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How to Evaluate Your Recent Link Building Efforts


This case study was created using an LRT Superhero account.

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Christoph C. Cemper


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When working with an SEO agency or building links in-house, it is worthwhile to monitor all link building efforts on an ongoing basis. This way you can check their efficiency and protect your digital assets.

This process is usually done by looking at the whole link profile. This makes things really time-consuming, but also it doesn’t show the real results of recent work. By looking at the general link profile, you cannot see the exact profile of recently built links.


Step one

For this method to work we obviously need a timeframe (to check the backlinks built in a given amount of time). If you don’t have a Link Detox report yet, you need to start a new one. To do that, we have to go to the Link Research Tools toolkit and start a Link Detox.

Link Detox

To get the most valuable data, we need to remember to upload all of the extra links that we got from Google Webmaster Tools, mark the details about manual spam action, and choose the classic DTOX mode. (If you have your Google Webmaster Tools connected to Link Research Tools, you don’t need to upload GWT data.)

Link Detox Configuration

After the report is finished, we can proceed with a complete keyword classification and reprocess the DTOX rules. After that, we can see the Link Detox Risk and the list of links pointing to our site.



Finding sources of bad backlinks

There is one more thing you can squeeze out of this report. It is really worth it to look at the backlinks and figure out where is the source of your problems.


How to solve those problems:

In my experience with auditing link profiles, usually the so-called “human factor” is one of the biggest issues you can encounter. By simply creating an audit and sending it to a customer, you’re not fixing their problem.


Guiding your customers through the changes

Helping with those changes is an on-going process that has to be carried out on a daily basis. Most of my customers are not SEO experts, and they send my recommendations to the link builders and think that solves the problem. Unfortunately, quite often those are the same link builders that got the site into problems in the first place.

Changing the link profile of a large company is always related to changing their idea of a digital presence. This is one of the biggest challenges in our everyday work, but with this tutorial you are definitely one step closer.



With Link Research Tools and the “ignore” option, we can run this whole report within ~20 minutes. That saves us a lot of time and lets us ignore the links that we checked with a previous audit and only come back to them after a few months (approximately).

We run such reports monthly for some of our customers, and as you see on the example above, those are links created or crawled over ~2 months. By running such a report, we were able able to easily diagnose the problem and source of bad links.

Monitoring your link profile is really important. Doing it on a regular basis is quite often too complicated, and therefore too expensive to do. With this simple technique, you can only look at 100% fresh backlinks each month.

Loss of organic visibility is a huge threat nowadays. It is one of the biggest fears of every website owner out there, especially since the Penguin update hasn’t been released for almost 1 year now. Securing your digital assets is one of the most important tasks to run on a regular basis, especially after all the proof showing that negative SEO is now working better than ever.

So don’t wait! Start your Link Detox now, and then run it as often as you can. With the technique presented in this article, you can spend only a few hours per month to make sure your website is safe.

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This guide was written by Łukasz Kalus, SEO Consultant at Elephate, and proud user of Link Research Tools and Link Detox.

A word from Christoph C. CemperCertified LRT AgencyCertified LRT Professional

At first, I didn’t think this technique would work. But after reviewing it with the author, its genius became clear. Now you get to use their hard work and trial-and-error to improve your SEO processes. Try it out and let us know in the comments how it’s working for you.

Elephate is a Certified LRT Agency. This certification allows Elephate to receive consulting leads from us.

Our goal is to provide our user community and clients with quality service and knowledge. Our Certified LRT Professionals and Xperts are key to achieving this goal.

I look forward to Łukasz Kalus' future work, and I personally recommend working with him whenever you get the opportunity.

Lukasz Kalus - Certified LRT Professional

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Lukasz Kalus

Lukasz Kalus

SEO Consultant at Elephate
Łukasz specializes in Link Audits, link removal campaigns, Google penalty recovery and helping site targeted by Negative SEO. There are not enough spammy links in all of existence to deter Łukasz from his quest, nor does he rest till he has vanquished and banished them all.
Lukasz Kalus

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