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MLT - Missing Links Tool
The Missing Link Tool helps you to keep up with your competitors


There are a lot of possible back links out there that are left unused for way too long. Use the chance to resolve that problem for your own website. The Missing Links Tool is another helpful addition to our LinkResearchTools to achieve your SEO goals. It enables you to check which links your competitors have that you don’t! Make up for the missing links! The MLT will help you get one big step ahead.

Of course, the feature that enables you to search Google for the top SERPs on a certain keyword comes in handy as a basis for comparison.

A Visual Guide to the Missing Links Tool

See how easy it is to check where you’re missing out!

MLT start

The MLT report offers you different options when initializing

When starting the MLT, you can use several features and options to make analysis both easier and more detailed. Chose whether you want to analyse page or domain back links, or use the “Add URL List” option if you intend to analyze more than just a few URLs.

MLT details table

MLT details: Check who and how many competitors have that link in common

The MLT will provide you with a listing of all the links, telling you which ones the input URLs have in common but are missing for your web site. Move your cursor over an URL and you can click the “+” button. New links and options will pop up and for the MLT it will contain additional information: namely which of your input URLs are linked there.


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I don’t want to miss the LinkResearchTools in my everyday SEO life. I especially like the Common Back Links Tool that helped me to get some high quality backlinks for my projects, e.g. great PR6 links from university sites. The second highlight is the Backlinks and Anchortext Tool that I use to investigate my competitors’ link building and I already got some number one rankings for my clients

Uwe Walcher

Linkresearchtools is a unique tool, which helps us to save hours of work a day. There’s no other tool on the market that combines so much data and checks in real time if found links still exist. MLT (Missing Links Tool) and BATT are the best and easiest tools I know for competitive analysis.

Evert Veldhuijzen, Veroworx