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Link Velocity Trends – Link Boost x5 – Higher Quotas – now 66 unique Search Metrics

LRT hits the road again with a new version. This update is dedicated to all of you who participate so active in product development. We have therefore increased our metrics again drastic and high-pitched our tool quotas again, beefed up the link boost to new dimensions and introduced a lot more new features you will love. No worries – we haven’t nearly reached the end when it comes to further improvements. Again thanks so many customers for the massive feedback and great ideas – our roadmap is growing and growing and please don’t stop mailing us your ideas and wishes.

Higher Quotas

The recently tightened Google rules require an even more intensive analysis of link profiles to evaluate the quality of a link. So we’ve increased our internal limits once again to meet these requirements of our customers.

This gives the Superhero now 8000 and the Enterprise even 10000 links to analyze.

The number of metrics to use concurrently in CLA was increased from 4 to 5 for the Expert, 8 to 10 for the Superhero and Enterprise even has 15.

We also increased the link alert quotas for Superhero’s from 15 to 25 and 150 for the enterprise accounts.

Link Velocity and Link Velocity Trends

Link Velocity Trends

In addition to the Competitive Link Velocity tool (CLV) we are now able to show link velocity and link velocity trends for all your links in the new metrics package Link Velocity and Link Velocity Trends.

These new metrics give you an indication about the link growth speed in the last 4/6/12/24 months as well as a trend indicator of how link growth changed.

Drastic changes in Link Velocity are often seen as negative signals and thus causing drops in rankings.

Link Velocity

Also getting links from sites that have drastic drop in link velocity also doesn’t make much sense, as they are probably left abandoned or from expired domains that are poorly reanimated.

This means we can now use link velocity and link velocity trends as an unseen before quality indicator for links throughout the system.

You can use these metrics in all tools, including the Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA).

The Link Velocity analysis is available in all Superhero and Enterprise accounts immediately.

Country Settings

Your search results differ for the same keyword and in the same language but queried for different countries. That’s why we’ve added an extra parameter to find your local or global competitors even better.

Country Settings

Simply choose your targeted country (for example with our Find Competitors feature) and evaluate your most relevant local or global competitors in your niche.

This feature increases your accuracy again.

Link Boost

Link Boost

Link Boost was changed so you can now use it to get 2x, 3x, 4x or even 5 times the link quota in Backlink Profiler (BLP), JUICE™ and Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) tool.

The credit costs are multiplied accordingly, so you don’t have to split up your reports anymore for most cases.

Also the restriction to only have one SEO metric package for Link Boost is gone now.

Class-C and IP Popularity

After adding domain popularity (DomPop, the number of linking domains) a couple months ago, we also added the Class-C and IP Popularity now to the basic SEO stats and the link profiles as well.

Class-C Popularity

Advanced Link Counts

The Advanced Link Counts package has been tripled with 4 new metrics to look at. Simply select the Advanced Link Counts package and learn more about the popularity of your links.

Advanced Link Counts

  • DomPop-page Number of linking domains to page
  • IPpop-page Number of referring IPs to page
  • cPop-page Number of referring ClassC to page
  • DomPop-topdom Number of linking domains to topdomain
  • IPpop-topdom Number of referring IPs to topdomain
  • cPop-topdom Number of referring ClassC to topdomain

Copy / Paste and Extra Columns in JUICE™

You can now use the same copy/paste feature we have in the Link Check Tool (LCT) also in the very popular JUICE™ tool. This also allows you to store arbitrary extra columns with every JUICE report. This is also very helpful if you see any list of domains in your Firefox and want to run a JUICE report for those.

Extra Columns in JUICE™

Just select the table and paste it, tell us the domain column and off you go. Chrome however has a weird way to copy HTML tables we think, so that doesn’t work for now.

New Start Page layouts

Default LRT Toolkit
Tabbed LRT Toolkit

We now have two different new start page layouts to improve your user experience when working, and both are based on the actual processes you work in – be it a quick analysis, competitive research or site audit for example.

You can switch between these and also go back to the “classic” view.

Intool-Upgrades improved

Improved LRT Upgrades

Upgrading from within your account is improved a lot now as well. We show a clear comparison of plan details and you can upgrade your account in self-service as it should be – no need to mail to support for that anymore.

Bookable extra packages

In addition we’ve implemented a Competitive Landscape Analyzer credits package which adds +2000 credits to your account. The extra package is bookable from our extra package upgrade page inside our toolkit.

Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper is the CEO and Founder of LinkResearchTools and Link Detox. A well-known and distinguished expert in SEO who started link building for clients in 2003, building the Link Research Tools since 2006 and marketing it as SaaS product since 2009. When the famous Google Penguin update changed the rules of SEO in 2012, Christoph started Link Detox, software for finding links that pose a risk in a website’s backlink profile. He introduced ongoing link audits and risk management to the market in early 2011. In 2015, Christoph introduced Impactana, a new technology platform and SaaS product to measure the success of content beyond "social buzz", to find content, videos and people that make an impact.
Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper



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