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How to get indirect links from your competitors

Find out where your competitors link to, get links there, so your competitors will indirectly link to you.

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Indirect linking

How indirect linking works

LJT helps you find common links of up to 50 predefined competitors. This feature provides a different way of searching for link sources by comparing the outgoing links of your competitors. The tool finds places where your competitors commonly link to. If you can get a link here, it means that your competitor is indirectly linking to you.

Easy visualization for an overview of common backlinks

The histogram shows the common backlinks of your competition and groups them according to the strength of the commonality and the chosen metrics. You can switch between the tabs to view other metrics.

Quickly spot commonality with the results matrix

The LJT has a similar results matrix to the CBLT. Here you can click on any of the points in the matrix to launch a QBL and find out more about your potential link sources. In many cases you will find that the places linked to are authoritative sites relating to the niche. Here it may be difficult to get a link, but if there is a possibility, it would be very beneficial. The above example shows UK car insurance sites with 7 domains linking to, for any reputable UK car insurance company it should be possible to get a link here.


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