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Specify a domain or page of your choice and get a list of top backlinks within SECONDS! It’s a “quick” tool the Link Research Tool way – and more advanced than what others charge a multiple for.


The Quick Backlinks tool (QBL) basically is an improvement of our well-known Backlink Profiler for those who don’t want to wait for their reports. Since the Yahoo Site Explorer was shut down in November 21st we are working hard on a tool which covers that lack. We finally made a swiss knife backlink checker for YOU that display your reports within SECONDS.

Quick Back Links comes with a few new metrics to look at. Beside our Anchor Text and Link Status we’ve implemented the Link Type which exactly shows you where you get this link from. Is it an image? A frame? Or a redirect?

Here is a quick video preview including transcript of the QBL

Additional Feature Link Power Bar

In addition you see a new metric called “Power Bar”. This metric shows you how STRONG/GOOD/AVERAGE/LOW your link source is based on domain backlinks, domain popularity and Alexa traffic rank.

To get you started with our tool we’ve got a special introductionary price till March 1 2012.

Haven’t heard enough yet? Well then have a look at our quick visual Tour through our Quick Backlinks Tool.

A Visual Guide to the QBL

Let’s say you want to analyze how strong the backlinks of the Cable News Network are and where do they come from. Simply enter the url and choose between a domain wide analysis or just a single page and hit the “Run Report” button.

Price increases March 1 2012

Enter your data in a start form or use bookmarklets

Wow – just a few seconds and my report was finally there – can you imagine that?

Price increases March 1 2012

really fast processing make QBL a breeze to work with

You are now able to look at those nice graphics, like the Backlink Profiler, or just scroll down to get a detailed table with every necessary information.

Price increases March 1 2012

Price increases March 1 2012

Price increases March 1 2012


As you might now, our table is fulfilled with informations and you can either look at all the data at once or even filter them regarding YOUR needs. With the new multi-select feature you are also able to do a Quick Backlinks check even for multiple results of your findings.

Price increases March 1 2012

Select multiple URLs you want to dig deeper into and launch a QBL for them right out of your list.


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To my knowledge, Christoph’s Link Research Tools are the only ones that really deserve their name. From the first to the last tool, they all have professional structures, a wide range of functionality and what’s most important: a rewarding ROI!

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Link Research Tool's unorthodox approach to link analysis will absolutely blow your mind! I've been using LRT since the Private Beta, and it has literally saved my link building team thousands of man hours pouring over link data. Link Research Tools help us focus on links that really make a difference.

Michael Geneles, Founder and President of 87interactive