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Run Quick Analysis or Detailed Analysis

For JUICE results as fast as possible you can choose the Quick Analysis, but if you require a very detailed report, you can choose the Detail Analysis. These extra metrics include social votes and domain registrar details as well as Dmoz and Wiki links. There is even an option for Legacy Link Metrics which include Google PR and Majestic AC Rank. This option may be useful if you were planning on selling some domains to people who believe these metrics are important.

Comprehensive histograms help you spot powerful domains

You will get easy to read results for Power, Trust, number of backlinks, domain popularity and much more.

Displayed as histograms, it is easy to spot where the powerful domains and URLs are. This makes it very easy for you to decide where your link should be. Similarly, if you are looking at a huge list of expired domains, you can spot the better quality ones.

Easy to read visualizations for chosen metrics

Simple pie charts help you understand the results for the metrics you selected. The pie chart below visualizes the Country Popularity, IP Popularity and Class-C Popularity.

These pie charts give a great visualization to these metrics. For example when looking at Country Popularity, you can see at a glance if you are analyzing a large amount of links from a country that doesn’t fit with your niche. These would not be a good place for your links.

Detailed reports for chosen metrics

As with most of the tools, the results table gives access to every chosen metric.


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“I’m a freelance SEO consultant and I have to admit, I absolutely love Link Research Tools. I’ve been using their Superhero plan for over two years now. The Juice Tool helps me find backlink opportunities and shows me quickly if a domain is worth the backlink. With the Domain Compare tool and the Competitive Landscape Analyzer I create nice “How-does-your-site-performs-against-competitor” graphs that I include in allmost every pitch presentation. And of course, there are the advanced backlink tools that help me get all the insights I need to discover how competitors are building up their backlink profiles. Keep up the good work guys! “
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