LRT Link Research Tools Can’t Sleep: 95% Loss of Search Visibility Can’t Sleep: 95% Loss of Search Visibility

Think you have a hotel horror story? Trivago, a hotel price comparison site, has one better. A Google Penguin penalty trashed their search visibility. In January, about 40% of their keywords were in the top 10. But in February, only 4.77% remained. Read why Trivago’s travels may have come to a halt.

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The house doesn’t always win. The UK-based gaming behemoth, William Hill, bet on paid links, toxic subdomain links, hidden image links and worthless sitewide affiliate links. It cost them dearly. In January, their search visibility plummeted. Was it an algorithmic or manual penalty? Rick Lomas uncovers the dark secrets buried in’s link profile.

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Did a Mystery Google Penalty Pop

Did a Mystery Google Penalty Pop

Poor They probably thought they evaded Penguin 2.0, but something terrible was waiting for them in December. Overnight their search visibility dropped to nearly zero. What happened? Was it a Google algo penalty? Google wouldn’t say. See how Benjamin Mylius’s study explains it.

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Crying like a Baby – Penguin 2.0 Loser

Crying like a Baby – Penguin 2.0 Loser

Old School SEO strategies result in domain being penalized by Penguin 2.0 in May 2013. Lorant Görgey covers the old SEO tactics used, such as: comment spam, duplicate content, sitewide links, and over-optimized keyword ratios. Furthermore, Lorant shows how to do competitive research with Link Research Tools.

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Last year, we profiled as a Penguin 2.0 victim. In this case study, we analyze why has been hit with another Google visibility drop at the end of January 2014. This involves comparing February 2014 data with the original deep dive from May 2013 to diagnose what has (or hasn’t) changed.

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