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Select the metrics you want to see according to your individual needs

The BLP will always show you the most import metrics, but you can choose to include metrics such as social votes, domain registration details, Dmoz and Wiki links. If you want to receive the BLP report as fast as possible, you can just choose the metrics that you need.

Comprehensible visualizations show key data at a glance

The anchor text of your backlinks is clearly shown by the anchor text cloud, a pie chart and a table. Here you can spot any abnormalities at a glance. There are similar sets of results for Link Status, Deeplink Ratio, Country Popularity, etc.

See the link profile by metrics

Histograms are available to show a range of different metrics with advanced metrics like theme, site type and link location.

Detailed report table for in-depth analysis

In the BLP results table you can see every metric you wish for every single backlink. The table can be manipulated with filters, so you can choose which links you wish to display. By selecting multiple links, you can then reach out to webmasters and ask if your link can be improved in some way. For example by searching in the Anchor Text column for [IMG no alt-text] you will find images that have links to your site, but with no alt-text. In this case it would be an advantage if the image did have alt-text, so you could reach out to the webmaster either manually or automatically via the PitchBox integration.

Advanced options allow for individual settings

The advanced options of BLP allow you to change how you handle dropped links and sitewide links. Certainly, with your own site it is worth running a BLP which includes the dropped links and then searching for the stronger ones to see if there is a way to restore them.

In Link Detox we skip sitewide links after we have found the strongest 5 links. This gives a more realistic profile when cleaning up a link profile, but sometimes we want to see every link possible. BLP is the tool for showing you every link, but if you wish to skip sitewide links you can choose to do this here.

In the case of a severe Google Penguin Penalty, faster recoveries have been seen when a complete list of all disavowed URLs, not just domains, has been entered into Link Detox Boost. You can create such a list using the BLP with the sitewide filter set to off.


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Maximilian Euler Testimonial
Maximilian Euler
Owner of Ayudo Online Marketing
“We love to work with LinkResearchTools. It’s our favorite software for link analysis. We also love the detox tool very much with all the rules which helps us monitoring the health of our clients link profiles. The BLP tool does not only show links but also mentions(!) which is very cool because that’s the direction where things are moving to. Keep up the great work guys!”

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