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SSPT - Strongest Subpages ToolFind the strongest subpages of a domain


The Strongest Subpages Tool (SSPT) browses through the subpages of a domain and lists the most powerful. This tool helps you to understand which pages are the best for getting a link. We use a proprietary algorithm that defines a page’s strength based on the quality of the content and the linking structure.

We show up to 1,000 pages in this tool, but the first 10 to 20 are usually enough for you to make a decision.

Video Introduction

In the video below, Christoph C. Cemper, the creator of the Link Research Tools, explains how the SSPT works and why it’s an indispensable SEO tool.

A Visual Guide to the SSPT

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Overview of – rather high ratings

Have a look at the SSPT analysis of The details table will be pre-sorted by strength. As you can see, offers a lot of sub pages with rather high values, no wonder considering its top position in the market. Its top page rates as high as 356,527. In general, it might be hard to get links at the top rated pages but you can have a closer look and decide to try for other, lower rated but still strong sub pages. Even better, go for our new option, the strongest sub folders, which is discussed below.

SSPT report of

SSPT report of

To get a better idea, here’s another SSPT report for comparison. It lists the results for You will see a significant difference concerning the strength values.’s best ranked page is the main page with a strength of 412, right before the SSPT page with a value of 62 and the Link Juice tool ranking with 54.

Strongest Subfolders

To get a more general idea or to resolve the problem of strong, top sub pages where you probably won’t get a link, use the strongest subfolder analysis. It will tell you which parts of a website rate particularly high in strength and which parts don’t need be to taken into account. Immediatly, you will get an idea where your links are best put to use.

SSPT subfolders

The SSPT also lists the strongest subfolders


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Link Research Tools from Christoph Cemper not only delivers the game play book, but the strategic operational manual for success. You just need to supply some sweat and then reap the rewards.

Jason Duke, Founder of StrangeLogic

Linkresearchtools is a unique tool, which helps us to save hours of work a day. There’s no other tool on the market that combines so much data and checks in real time if found links still exist. MLT (Missing Links Tool) and BATT are the best and easiest tools I know for competitive analysis.

Evert Veldhuijzen, Veroworx