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Get all link prospects for your campaign and find the best opportunities to place your link easily! Simply find the best sites for your niche to build links on.


Our SERP Research Tool (SERP) tool lets you find link prospects to get juicy backlinks quickly. After you start your report with your search parameters (like search only for forums, Q&As or discussions) as well with our SEO metrics you can quickly filter your results according to your needs. SERP also tells you where you have posted backlinks already so you can utilize link opportunities for your specific niche very easily.

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Easy, quick, yet powerful links

This is how you get those:

In the example below, we looked for places for the domain “”. In the keyword-field, we entered keywords that we thought are worth going after. Pay special attention to the areas “find” and “from”. In this example we used “all results” from “anytime” which gives us the most results but we might have a hard time pinpointing the usable sites later on. In case you’re specifically looking for places to get a link really quickly, we suggest you select “forum” under “find” and under “from” on year maximum. This would give you a large list of forum threads that you can post in. That’s why choosing “anytime” is bad when you chose “forum”. Bumping ancient threads is always a little suspicious, isn’t it?

Set up your report for your market niche

Right after you decided to start the SERP Research Tool you’ll see this screen. As you can see, it’s easy to use. Just enter your domain, your keywords, what kind of sites to look for and your SEO metrics. If you need advanced settings for your search you can use our keywords-field to enter search parameters for the search engine itself. For example if you’re looking for a specific type of forum you could ad “inurl:”.

Linked Pages

One of the useful feature of our SERP Tool is the “Linked” column. It tells you where you already posted a link and where you didn’t So basically you just have to make sure that all the pages of interest have a “yes” in that column. Since more than one backlink looks spammy you can also easily avoid double backlinks.
This feature works together with the Link Alerts tool. If you have Link Alerts set up for the domains you are using the SERP Research Tool for, the chances that the Linked column is useful for you, increases extremely.

find the perfect opportunity for a quick and powerful backlink

Smart Filtering Options

It’s natural that if you’re searching for the most suitable place to post your backlink, you have to deal with a lot of data. With our smart filtering options you can get right to your point without leaving your SERP environment. No matter what your criterias are – you’re able to narrow them down.

ajax filter mechanisms make SERP easy

For example if you’re looking for Pages with the Anchor Text “cheap flights” that have at least 20 Yahoo Backlinks, are not linking to you (yet) and have a MozRank of at least 2.5, then you can set it just beneath the column titles. Results are life updated – no site reloads.

live edited results meet your criterias

So many SEOs spend lots of money on expensive backlinks while so often there lies Google-gold right in front of our eyes. Run your report for your niche, find the best ranked pages, place your link – that’s basically all there is to it. We even tell you where you placed a link already so you can easily take the market over.

Of course you can also export your report data as an excel file to digg down even further.

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