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SEO and Online Marketing eBooks

Learn how to use advanced SEO methods to outrank your competitors and keep your website safe from negative SEO attacks and Google Penalties.

understanding the real time penguin ebook

Understanding the Real-Time Google Penguin eBook

Download this 75-pages eBook and learn:

  • how SEO strategies changed with the Real-Time Google Penguin;
  • what is link risk management and why you need to do it on a regular basis;
  • why you need to clean your backlink profile and how;
  • how the Real-Time Google Penguin works;
  • why you should not wait for Google to re-crawl your links;
  • what the granularity of the Real-Time Penguin means;
  • how do you diagnose websites that have partial Penguin penalties;
  • how to find and build great links that will help boost your rankings;
  • and so much more...
LinkResearchTools Use Cases

32 Ways To Ease Your SEO Work With LinkResearchTools®

Are you a victim of a Google Penalty and need to recover?

Or you just want to keep your website safe from ever being penalized by Google?

Do you want to make your website stronger by building new powerful links?

All you need is professional SEO tools that help you do this and more.

Download this eBook and check out 32 proven ways to ease your SEO work using LinkResearchTools.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to identify abnormal inbound links
  • How to identify a negative SEO attack
  • How to find the ‘low hanging fruit’
  • How to perform a Competitive Domain Analysis
  • How to your competitors link to you
  • and much more...
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7 Golden Rules of Link Building

Low-quality links will get your website penalized by Google. To avoid a Google Penguin Penalty or a Manual Action, SEOs need to focus on building high-quality, low-risk links.

Real link building is no easy job.

Creating great links takes a lot of time and requires effort, but building links that create value for both your users and the Web is what great link building is all about.

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • What makes a link trustworthy
  • How great content can bring you powerful links
  • If Page Rank is still important
  • How can you determine if a link is good
  • What is natural anchor text and why is it important
  • and much more...

Google Spam Examples

The last thing you want is build links that Google considers spam.

In this eBook we present examples of links that Google doesn't like and we explain them in detail.

By reading this simple white paper, you will gain an understanding of what Google is looking for.

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • How hurtful spam links look like
  • How they violate the Google guidelines
  • Where those links were placed
  • Why those spam links are bad
  • and much more...

All you need to know about risky links

One day your website will just disappear from Google's search results and you will need to understand what happened and fix the problem in a timely manner. You don't want to lose your online business.

Doubtlessly you have numerous inquiries on how you can recover your rankings. Check out this eBook containing 111 things you have to know about a Google Penalty.

You'll learn about:

► Google Penalties

► Google Search Console

► Link analysis and disavows

► Important SEO metrics

► How Link Detox can help you recover your rankings

► + Some mystery tips and tricks for SEOs...

27 SEO Experts about Google Penguin Updates

27 SEO Experts About Google Penguin Updates

See how the Google Penguin Updates affected webmasters around the world and learn from their stories

It all started in April 2012. Google Penguin punished thousands of websites for having unnatural inbound links.

The Google Penguin updates changed the world of SEO.

This eBook is a collection of learnings from 29 SEO experts and the team of LinkResearchTools and Link Detox.

Download this ebook and learn:
► How do avoid Google Penguin problems
► How to recover from a Google Penalty
 How other SEOs recovered from a Penalty
► and much more ...