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Finding your existing links

The Results Table has a column where you can see if you have a link already. It would make sense to try and get a link in as many places as possible, but not to duplicate links and look spammy.

Engaging with your audience

From the Results Table you can select the type of sites where you can engage with your audience. Forums and blogs are obvious choices. You can sort these by Power*Trust to find the places that are most worthwhile.

Power use with complex Google searches

The SERP Tool can be used to input up to 20 keywords. These keywords can also be complex Google search queries. In this example common footprints for buddypress and mediawiki are used to find blogs and wikis talking about iphone repairs:

It is likely that a search like this could return many results that have been heavily spammed, so to exclude these later you should enable the Onpage-Linking Analysis Package in the extra metrics section. This will add the ExtL metric to the results table. ExtL shows the Total number of external links on a given page.

Once you have the Results Table, you can now choose to show only the pages with, for example, ExtL < 10 and then select some places with decent Power*Trust. Now you export a list of excellent places to start engaging with your audience.[divider style="hr-dotted"]

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Dennis Narvedsen
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Happy LRT Client -




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I don’t want to miss the LinkResearchTools in my everyday SEO life. I especially like the Common Back Links Tool that helped me to get some high quality backlinks for my projects, e.g. great PR6 links from university sites. The second highlight is the Backlinks and Anchortext Tool that I use to investigate my competitors’ link building and I already got some number one rankings for my clients

Uwe Walcher

Linkalerts von @cemper haben sich schon 15 Minuten nach Öffnen der Mail gelohnt!

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