth AnalysisYes, visible growth
8.Link Network AnalysisNo, there was no network
9.Country Ratio AnalysisNo, all nice
10.Deep Link Ratio AnalysisYes, everything is deep link
11.Link Status Ratio AnalysisYes, 400 links gone
12.Link Detox Risk AnalysisYes, high risk
13.Competitive Link Detox Risk Analysis against competitionNo, moderate detox

Conclusion had many Money keyword anchors for their site. Most significantly, they overdid the keywords “hotels” and “cheap flights.” These links were significantly fueled by sitewide links. Several thousand links were recently removed.

The second issue was that they used cheap press portals, and that they had expensive press coverage or paid links in expensive environments.

We found several networks that appear to be very harmful for their site. Other, smaller issues include redirects and appearing on a virus watch list that used to monitor toxic sites.

One of’s competitors was pretty shady as well. Pensionen-weltweit asked his Twitter followers to participate in Google AdSense click schemes.

Unterkunft de Bonus Adsense Clickexchange

He even built some backlinks for this system.

Unterkunft de Bonus Adsense Clickexchange 2

This case study was written by Guntram Bechtold of StarsMedia IT Management KG, and proud user of Link Research Tools and Link Detox.

Certified LRT XpertA word from Christoph C. Cemper

This analysis is part of a series by our newly Certified LRT Xpert, Guntram Bechtold.

Guntram demonstrated his expertise in doing a deep dive on why Unterkunft lost so much search visibility. It’s one of five studies he did for his Xpert certification.

He did a great job investigating the possible causes and isolating the penalized tactics in his case study. Therefore, I’m very happy to certify Guntram Bechtold as the latest Certified LRT Xpert by approving and publishing his research on our site.

Our goal is to provide our user community and clients with quality service and knowledge. Our Certified LRT Professionals and Xperts are key to achieving this goal.

I look forward to Guntram’s future work, and I personally recommend working with him whenever you get the opportunity.

Certified LRT Expert Guntram Bechtold

Take our survey on Link Risk Management and the Penguin 3.0 update here and get a chance to win free Link Detox credits.

This analysis was created using our Superhero Plan. The Superhero plan allows you to perform professional SEO and backlink analysis for your own or your competitor’s sites. If you only need Competitive Link Detox (CDTOX), that’s also included in all new Link Detox Pro plans and up.

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Guntram Bechtold

Founded in 2011, a SAASoftware and Project-Management Company. Being Project Manager for, i-Magazine’s Selfservice Publishing Platform with readers from 180 Countries world wide, the StarsMedia is specialized on Online Marketing Consulting for established Onlineplayers and Startups. Guntram is certified Scrum Master, LRT Certified Professional and graduated. Industrial Designer, living in Dornbirn, Austria

Guntram Bechtold

Guntram Bechtold

Guntram Bechtold

Guntram Bechtold
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