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Are you missing out on some links that you really should have?

Find on-topic backlinks that your competitors have, but you don’t and pick the best for yourself.

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Easy visualization of common backlinks that you don’t have

The histogram shows the common backlinks of your competition and groups them according to the strength of the commonality and the chosen metrics. You can switch between the tabs to see different metrics.

In the above example you can see that there are a reasonable amount of good link prospects with a Power*Trust of 8-12 and two with a super powerful Power*Trust > 36. You may decide to begin your link prospecting with these results first.

Dive deeper into your link prospects

The MLT displays the results in the familiar matrix format as used by the CBLT and the LJT. As usual clicking on a point in the matrix will launch a QBL, giving more detailed information about the backlinks.

The MLT is an excellent tool for spotting those opportunities that you have simply overlooked. You might, for example, see that everybody else is linked from, but you are not.

Automate your link building outreach

Thanks to the PitchBox integration, you can easily select a group of domains to reach out to and ask for a link. This is one of the easier link building opportunities, as you know that these domains already link to your competitors, so why not you?

Read more about the deep integration with PitchBox.


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Dennis Narvedsen
Head of SEO at iProspect Denmark
“LinkResearchTools is our most used tool when it comes to link building. Our link building team uses LinkResearchTools every day for finding and managing the best link oppertunities. LinkResearchTools is the tool you wouldn’t want your worst SEO competitor to have.”

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I don’t want to miss the LinkResearchTools in my everyday SEO life. I especially like the Common Back Links Tool that helped me to get some high quality backlinks for my projects, e.g. great PR6 links from university sites. The second highlight is the Backlinks and Anchortext Tool that I use to investigate my competitors’ link building and I already got some number one rankings for my clients

Uwe Walcher

If you’ve ever had that “Analysis Paralysis” where you can’t take any action due to over planning on which links you should go after, then LinkResearchTools is the answer!

Dave Naylor, Head of Search Marketing at