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QBL replaces Yahoo Site Explorer


QBL the Yahoo Site Explorer alternative is here

Yahoo Site Explorer went offline on Nov 21 and left a big black hole. Doing a quick lookup of backlinks of a site suddenly stopped working the way it used to work.

QBL (Quick Backlinks) by LinkResearchTools fills the gap as the perfect replacement for Yahoo Site Explorer finally.

QBL swaps Accuracy for Speed

Quick Backlinks (QBL) reverses the philosophy of LinkResearchTools which has always been focused on accuracy and comprehensiveness for all data reported.
This means you get to see backlink data that could be a couple days old. But not to worry; we still got the freshest and most up to date results out there compared to our competitors. This is good enough for every “quick-glance”.

The major change is that it’s not “up to the minute” which is a paradigm shift for QBL only.

To quote Christoph C. Cemper, creator of LinkResearchTools:

I must really admit, this is frickin cool – I wish I had built this
quick backlink checker a lot sooner, as
it helps so much in so many situations and is STILL
so much cooler than everything else out there!

Quick Backlinks (QBL) features and philosophy

So instead of reporting only 100% validated and up to the minute accurate data as the other reports in LinkResearchTools do, the philosophy for QBL is different

QBL does provide

  • A quick back link list for any single page or domain wide
  • Up to 2000 back links per report (this will soon improve in the future)
  • Extra data for every link like a Link power metric, Domain Pop (Linking Root Domains), IP, Alexa (you don’t need 53 metrics for every backlink check, do you?)
  • Charts for country and TLD, Anchor text breakdown, Deep Link Ratio, and other things we would call “basic info” (albeit that’s more than other “backlink checkers” provide
  • A way to quickly research deeper into the backlink profile (Multi-QBL Launches)
  • A way to historize your research (the report philosophy our seasoned LRT users already know)
  • Export functions CSV and XLS
  • Chart Exporting for Superheros
  • The well know “favorite” and “blacklist” features you can use with other LRT functions

Quick account still has BLP and JUICE

The QBL tool is available stand-alone in the new and affordable “Quick” account.

For those cases where more research is needed Quick” Account also gets extra credits for our advanced tools BLP (Back Link Profiler) and JUICE (the bulk URL analyzer).

Also the report management, project management helps you organize your stuff.

Also the favorite list and blacklist features can be used with the “Quick” account.

That being said, the “Quick”-Account is the account for everyone – our much asked-for entry level products.

Quick Backlinks step-by-step

Enter the Domain or Page you want backlinks for

(this is even LOT faster and more convenient with the bookmarklets shown below)

Price increases March 1 2012

Enter your data in a start form or use bookmarklets

Just wait a few seconds

Wow – just a few seconds and the report is available– can you imagine that? At this point you are able to see up to 2000 backlinks to your page/domain at the QBL.

Price increases March 1 2012

really fast processing make QBL a breeze to work with

Currently it takes on average 5 seconds for the QBL to return its results, and we’re working hard to make it a lot faster in the next days. Stay tuned.

Multi QBL Launching

If you do deeper backlink research you simply select multiple links and click the „Start QBL“ link

Price increases March 1 2012

Select multiple URLs you want to dig deeper into and launch a QBL for them right out of your list.

Charts you get in QBL

Altough the QBL is a really fast tool we do some processing do give you helpful charts. Some of those are the link breakdown by country and TLD, the anchor text breakdown, deep link ratio, link types (yes, we do support image links, frames and redirect links) and more… see for yourself.
Price increases March 1 2012
Price increases March 1 2012
Price increases March 1 2012
Price increases March 1 2012

More data you get in QBL

Beside our well-known Anchor Text and Link Status we’ve improved our Link Type which is now able to handle where exactly you get this link from. Even if it’s a frame or a redirect!

Link Power Metric

Additionally there’s a brand new metric for you – the “Power Bar”. Regarding the amount of backlinks, the popularity of the domain/page and the Alexa traffic rank it will show you how STRONG/GOOD/AVERAGE/LOW your link source is!

Bookmarklets are your friend

We recommend setup your browser with the handy bookmark lets we provide for quicker access from every page you are on. After all you want a quick view on the backlinks.
You can set them up by simply dragging these links to your browser bar…

Quick Backlinks Pricing

The new “Quick” account is available as of now and at a reduced introductionary price.
This special price which will go up March 1 2012.

All “Quick” accounts signed up before will have their starting price grandfathered.

You can sign up here for your Quick account.

Christoph C. Cemper

Christoph C. Cemper is the CEO and Founder of LinkResearchTools and Link Detox. A well-known and distinguished expert in SEO who started link building for clients in 2003, building the Link Research Tools since 2006 and marketing it as SaaS product since 2009.

Christoph C. Cemper

Christoph C. Cemper


  1. Gros April 14, 2014

    I was greatly helped by the existence of this site
    My previous lessons seo
    and was told to visit the yahoo site explorer
    but it was 3 years ago the website was down
    Now I get the alternative here ..
    thanks admin ..

  2. Cameron Clark February 13, 2012

    Powerful SEO tools and once you get to the 2nd and 3rd levels it really does come into it’s own. Recommended!

  3. Sebastian Moser December 6, 2011

    We sent out a coupon code yesterday for 60 people. Did you get it? If there was a problem, please use the Feedback form to contact us!

  4. Marcel December 6, 2011

    What happened to my free trial?

  5. Vi December 5, 2011

    the second part of video is just blank.

    • Christoph December 5, 2011

      Thanks – just need to cut that off , will replace the video in a few minutes. Have you been to the webinars also?


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